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  1. I've seen this trend a lot lately that even if it is as good as the 3080, people will choose that one over the amd card. Even though the 3080 consumes ~70-100w more power. Last time this was the other way around, people were screaming that their electricity bills will be insane, that they will die of heat exposure and basically the apocalypse will come.
  2. Who is Reliance? Who is Future Group? Does it involve Tech?
  3. Timesquares I know is powered by AMD embedded stuff, and a lot of Arcades as well. But I haven't really researched every client they sold this stuff. They've been doing this for 10+ years dude.
  4. Why? These are marketing people...they won't influence the gpus at all. (in terms of when they will be ready for market)
  5. Linus usually made a lot of VR headset reviews, will we get a Valve Index one? It launched some time ago, and the reviews are REALLY scarce for some reason. I'm on the edge on buying one, but I'd like to know more.
  6. I recommend waiting until partner cards. At the moment, it seems the 5700 are great OC cards and with a better cooler, you could get 2.2ghz
  7. The post mentioned that the price might be in the range of 35k+ $, where the model 3 starts. That's what I was comparing.
  8. I don't see it. Paying more for a worse product. Yes, it's smaller, but if the highest end trim is worse than the lowest end trim of an M3 ... ? If you'd live on an island in Greece... I'd understand, you barely fit with a scooter there...but otherwise... You do have a good point with the house though and it seems my analogy was not the best
  9. It's like saying why buy a mansion when a 1 bedroom apartment is at the same price? Uhm...because it is better? Don't get me wrong, I understand the need for small urban vehicles, but if they are priced in the model 3 category, and offer no advantage over it ...why would you buy it? Expect because it is smaller. It is the same story with the Nissan Leaf which is around 40k euros here. Compared to the entry model 3, it has worse range, it is not as safe, has worse battery longevity (how many charge cycles you can have), it performs worse in winter, it doesn't have any auto pilot feature
  10. Why would you get this for more than 35k when a model 3 is much much better and in the same price range?!
  11. I think this is FUD. No such notice has been given, and all cars that are sold in china come from the US, as such, other cars should be affected by this update and they haven't been.