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  1. I think the key difference here is that Apple didn't make this decision alone, but rather with the backing of the labels who also have a large say in how royalties are collected. FTR, Beats One is classified as a radio station so even under that 3 month trial, if you listen to the 'radio stations' on Beats One, artists still get revenue that way. Why Apple isn't willing to front 3 months worth of royalties in exchange to make it work with ALL artists, idk. Maybe they think its better to simply have it on even ground for all. Artists get higher percentage royalties off Apple Music and in exchange, 3 months of nothing. IDK. This was clearly discussed with and agreed by enough of the labels that Apple instituted it, you don't do something like this without their approval anyways. Artists have some sway, as shown here, but its not the only cog that can be ground to a halt, as it were.
  2. Apple CAN'T make payments during that 3 month period otherwise they would be rightfully sued for predatory pricing that creates a anti-competitive environment. In effect, Apple would be using their nearly 200 billion dollars to 'bribe' artists with payments during that rial period giving them an apparent advantage over other music offerings. Apple can't do that. That is why for 3 months, NO ONE is making ANY money. That is the whole point. Apple is asking artists to deal with 3 months of no revenue from Apple Music in exchange for higher percentages after that. Lets not forget, Beats One is a part of Apple Music, and Beats One under the current classifications counts as a radio source, which means artists get paid when their music is played through that. Not Apple music however.
  3. Apple developed a new method that was wholly their idea and they are fronting the costs associated with R/D for the new material, which isn't cheap. Why shouldn't they patent a new idea?
  4. I live in Edmonton and this is pretty awesome. Telus is actually one of the best ones. All ISPs charge on extra bandwidth now and Telus was just the last one. Even the "MVNOs" who leased from the Big 3 will switch over, they can't afford not to . Teksavvy and all those tiny regional ones might hold out another 6 months to a year. Telus is the consistent one. Bell is shit. Shaw is all over the place. Telus is the devil we know and trust. But they are still pretty scummy. I've seen what they can actually handle behind the scenes and its hilarious how much margin they have on high speed. Our home line is an old as balls 15/5 line for 35 a month, with NO bandwidth cap. Little known secret that if your account is really that old, they aren't applying the same bandwidth cap and overage charges. For what we pay, we could get a significantly faster line under their new tiers but we would lose the glorious ability to ram down ~500GB a month for free. But this is good. More investment by anyone is good, people kept whining that Google couldn't do it for everyone and guess what? ISPs are taking notice and doing it themselves.
  5. AMD is afraid of what less 'fanboy' reviewers will say, plain and simple. Its pathetic. They don't want to show everyone the card, thats fine. But they're pulling this on KitGuru AFTER they said KitGuru would get one, and only AFTER KitGuru said less than appeasing things about AMD. AMD is the kid who talks a lot of shit against other companies yet gets awfully defensive when said shit is delivered back towards them. Not our problem that AMD can't stomach the idea that not every reviewer thinks they walk on water.
  6. While you were busy being salty, did you perhaps notice that they give the Retina tag to devices that carry high resolution displays? That the "Retina" branding is how Apple lets people know it is a high resolution display? As for the prices going up...well...duh. High res panels cost more. They get put into the higher end devices. Things like the rMBP are built to a level that the Razer Blade or MSI Ghost or other unibody, thin aluminum ultrabooks are. Nice engineering costs money, ya know? The 5K Retina iMac is cheaper than a 5K display on its own, so I'm not sure how Apple is ripping people off on that one to be honest. You seem mad that apple knows how to MARKET. Something any company should be good at if they want to maintain and increase sales, since outside of the circle jerking of the internet, marketing is crucial to getting sales and letting people know you have new product. And having the Retina branding helps. But go on, be more salty.
  7. Do you people ever have PROOF for these wild accusations or do you just enjoy saying them cause they sound cool and its "hip" to shit on a company for no reason?
  8. HDMI 2.0 will be offered in more TVs from a single manufacturer (I'm looking at you Samsung) then DP1.2 will the entire year, much less DP1.3 which will take another few years to even show up on any HT grade equipment. This forum has a disconnect between what happens in the PC bubble and what the real world actually uses.
