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    Intel Core i7 7700HQ w/ -0.105mv offset
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    Logitech G430 + Sony WH-1000XM2
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  1. So Stadia fell flat on its face at launch? 


    Wow, who could've seen this coming a mile away? /S

  2. Not with this one, apparently. Turns out that the fans on the current 16” will now ramp up much more quickly.
  3. Looks like the stock fan curve on the 16” MBP is drastically different 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. D13H4RD


      It’s more aggressive. Usually, MacBooks have very conservative fan curves in order to prioritize ambient noise but with the new one, they’ve made them ramp up much more aggressively.

    3. Cyberspirit


      Can you change fan curves on Macs or is it locked down?

    4. D13H4RD


      You can with a third party application though I'm not sure if anything has changed since 

  4. I've seen the state of many laptops myself, usually falling victim to heaps of dust and such, and that's on the outside. And if we open the cover......good Lord.
  5. The XPS wasn't designed with gaming in mind though. The Dell Gx series is but the XPS was designed with design and some degree of productivity in mind
  6. Pretty much and it's not just Apple and tech. Anything that's been touched by the wave of consumerism is gonna get that treatment. More like the average laptop user.
  7. It's not like the macOS situation is that much better. Catalina's launch wasn't exactly smooth as many Adobe CC users reported compatibility issues amongst other things. The silver lining is that unlike non-Pro Windows, you aren't forced into a new build of the OS whenever it's released, so there's that. I still maintain that they shouldn't really be looking at MacBooks if they're serious about gaming on a computer. It just wasn't designed with that in particular mind. It's why I wasn't fazed by the Radeon Pro 5500. Might not be super beefy for gaming but perfectly adequate for Lightroom and Resolve.
  8. If gaming performance is really high on their list of requirements, then truthfully, they shouldn't be looking at MacBooks. For a while now, their hardware has never really been designed with gaming in mind, being designed more towards productivity, specifically coding and creative work. Not sure why they'd still look at them but those people would probably be better served by a gaming-oriented Windows laptop as it'd serve their needs more appropriately.
  9. Much like you, I'm mainly doing landscape photography with cityscapes and countryside photography making up the majority of what I shoot although I do shoot a small bit of product shots and event photography is my moneymaker. I didn't want to fully invest into a full frame setup as of yet as I personally didn't see too much of a benefit (which might be surprising considering that both the Sony a7iii and a7Riii alongside refurbished Nikon Z6s, new D750s and a share of used EOS 5DIVs can now be had for relatively cheap prices), so I went with the best crop option available at the time, the Fujifilm X-T3. Initially, I started with just the 18-55 kit zoom but I eventually added the 50-140 f/2.8 telephoto zoom and a vertical grip to beef up the body so it remains balanced with the larger lens. Considering that my kit is rather large, size and weight aren't major factors. IQ however is a major factor but not to an obsessive pixel-peeping degree. 26MP is plenty for me and the lack of a low pass filter on the Fuji definitely helps. Cost is a factor as well but not by too much as the high end Fuji XF glass are creeping into 35mm FF territory. Video is not much of a factor (ironic when you consider how capable the Fuji is for that) and convenience is somewhere down the middle. Weather sealing isn't a huge deal for me but it's better to have it than to not. I will be adding an ultrawide angle lens to my kit eventually. The XF 8-16 is great but costs too much for me to justify, so it's down to either the Laowa 9mm Zero-D or the XF 10-24. But first, I need an upgrades backpack. Looking at the Lowepro ProTactic BP350 AW II.
  10. My only questions right now are how well the keyboard holds up in use (I have very high hopes) alongside thermal performance in sustained loads like applying the "Enhance Details" algorithm on multiple photos in Lightroom, exporting and editing a high-bitrate 4K timeline in Resolve and working on extremely high resolution photos in Photoshop. I'm not too bothered by the GPU. This isn't going to be a gaming machine for me (I don't even game much these days) and would be for editing duty. The calibrated display and potentially stellar battery life would be major appealing points. And the numpad, truthfully, is only a small matter in the grand scheme of things. USB numpads are cheap so it's not a big deal. I'd personally still trade the speakers for one but that's probably the only thing I'd change as it stands (and more would prefer having speakers, I would bet). They seem to have finally gotten everything else right. I'm not sure if the USB-C #donglelyfe still holds true now as I've been way out of the USB-C loop but since my X-T3 can do fast transfers over USB-C, not too big of a loss but I'll probably need dongles anyway. Oh well, I'd still love an included SD slot. My ideal setup costs about $3600. Has the i7, 32GB of RAM and 2TB of storage. Yeah it's expensive but I bet much of it came from the SSD. And as for why I would need 32GB of RAM, well.....Lightroom loves eating it.
  11. Ah, multi monitor life. Wanted a second monitor for a while as I wanted one that had better reproduction of color with a better contrast ratio than my 144Hz Samsung.
  12. Before you counter an argument, do yourself a favor and put yourself in the shoes of the other person.


