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  1. Oh okay that's fine.... I would recommend that you do it manually, and look up some sort of guide on it, but that's okay. Just make sure that you have adequate cooling on the CPU, stock fans won't cut it and the CPU would overheat.
  2. And... can't you just write down the OC profile settings for the CPU somewhere and then change it manually with XMP enabled?
  3. Dude, sorry for not getting back to you... this means that your CPU is thermal throttling if it says 100 Seriously. you'll have to lower your voltage/overclock, because 100 C will kill your CPU. You have to keep it at 75 C or below if you expect to use your CPU for more than a year.
  4. Impossible... there's no way that the 212 Evo is producing those results, check with AIDA 64 please >.< just get the trial, go to Computer -> Sensor, then click on the tools menu and open System Stability Test, and System Monitor. Run that while looking at your temps.
  5. Just take is slow, lower the RAM speeds as you up your BCLK, and try to get as many Mhz as you can before the temps start holding you back <3 :3
  6. It will only speed up loading times, not the actual performance of the system The i7 6700k is selling for $320, and an Asus Z170-A is about $150
  7. This list could use some updates. The i7 6700k is selling for $320 on Amazon and Newegg right now to my knowledge, please get that, and the Asus Z170-A is $150. And just make sure to get DDR4, which is about the same price.
  8. Alright... if you can adjust the BCLK and voltage to your CPU you're good to go. Otherwise, either the motherboard doesn't support it, or it's the wrong BIOS version. Remember, work your way up slowly with overclocking, and make sure to use something like AIDA 64 to monitor temps when using their stress test for about an hour at your desired clock. Safe temps are below 80 C, including individual core temps. I'd only touch 75 C to be honest. When changing BCLK settings, it also adjusts your RAM speed, so make sure to adjust it and don't let it sit at a rating wayyy higher than it su
  9. Wow!...Alright, so. A reasonable price is somewhere between $175 - 200 that's where most people bite.
  10. Intel posted a micro-code update which prevents any overclocking of the non K CPUs, so you're pretty much out of luck with any modern BIOS. You need a motherboard that can do it of course, but you also need to flash BIOS from before the micro-code update before you can overclock a Skylake CPU. In order to overclock, the only thing you can do is increase the BCLK (base clock). Keep in mind that changing that also affects the speed of your RAM, so you'll have to lower it down to its rated speed... this is why overclocking guides aren't really posted on non K CPUs anymore.
  11. The RX 460 truly performs just so much better than the 750 Ti, go for that. It's being considered by many to be the new budget king of cards.
  12. For the love of god, get two RX 480 aftermarket cards if you plan on doing something like SLI (Crossfire). It will perform just about like a GTX 1080. The 1060 /cannot/ be connected by an SLI bridge, you can do something like SLI through the PCIE lanes, but that's supported in almost no games. The only one I even know of that supports this is Ashes of the Singularity.
  13. I /absolutely/ agree to what you just said. Most compilers will only do better with that if you span the program out in multiple files though... so make sure to do that if you'll be programming with something like Visual Studio. >.> If he does have the extra money for the more expensive chipset and CPU, then I'd go for it as well. But I'd recommend that he invests in a good cooler so that he can overclock better.