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  1. TrigrH

    Can I crossfire two different GPUs?

    its cos the performance is crap in a lot of games.
  2. TrigrH

    Can I crossfire two different GPUs?

    If you have the card, why not try it? If you don't, its not worth buying into multi GPU.
  3. facedesk. If you're POWER LIMITED = less performance = less heat.
  4. those are memory errors cos you're ram oc isnt stable
  5. what are your system specs and how are you connecting to the gpu to the display?
  6. are you on the latest bios? one think i do know is that IRST doesn't show when CSM is disabled, thats normal behaviour.
  7. This is ryzen, you want as much frequency as you can get id try and push for 3400 cl 18+.
  8. heres an idea, lets not PAY to be the beta testers for a feature that has the potential to kill you?
  9. TrigrH

    Fans and AIO fitting in spec-06

    fans can go on either side of a radiator yes? just make sure you point them the right away.
  10. TrigrH

    Will 5820k bottleneck a GTX 2080ti at 1440p?

    BenQ BL2710PT is 60hz so no.
  11. TrigrH

    In need of power supply. Recommend.

    Going for a 2080ti? Otherwise you be good for 650w max. G2 or a focus plus unit should suit you fine.
  12. TrigrH

    do i need a new psu?

    It will work but the voltage ripple on a poor quality PSU is usually quite high when you pair it with a higher end card, I would consider getting a new PSU.
  13. I like my 5.2ghz overclock and 70c temps. Whats the point in a warranty on a cpu, its pretty hard to kill it lol and if you do it through overclocking its not covered anyway.
  14. TrigrH

    Video not autorunning off a DVD

    Depending on the file type, you might need open=wmplayer (yourfilename)
  15. TrigrH

    Which RTX 2080 TI won't die ?

    the kingpin is the only card that i know that 100% uses samsung.
  16. Buy an SSD and a usb external drive adapter, install the SSD into the PC and do a clean windows install, then migrate what files you need over from the drive to the new system.
  17. TrigrH

    New ISP requires new gear

    you said switch and two APs, im saying it will be cheaper to get a router and a single AP.
  18. TrigrH

    New ISP requires new gear

    then time to buy a router with inbuilt switch and a good AP