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  1. retoast: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/454281-samsung-950-pro-an-affordable-nvme-ssd/
  2. Source Games Delayed to add more content. I rather wait for a polished game, then a turd
  3. I agree. I rather have 60fps then a slight improvement in graphics.
  4. The devs now reconfirmed that its running 30fps. They made a mistake saying 60 lol
  5. Source So much for PCMASTERRACE lol. Couldnt they push the "sophisticated" graphics on PC? I guess the devs were confused on what frames they were running lol. Devs said it was a mistake, it is now running 30fps lol.
  6. Typicall WFFC is never reliable, but news has been announced on NVIDIA news. WFFC was just first to grab it.
  7. Source I cant wait for Pascal! Lets not start the hype train yet... Got to wait for some benchies!
  8. Source In short, the rumor was just a fake that came from a french website that claimed their sources said Konami will stop all AAA titles. They will continue to develop AAA titles.
  9. Meanwhile the majority of the UK is still running 8mb or less. Come on Virgin!
  10. Artist can get about 3-10% typically. Big labels take most. Big labels make you big, as they pay most of the marketing stuff; At times, they would buy their own albums to get on the charts (its well known in the industry).
  11. Finally a decent comment. So if we take a better look at the benchmarks, and even other sources of benchmarks, we see a barely a increase or even performance loss when comparing to broadwell, this can easily been see in broadwell. So what can this be really? From what I personally see is that intel pretty much hardcoded on the system to run 1 thread on two cores, which will show some improvements into benches but inst matched in actual application or even multi-core benchmarks.
  12. The comments on here are mostly just people that read the title. Currently Intel wont be implementing VISC. The main reason is they dont even have license to do so. I could explain what this could be, but I cant be bothered to the majority of users that dont bother reading anything but just the title. People are like "skyrim just ordered skylake" as if its going to get a increase in performance, no it wont. This isnt a increase in IPC, or would see it in other benchmarks too. I would prefer to see some decent comments on here.
  13. I see numerous stupid comments on this post. AMD wont be going down, not any time soon. One reason is Intel wont allow it. They might be rivals, but Intel benefits from AMD staying alive.
  14. Sadly, not a lot of Americans care. Majority of them will only care if it relates to sex, bacon, guns, nudes, and bacon. Edit: Just seen the comment above me: What if I told you, while your making love to your girlfriend/boyfriend, or even both, someone is hearing you, listening to every word your saying, maybe hearing how dirty both your partners are, maybe he slaps a bacon across he chest, the bacon from your fridge, the one that was supposed to be for you, which is now on top of a mans hairy chest while he is listening to your partner mastur bat... Suddenly she send you nudes,
  15. Source NYTIMES SOURCE (the main one) This is what Edward Snowden Revealed previously, and not a lot listened. He is a Hero, but seen as a traitor to corrupt companies and news groups. At&T are giving data to NSA, AS A PARTNERSHIP.