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  1. If you follow the headlines, yeah. But some were actually quite clean and stated "in certain workloads" right on the headline
  2. D13H4RD

    Iphone X exploded in US

    Yeah......I have a Megumin wallpaper on my Note. Ya'll know what's going to happen next
  3. Kinda drooling right now 




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. D13H4RD




      Probably getting it alongside an upgraded camera body.

    3. TopHatProductions115


      Ooo - that new camera will take some pretty nice photos I bet :) Can't wait to see how that turns out...

    4. D13H4RD


      Ya gotta wait for it

  4. Pocophone and a decent mirrorless camera. My a6000 can fit in my pocket if it has a pancake lens.
  5. D13H4RD

    Experiences with non-techies

    I don't think a 3570K would be ideal for high framerate setups, especially today. But back in those days, it was really popular.
  6. So the Huawei Mate20 Pro's reverse wireless charging? Its maximum power is a whopping 2.5 WATTS. 


    Suddenly, that ad where they showed 2 people touching their phones back to back as if they were doing an NFC transfer looks a lot less rosy. 

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    2. FastRDust


      Then Magnetic Pogopins, they could be made waterproof and have a higher amp tolerance?

    3. D13H4RD


      Perhaps, but they're going by the wayside.

    4. VegetableStu


      > needs to powershare

      > no cables

      > 2.5W



  7. D13H4RD

    Experiences with non-techies

    I blame marketing for that. I remember using some laptops in the store when Ivy Bridge was the latest generation Intel architecture and when you used their laptops with demo software on them, if you headed over to the portion where it would tell you what CPU is ideal, the moment you selected "gaming", it would always recommend a Core i7. Granted, these were Ivy Bridge laptops, and Core i5s on laptops were mostly lower TDP SKUs. But the i5 3570K existed at the time, and it was a popular choice for gaming rigs at the time.
  8. D13H4RD

    Alibaba Made $1 Billion in 85 Seconds

    I may or may not have contributed $35 to that figure
  9. D13H4RD

    YouTube are deleting game hacking and modding channels

    So, what about game modding as we know it? Like Skyrim, aka "Modding Simulator"
  10. D13H4RD

    Alibaba Made $1 Billion in 85 Seconds

    Singles Day sales are huge over in these parts of the world. Think of it like the Asian equivalent of Black Friday. There was a juice maker that went from $100+ down to barely over $5.
  11. D13H4RD

    That time a passenger jet crashed due to duct tape

    That came to mind as well, alongside Qantas Flight 72 (albeit for different reasons) Aeroperu however was an example of how critical basic instruments are when flying in conditions that would require flying under Instrument Flight Rules. A failure in a single instrument is not nearly enough to be serious enough to contribute to a crash but the failure of an entire system, combined with other factors, can be the combo needed to cause a major accident.
  12. D13H4RD

    That time a passenger jet crashed due to duct tape

    Just thought I'd say this since I forgot to add this to the OP. That 757-200 was equipped with a secondary radio altimeter, and it did appear to be working and could've been used at lower altitudes to determine their height. However, owing to the crew's overwhelming confusion over what happened, it was likely that such information flew over their minds.
  13. D13H4RD

    That time a passenger jet crashed due to duct tape

    It's more of the failure of the supervisors and other more senior staff to ensure that the tape was removed. And yes, it's insane that a single piece of duct tape played a major role in a major plane crash.
  14. After reading the recent news thread on this forum about the FAA Airworthiness Directive released in the wake of the crash of Lion Air Flight 610, this reply did grab my attention. That comment immediately reignited my interest in aircraft accidents, and with that, 2 flights immediately came to mind; Birgenair Flight 301 and Aeroperu Flight 603. Both were Boeing 757-200s that crashed shortly after takeoff and had some similarities. However, it's the latter that I'll be talking about, because it is extremely bizarre. WARNING: What you're about to read below is extremely long and detailed. Skip to the TL;DR version at the bottom if you want a significantly shortened version. TL;DR version Aeroperu Flight 603, operated by a Boeing 757-200, experienced an avalanche of failures and warnings related to airspeed, altitude and vertical speed. The many contradictory warnings alongside information that made sense being mixed with other information that didn't caused extreme confusion within the cockpit, whilst the night sky along with the flight path being over water gave the crew no reliable means of visual referencing. Despite the crew's efforts to decipher and contain the situation whilst attempting to turn back and land, Flight 603 crashed into the Pacific Ocean nearly half-an-hour after takeoff. All 70 passengers and crew were killed. The cause was the static ports being blocked by duct tape, which were put on in order to protect the ports whilst the aircraft was being cleaned. However, it was never removed, with a contributing factor being that due to its color and nature, it blended in with the aircraft's color scheme, making it difficult to see, even when the captain conducted a ground check before departing on its penultimate flight. Other contributing factors included the cascade of contradictory warnings and information that overwhelmed the crew alongside the night sky and ocean surface making it difficult for the crew to have a reliable external reference point.