    I do not care for laptop speakers because I prefer having the sound closer to me via headphones as it's far better for monitoring audio and also gives me some degree of privacy.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. D13H4RD


      That's kind of the issue, even when you acknowledge multiple times that the way you use a machine is different.


      I know the MBP speakers are great, but I don't benefit from them because I use laptops differently compared to many, so it's no use trying to convince me how great they are, partly because I already know but mostly because it doesn't give me much of a benefit for what I do.

    3. Nicnac


      so you don't Netflix and chill? ^^

    4. D13H4RD


      Heh, no I don't

  13. You misunderstood my comment. I said I don't use speakers no matter how good for monitoring reasons. The reason is because I need the sound as close as possible to my ears to properly monitor them. I know the speakers on the MacBook Pro are good, I've used one. But even they are not sufficient for what I do on it. They're perfectly fine (more than that, actually) for media consumption, but even they aren't gonna cut it when you have to work with audio. That's why I would trade the speakers for a numpad as I see more benefit to using a numpad than having better speakers for what I use it for. I know we aren't the majority, but who said the minority can't air their views? I know 90% of people won't and that's fine, but it's not going to stop me from airing my views. (Emphasis on the "I" there BTW. This is just my preference) I'm pretty sure lots of people know that and I've acknowledged it multiple times. My response was more to quell the claims that "only spreadsheet people use numpads" when a fair few of us who do other work find value in them. Honestly, I'm tired of both the Apple hate brigade and the Apple Kool-Aid hype train. Assuming it holds up to claims (and bests the joke that is the 2016-2019 MBP), then I will be interested in it as a potential portable solution for on-the-go editing and such. In fact, that's why the numpad situation stuck out to me. If everything else is good, then that's really the only sticking point. It's a bit of a curse in the sense that when everything else performs well, an imperfection tends to stick out more. And yes, I'm being nitpicky. And that's praise from me because I can't find anything else that's glaringly wrong that'll affect more people like the atrocious keyboard of its predecessor.
  14. Truthfully, I kinda prefer the 90D due to its ergonomics and included built-in viewfinder. I like the stills performance of the M6ii (and the 90D) but I didn’t like how the EVF is an optional hot shoe attachment and not part of the body itself
  15. Truthfully, I would pick either the X-T30 or a6400 over the M6ii if video performance at 4K was a main criteria. The reason is that while the M6ii can shoot 4K uncropped, it has the same problem as the 90D (which has the same sensor and processor) in that it’s quite soft. Both the a6400 and X-T30 can downsample up to 6K worth of sensor information into 4K footage (depending on the framerate and such) and the a6400 has the advantage of having no artificial record limit baked into the firmware, meaning that only your battery, memory card space and very demanding heat loads will be your limiters. With all that said, the a6400 has the same issue as the a6300, a6500 and the recently announced a6100 and a6600, in that it’s easier to get rolling shutter artifacts to show. The X-T30 is less immune to this. The Z50 is still new so not much info exists but it looks like it might be similar to the a6400 minus the rolling shutter.