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  1. TVwazhere

    BOINC Pentathlon 2019

    Ask, and ye shall receive Good luck with the event guys!
  2. Chrome users, Update to Version 74 if you can. We now have an unofficial Dark Mode!



  3. OH HELL YEAH, I dont even have Dark mode official enabled on my W10 at home, but When I checked my "About Chrome", it updated to 74 and immediately switched to superior mode Dark Mode It even changed the right click options menu (It's white in all other windows)
  4. *sigh*


    1. TVwazhere








  5. I was gonna do a status update but this started getting sorta long, so... After watching Paul's review of the case which went into much more detail than other reviews I've seen so far, I drew a strikingly large amount of similarities between this and the Define R6/S2 cases from Fractal (some of my personal favorite cases) with some notable differences. The P600S is basically the Evolv X with (different (IMO better) exterior paneling. Some stats were taken from the Evolv X spec page since the P600S doesnt have an official one yet. Case Comparison Feature Define R6 Define S2 Eclipse P600S Notes MSRP $150 $150 $150 Price in USD Motherboard Max Size E-ATX E-ATX E-ATX 360mm rad support Y Y Y 420mm rad support Y Y Y Top for Define, Front for P600S 140mm Rad Variant Motherboard Clearance 35mm 35mm 50mm Max Height of RAM/Mobo heatsinks before interference with RAD occurs Foam for Silence Y Y Y Side ventilation For airflow Y Y Y Front Openable for Best airflow Y N Y 3.5" HDD Support 6 (up to 11) (2) 3 4 (10) (#) is max possible config, R6 Optional max is 2 Dedicated SSD Support 2 (4) 2 (4) 3 (#) is max possible config Type A ports (3.0), (2.0) 2, 2 2, 2 2, 0 3.1 gen 2 Type C Y Y Y Define R6 series with specific SKU or addon Black, Gray, White Color Options Y Y Y 5.25" Legacy Bay Y N N Hinged Side Doors N N Y Fan Hub Incuded Y Y Y Top panel Removable for Airflow Y Y Y Vertical GPU Bracket Included N N Y Vertical GPU Cable Included N N N GPU Anti-Sag Bracket Included N N Y Mounts in rear PCI-E tabs mITX dual config support N N Y Not included by default Custom Watercool Fill Port Y Y Y Located on top radiator bracket, removable Custom Watercool Drain Port N N Y Access requires front panel removed Good cable management Y Y Y PSU bracket for easy install Y Y Y Full length dust filter (front access) Y Y N PSU Showoff Cutout N N Y Subjective Aesthetic Dedicated Reservoir mount N Y N Optional Pump Mount Y Y Y 140mm Fans Included 3 3 3 Top Panel Air Cover Y Y Y For unused air fan/RAD locations I could have easily gone in further like how both fan controllers can do 4 pwm and 3 DC voltage control, but at this point it's pretty clear that the cases trade blow for blow upon many of the categories. Many of the included accessories were welcome including the included Vertical GPU bracket (I'm not sure if only first party cables will work with this though) and Anti Sag Bracket. We have to praise Phanteks here from learning from their past mistake of making too much of the $200+ case "DLC" (Not including SSD trays? Vert GPU Bracket?) RGB Not included. Not Sorry.
  6. TVwazhere

    MJOLNIR mini-ITX Case on LTT forum?

    At this point the LMG staff are more into doing wacky things with tech rather than in depth reviews of cases (unless they're doing buyers guide/showcases) becasue as Linus himself once stated "Cases are boring now" so there not worth doing stand alone videos about Jay at least is going to try and shove a water block in there or something, and Dmitri is just a good all around feedback guy who has a very good sense of detail for cases as a whole, not just "Does it have airflow or not". Sadly I'm not familiar with OptimumTech. BitWit and Pauls hardware might be good too (Paul does monthly build videos as well as reviews)
  7. Shoulda Specified R6 was the one with different USB-C SKU's. I'll update that. I left it at MSRP, because prices will change (and might ultimately be a leading factor into which someone should buy at any given money) seeing as how non USB-C SKU's go as low as $105 at times Where did you find max RAD+fan dimensions? Are these official dim's or just hand made measurements?
  8. TVwazhere

    MJOLNIR mini-ITX Case on LTT forum?

    Who you sending review units to? Two off the top of my head that might be interested would be HardwareCanucks and Jayztwocents. Dmitri (HWC) especially will give you some good B-roll of the case.
  9. This hurts my eyes


    1. Mira Yurizaki

      Mira Yurizaki

      I'm curious how they did that.

