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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600
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    Adata XPG Z1 DDR4 2800Mhz 2x4GB
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    Sapphire Radeon RX 460 4GB
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    WDC Green 120GB 2,5" SSD
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    FSP HEXA+ 500W Bronze Non Modular
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    LG IPS LED 22MP58 21,5"
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    Stock Wraith Spire
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    Logitech K120
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    Logitech B100
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    MS Win 10 Pro

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  1. Well I don't mind sacrificing the SSD, but I think I won't get good battery life on it. Plus, I can't find the model number for it. And I can't buy things from Amazon, shipping will cost around $55 ?
  2. 1 CAD = ~10,000 IDR 700 USD = ~9,200,000 IDR Do you think it's necessary? Coz I rarely edit videos..
  3. Hi there! High school is coming in exactly 7 days here. I need a laptop for school work. What I'm going to do is ms office stuff and some coding. I usually watch a lot of YouTube videos, and I dont like stuttering. And occasional video editing, but I don't mind long render time. What I need is good battery life. My budget is $700. I can't stretch it, Asus ux305 is around $800 in the us, but here in Indonesia it's like $1400 ? So, I think this is what I want to get. Core i3 8 GB RAM 128( or 256) GB SSD (or hybrid drive) 1080p, 13" ( higher than FHD Is
  4. will reinstalling windows will delete things in the 'my documents' folder? as i remember, reinstalling windows will format the C: drive, right?
  5. maybe thats right, i've reconnect the adapter, and it seems that the laptop still not detecting it, even in device manager.
  6. hmm... might be. need to check that. but i'm sleepy. maybe tomorrow, so i dont mess up..
  7. i think there sould be one device that named lan adapter driver
  8. on the device manager, there's only 3 things. Microsoft Kernel Debug network adapter Qualcomm atheros pci-e gigabit ethernet adapter and, teredo tunneling pseudo-interface the teredo tunneling thing have the icon with a warning sign. i honestly don't undersand any single thing here
  9. On my network tab there is no wifi. It said 'no connections are available'. Troubleshoot didn't seem to help. The troubleshooter thinks i didn't have any network cable. I'm on my phone, can't seem to quote.
  10. Hello everybody, thanks for reading this topic. As you know from the title, the wifi on my laptop (idk what's that exactly, the driver or the adapter/card) died. Before it was working completely fine. But yesterday, i turn it on, and i wasn't connected to my house's wifi network. I didn't drop the laptop or anything, idk what caused it. Thankfully i have some RJ45 lying around, so i still can connect to the internet. Do you know something i can do? You know, it's not a laptop if i can't use it on my lap. Maybe a CMD command? Or a regristry edit? Or heck, both? I just wa
  11. at reddit? sadly it's geoblocked here.. idk, maybe i'll find some nice web proxies... good luck to everybody
  12. the thing is, idk anyone that will travel overseas. http://enterkomputer.com/simulasi.php that is an indonesian site, that sums up indonesian prices pretty well. but it's not a beautiful site, and load slowly, even on my 10mbps link.
  13. that build cost $750 here. i just realised something. an nvidia GPU isn't feasible on my budget. even with an i3-4160 and a zotac 750ti 1GB, its over the budget like $60. can you tell me some budget-midrange AMD card?