  9. Lol. They are cosmetic nonsense that really only apply to ONE game type - Warzone. And the proceeds help fund the HCS, the competitive gaming portion which means 343 has even more money to offer to winners for tournaments aka helping the sport grow. This is a bad thing? You fucking guys. CSGO has the same system but its okay. Halo does it, its a blasphemy? 343 themselves said that if you play Arena, you will earn the EXACT SAME REQ packs anyways. How is this an issue? Oh wait. The internet. It needs to bitch about something I guess.
  10. But here is the thing. Linus wasn't promised one in the first place nor was he assured that one would arrive. Kit Guru was given an allocation, said things that painted AMD in a not so nice way, and then AMD cried like a baby and took their ball home. THAT is the issue. AMD seems happy to talk shit about other brands yet can't handle getting it in return, especially if its fair. Where is the integrity and ethics in that? AMD only giving their Fury to publications that WILL say nice things? This is no better than Apple going after sites for not being nice to them, or blocking them from attending their events if they aren't favourable. Where is the similar outrage? AMD is trying so hard to only get positive news on this release of GPUs and they're going to some pretty shady lengths to ensure it. The double standards around this site are amazing. What AMD has done is ethically wrong. How can you remotely defend it? Its pathetic behaviour that AMD can't handle a company not being nice to them.
  11. Someone will flash a 290X to be a 390X and get the same damn performance out of the "box", since the 390X gets the benefit of a factory OC along with whatever BIOS changes. Hardware hasn't changed...
  12. You mean using social engineering to guess celebrity passwords? Not Apples problem that their users are morons and pick guessable passwords. If you aren't using something stupid like 7adf8g9adf89gasd(fa8300ppp then you deserve being "hacked". Use better passwords, especially if you're a goddamn celebrity that should know people want access. Ideally, don't store ANYTHING online that you don't feel comfortable having there. Not a hard rule to follow, especially when it comes to nude photos. This "debate" is silly and simply exists to stroke the egos of fanboys on each side. I've used both since the shiftiness of iOS 1 and the shittiness of whatever abomination the Nexus One shipped with. They have always had their pros and cons compared to each other. They have always been flawed. They have both borrowed/stolen/whatever from one another in the name of improving their product. Pick what you think is best for you and bugger off, eh? Don't shove your opinion penis down peoples throats because you absolutely believe one is truly superior to another. iOS vs Android is like BMW vs Mercedes. Each brand does one thing better than the other, but who the fuck cares in the real world what you drive so long as YOU are happy with it? Eh? Since when did we start using OSs to satisfy the flawed and screwed up notions of fanboys and internet strangers? Just use what fits your needs best, what is easiest for you. I myself will go back to iOS every single time. Hell, I even prefer the stock ROM on my S5 over everything else I've installed, because its the least amount of headaches. You want to tinker with your shit all day long? all the power to you. I am a tinkerer too, but I prefer having my phone, computer and camera as stable as possible, because after a day of tinkering and working, I want something that you know, just works. God forbid people chose what they like without being labeled fanboys or sheep around here. So goddamn pathetic this attitude is. I know, I'm disappointed. Linus is smarter than that and can make far more educated and rational points in a real debate. This felt like pandering to the circle jerk.
  13. Telling you, this place has very weird reactions when their loyalties are questioned. It's just a product! No need to take jabs personally. All sides mess up. Be rational. Objective. No one is better than another when it comes to wanting your money. I guess since we label Nvidias 970 as having 4GB* of GDDR5, can we label the Fury X as being a Overclockers* dream? *some parts may be less functional than others, of course
  14. That is a poor way of trying to invalidate my argument, don't do it again. Your second paragraph is textbook fail for disarming someone's point. Who says I bash anyone? I'm not exactly 12 anymore. I buy what makes sense. Back then it was a 6770. Then 660s. Then splurging on 780s. Now I'm swayed by Fury. I don't really care. All this deflection and "woe is me, look at how they attack my brand" posturing is kinda sad for a place like this.