  10. TVwazhere

    Case and RGB Fans

    https://be.pcpartpicker.com/product/9CCD4D/cooler-master-masterbox-k500-atx-mid-tower-case-mcb-k500d-kgnn-s00 https://be.pcpartpicker.com/product/6qPKHx/cooler-master-masterbox-mb500-atx-mid-tower-case-mcb-b500d-kgnn-s00 https://be.pcpartpicker.com/product/QYzkcf/cooler-master-masterbox-mb511-rgb-atx-mid-tower-case-mcb-b511d-kgnn-rgb The fans are RGB, they're just shown as purple by default.
  11. TVwazhere

    NZXT H200 Stock Fan Upgrades

    The best fans regardless of budget would most like be Noctua NF-A12x25. If $30/fan is too much, Corsair ML series fans are pretty good, around $20/fan. If you're loking for super quiet fans, be quiet! makes some of the quietest fans avaialble.
  12. I would probably say M3 micro, because the max CPU cooler height is 160mm vs 155 in the Nexus M. There's quite a few towers in the 155-160mm height range, and though yours might be a stock intel/amd cooler right now or an AIO, the extra 5mm will offer you a lot more selection should you decide to go that route. Beyond that, they're basically the same.
  13. Is your board ATX? If so, the Nexus is the only option since your board wont fit in the M3 The case has a side vent similar to the NZXT H500 so airflow "exists" in the case and it should be more than enough for a 2200G and an RX 570. You dont need to go crazy populating every fan slot as mentioned above, that just adds extra noise and provides no temperature/performance benefit, especially for the level of hardware you're currently using.
  14. The Enthoo Pro M can only hold 2 natively. You can buy expansion bays that will get you up to 8. The Fractal Design Define R6 comes with 6 natively and you can fit up to 11 total. It can also fit a 360 AIO at the front while doing so (Idk about all 11, but if you space out the eight right it should fit)
  15. For anyone looking for MicroSD cards, specifically high endurance ones



  16. I paid $28 for 64gb 5 months ago, so this is almost double the storage for the same price just under 5 months after my purchase! Talk about buyers remorse Newegg Link, Promo code EMCTYVA37 Amazon Link ($35 but prime shipping) Amazon Price History Why High Endurance? High endurance memory is for situations like mine where I'm using it in a Dashcam, meaning it can get as hot as 140ºF in the summer time, and the card will be constantly written to (and overwriting itself) for its entire lifespan, sometimes in high FPS, sometimes in high resolution, and very rarely read from. Some Dashcams will actually reject SD cards if they're not rated high enough. If you're just looking for more phone storage, Samsung has their EVO series which is around $21 for 128GB (on amazon)
  17. I bought mine from Massdrop so I didnt pay that price This was an upgrade from my Blacksys CH100B-2CH which was 1080p@30 front, 720p@30 rear. The new one is 1080p@60 front and 1080p@30 rear. As you can see I bought the "Magic pro hardwire kit" which allows you to hardwire into your car AND set timings for when you want the dashcam to record in a "parking mode" but I didnt care about parking mode and my unit came defective so I bought just a simple hardwire wire with inline fuses off amazon so that the dashcam is only on when the car is on.
  18. TVwazhere

    Good Looking $100 Case?

    I leave mine on red. I cant stand Rainbow puke myself (I was gonna get the Noctua 200mm fan but it apparently is just a bit too thick for my case)
  19. TVwazhere

    Good Looking $100 Case?

    To each their own, I love 200mm fans (I actually bought the same coolermaster fans to go into my Corsair 380T)
  20. TVwazhere

    Folding Community Board

    Any mod can do it, though it might be by a "by permission from admin" request. I made a suggestion about it a while back and thats how we found out.
  21. TVwazhere

    Good Looking $100 Case?

    You dont HAVE to get it from amazon, you can get it from Newegg https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119350
  22. TVwazhere

    Good Looking $100 Case?

    Why do you have to wait 2-4 weeks?
  23. TVwazhere

    Good Looking $100 Case?

    I see you have the P350x listed in your "soon to be " spec list. I would then suggest Phanteks Enthoo Pro M SE or Mastercase H500 suggested above
  24. TVwazhere

    Folding Community Board

    This should hopefully get pinned to the featured thread on the main page
  25. TVwazhere

    Case Suggestions Wanted.

    The Define R6/S2 can hold a 420mm RAD at the top, so long as you have low profile memory (Corsair Vengeance LPX for example) RGB memory like Trident Z for example would be too tall. The Phanteks P600S can hold a 420mm rad at the front (you can check out my comparison checklist in my signature) The three cases retail around $150, however Fractal design will soon be releases a "Vision" Version of the S2, which has Tempered glass front, side and top panels (though teh top needs to be swapped back to the Rad mount + filter in your use case which they include)