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  1. I really like the expandable NVMe storage in the PS5, but the Xbox looks like it's going to runaway with the power crown. Given that this gen is all about 4k gaming, it's concerning how little power the PS5 appears to have on paper. I guess we'll have to wait to see what optimisation magic they can pull, or if they meant CTR at 4k/60.
  2. I'm looking forward to see what developers can do with the new sensors and power in the iPad. That i5 rMBA with 16GB RAM looks like the perfect upgrade for me.
  3. The USA is one of if not the biggest bullies on the block except instead of requesting censorship they'll just sanction you, up the tarrifs, or simply ban companies from trading with you under the threat of similar action. And then if you survive round one be prepared for round 2 where you just get sued into oblivion.
  4. It's a requirement for doing business in China that you comply with their laws and regulations, just like any other country. It's not 'bending over and spread wide while begging for it'. By that logic ZTE 'bent over and spread wide while begging for it' when they stopped selling to Iran and North Korea because of the US sanctions. It was (to the best of my knowledge) legal in China to do so.
  5. First, immoral action is subjective (from China's perspective Taiwan doesn't exist and the USA is spreading fake news to sow discontent within their populace and it would therefore me immoral not to censor it), second: that's not how business works. Your stockholders with voting stock decide the Board of Directors, who selects the CEO. If the business isn't performing as expected and the BoD and CEO don't have some good reasons as to why, they're gone. If the company looses net profit because they pull out of China, you can guarantee that there will be a restructure to cut operating expenses which will include cutting jobs. Which basically translates to "I don't think we should do business in China because it clashes with my morals, here's my resignation so that you can stop". You're probably right, they'd probably do just fine without China. But their stockholders wouldn't. See above. Ultimately a business's purpose is to increase the wealth/value of it's stockholders, this truth gets more exaggerated the more stockholders there are and particularly when it's publicly listed.
  6. This whole thread is a hilarious read. Just FYI, as a business you have to abide by the rules and regulations of each country you do business in and given that there are 195 countries in the world with different religion, governments, and laws you will 100% absolutely clash with an employee's morals/ethics by being a global company so I'm siding with the big guy telling his employee's to go fuck themselves after they continuously bought up censorship in every meeting (given that there is so much information missing from that story... where are the company responses? I don't believe for a second boss-man went from 0 to 60). And it's not like America doesn't censor anything either. I mean, sure, they're not as bad as Israel, North Korea, or China but they still censor content based on their beliefs and values. I mean, hell, it's hard enough doing business in some countries because you're bound by law to do things a certain way that clashes with laws in other countries yet you're held accountable in both. - Political comment removed - Sources: https://www.businessinsider.com.au/economist-intelligence-unit-downgrades-united-states-to-flawed-democracy-2017-1?r=US&IR=T https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Censorship_in_the_United_States#Internet
  7. I love taxes... Government: Guess how much you owe us! Me: Why don't you tell me, you know already don't you? Government: Yes, but I want you to guess Me: But what if I get it wrong? Government: You go to jail
  8. Like any normal business, anything that you had to spend to run the business: Office space Computer gear Internet Phone Power Water Vehicles Travel to tech or gaming related conferences Office supplies Cleaning etc etc
  9. If you earn't even $1 of virtually currency you have the right to deduct from your income the costs of earning that $1. Yes... Keep your receipts, that's how you usually do it... The rest of it is making sure that you've reported everything correctly and haven't been shady about your tax returns. My statement is that the tax revenue from virtual currency is likely to be less than the deductions it would open them up to.
  10. Hilariously wouldn't that mean that literally everyone could deduct expenses not limited to their PC, such as office rent, phone, power, water, etc, etc. This would probably work out as a negative for the IRS.
  11. Can you imagine putting together the research application for this and then having to defend it?
  12. Honestly I wouldn't be too concerned about Fiber... Last mile fixed wireless is pretty damn good these days. I've got a antenna on my place, a relay on top of a hill (using solar, a battery, inverter, and Ubiquiti gear), and an antenna on my parents place and I'm reliably getting 300-400mbps over 10 miles. They used to be able to only get ADSL2 and speeds were poor because it was a rural village exchange which got congested at 5pm. Since then they get VDSL2+ with 60+ mbps speeds so it's really no longer needed, but the wireless solution is still faster with my gigabit fiber. It's also kind of fun having an off-site backup.
  13. Population density makes it cheaper to roll out. You also have 5-6x the taxpayers to fund it. Melbourne basically has the same pop as all of New Zealand so surely you can't be saying that a city the size of Melbourne would be more expensive to roll out NBN than all of New Zealand.
  14. I still have no idea how AU fucked up the NBN so bad. I mean we (NZ) copied you, finished it first, and delivered faster broadband for less. Go figure.
  15. That would depend... If I bought a new Tesla would I have autopilot enabled as I'd already paid for it with my previous Tesla? You can't have it both ways!
  16. No, not illegal but it does potentially inflate the price as without the buyback you'd expect the value of the stock to decrease. From a finance perspective, a companies sole purpose is to maximise the value of its shareholders and chances are the CEO is remunerated in a similar manner, so buy backs are one way to achieve this.... But yes, the gravy train can run out and then the price might crash. That said, most savy investors will see past this.
  17. I really, really enjoy watching this more in-depth kind of content. As much as I like GN and Level1, their delivery style and content quality just isn't the same as LTT and I much prefer your style. Please keep the gravy train coming with this type of stuff. One of the videos I'm really looking forward to is the studio videos with the Mac Pro (and the Mac Pro rack?)
  18. And here I was thinking you guys were going away from click-bait titles...
  19. Have you tried buying a new mac from Apple.com? /s It's probably toast. Time for some BT headphones or an external DAC.
  20. CES 2021: Check out these awesome cases with their RGB, tempered glass, and companion phase change coolers.