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  1. Why exactly will it be impossible to upgrade the psu? Also I'm almost certain that I will have to overclock the 750ti to run at solid fps... I don't think think it will be able to run at around 60 fps the newer AAA titles for more than a year.
  2. Nothing special, an i3 4790, 8Gb of RAM and a GYGABITE GT 730 2GB
  3. On the Fujitsu site it says that it requires ATX20/24 power supply will I be able to get one with around 500/600 wats and can this high voltage harm my motherboard and etc in any way?
  4. so the asus strix 970 will fit in good in the computer? I read somewhere that the gpus pci-e slots have backwards compatibility so a 3.0x16 fits in a 2.0x16. But a site said that the asus model have extended fans and I should double check my motherboard or something like that.
  5. Hello everyone, I've bought a Fujitsu Esprimo P420 a while ago and it was modified to have a gygabite geforce gt 730 GPU. But I really do think it's finally a time for an upgrade. I am seriously considering the Asus Strix GTX 970. The thing that worries me is the motherboard and the power supply. It's almost obvious that I will have to buy a new power supply, but how do I know if the PSU is going to be compatible? Actually how can I know that the graphics card will fit in the case and suit the motherboard in the first place? If you have any information about the compatibility of the motherboar