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  1. I believe WereCatf is referring to thin provisioning on the host, which not all filesystems or storage setups will support. For example, LVM does not support thin provisioning regardless of filesystem used, but EXT4/BTRFS/ZFS/etc by themselves do.
  2. As long as all the screws going through the PCB are removed, you just have to carefully pull the plate off the board. The thermal pads stick pretty well so you might have to put some force into pulling.
  3. Ethernet is digital and checksummed, there is no affect by noise unless you mean packet loss, which shouldn't happen with any quality switch of sufficient spec. The only place noise matters is when the digital signal gets turned to analog.
  4. You may want to consider adding a note about Scream, which works with ALSA or PulseAudio to pass audio from the VM whilst using Looking Glass. I followed this guide and it is working perfectly so far.
  5. What is the model of the server? There are likely scripts/mods out there for the fans.
  6. EDIT: Man I suck at remembering what I did each run. 3900X 12c/24t CPU 12 threads assigned to Windows 10 VM Testing done via Cinebench R20 Topology: No thread pinning: Keeping all threads on two CCXs (and I think one CCD): Pinning one thread per core: Emulator pinning could have been better optimized but stayed consisted except in the case of no pinning at all. In conclusion, pin one thread per core for maximum performance.
  7. I just ran it again, granted the emulator pinning wasn't really correct in both cases, but using one thread per core is looking to be a lot better than keeping it on two CCXs. Using dedicated cores, to no one's surprise, is better than SMT.
  8. Oof, using half my 3900X threads crushes even a 3700X in Cinebench R20, let alone the 3600X. 3900X (12t) - 5272 3700X (16t) - 4760 3600X (12t) - 3714 EDIT: Single core ended up being 496, which isn't far behind bare metal.
  9. It only had the option of Auto and Disabled, probably since it's a single node. CCDs are the building blocks of Zen/Zen+/Zen2. Each CCD contains two CCX with a CCX being comprised of several cores sharing L3 cache. Zen/Zen+ maxed out at one CCD per chip but Zen2 increased that to two CCDs per chip. Looking at that topology, I'm not sure if it's better to use one thread per code or all on the same CCD. I'll have to test that.
  10. 3900X is a single chip with two CCDs, one NUMA node. I checked and Memory Interleaving is enabled by default.
  11. Does this CPU pinning make sense for the topology? Ryzen is a bit different than Threadripper.
  12. That solution worked with my own 1080 with '1234567890ab' as the vendor id. If you mean use the same GPU for both host and guest in a single GPU configuration, the effective answer is no. If you have multiple GPUs and you want to use one of the GPUs on both the guest and host, you could potentially reset the GPU to bind to either the host or the guest without rebooting but it depends on the exact card. Navi currently does not support resetting, for example.
  13. Successfully passed through my resurrected GTX 1080 to a Windows VM. Now time to actually make said VM usable.

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    2. Windows7ge


      Ah, I can't be of significant help then. I wrote a tutorial for Debian on how to set this up.


      Don't forget to enable hugepages and do CPU pinning. You'll get a considerable performance boost.

    3. 2FA


      Yep, I'm using systemd-boot as well which isn't included in most guides but I managed to figure it out. Actually ended up being simpler I think. Got hugepages already taken care of.

    4. Windows7ge


      CPU pinning is easy. Just install lstopo and set Memory Interleave in your BIOS from Auto -> Channel.

      The code for the .XML file can get a bit weird though.


      I do expect that you'll run into the same problem I did on Debian where once you connect Looking Glass to the VM that you lose the ability to launch the VM. Don't know if the guide you're following covers the security changes you have to make.

  14. This is the up to date software you want https://github.com/lancachenet/monolithic
  15. Just edit your /etc/fstab /dev/<drive> /desired/mount/point <filesystem> defaults 0 0
  16. They just have a different versioning number on the iOS build, it's not out-of-date. You have it backwards, Firefox isn't going to stop supporting Youtube, Youtube is claiming it's going to stop supporting Firefox. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that you're using the old Youtube UI.
  17. Since you're already using Docker and plan to expose services publicly, I suggest using NginxProxyManager (https://github.com/jlesage/docker-nginx-proxy-manager) which makes it very easy to set up a reverse proxy and will handle all the cert stuff for you.
  18. Depending on the exact image you used and whether you set the volume mapping, all of your configs should be saved. I like to use docker compose as a method of saving the initial configuration as well as adding some fucntionality. For example, I can use the command docker-compose pull <docker-compose.yml> to pull the latest versions of the images and the command docker-compose up -d <docker-compose.yml>. Specifying the compose file location isn't necessary if it is the current directory and named exactly docker-compose.yml. I have multiple files to make management a little bit easier as I have a few different stacks of apps.
  19. So I apparently still get new Microsoft licenses through the Azure student portal.


    I see I have a Server 2019 license. denmode.png.2b0615ce4c3fff08d49cc758220ede96.png

    1. ARikozuM
    2. Den-Fi


      Nice use of denmode emoji lol

  20. Since when has Amazon started skipping passwords if you have 2FA enabled? Just signed in and it only required email and OTP. Not really 2FA if it's skipping one.

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    2. Beef Boss

      Beef Boss


      Looks like I'd be stealing peoples prints 😅

    3. TopHatProductions115


      Gotta make it so that the hardware token can only activate/unlock after a verified fingerprint+optical/face scan, for maximum security. 

    4. VegetableStu


      speaking of 2fa, i wonder if apple would ever bring fingerprint PLUS face recognition to a future iphone o_o

  21. You can mirror more than two drives, but it's still only one drive worth of data. I personally have 4 drives with I have as ZFS striped mirrors, the equivalent of RAID10 because I wanted good IOPS less stress on the entire array if I have to resilver a disk.
  22. Then nothing is bottlenecked. Bottlenecking is when one component is at 100% usage and the other is much lower.
  23. Not something to count on currently but RAIDZ expansion is being actively worked on by the devs.
  24. Canonical has a NTP server named Chilipepper.

  25. Then put the media in common codecs and use decent clients (aka not web player).