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    i like mice
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    I7 4790k
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    MSI Gaming 5 Z97
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    Kingson Hyper X Fury Black 4x2/Red 4x2
  • GPU
    Gigabyte D5 1060 6GB
  • Case
    NZXT H440 Black/Red
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    128GB Intel 530 SSD 1TB WD Black HDD
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    Seasonic EVO 520
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    Samsung S22C300
  • Cooling
    Cooler Master 212 EVO
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    K65 RGB <3
  • Mouse
    Razer Deathadder Chroma
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    V-Moda Crossfade LP+ Memory Cushions XL (GET THEM)
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    Win 10

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    South Canada aka Murica
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    Graphic Design, Competitive First person shooters
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    I like things that make me c00l jk
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  1. Dirt rally
  2. Yeah but the phone itself isn't that bad. And the nougat update made it a little closer to stock.
  3. Google Pixel OxygenOS on the Oneplus series devices. Motorola uses pretty much Stock The HTC 10 and above ZTE Axon 7, close ish
  4. For $100 or less, Grab Sen 558's or Hyper X cloud 2
  5. You're correct. The money is held until mostly the shipping and receiving date of the product. after putting in the shipping info and tracking. Good feedback will make the money release faster.
  6. No, But i am not sure of the current Modding state since OpenIV was taken out. For launching i've used this mod before, worked out fine. I haven't been banned
  7. How am I hating?
  8. Yeah, no doubt the circlejerk on the G502 here and K series from corsair never really lets other opinions flow through.
  9. Everyone has different preferences and shapes and sizes of hands. Not everyone will like the MX master.
  10. Are you looking for a minimal looking keyboard like the cooler Master masterkeys pro l Or something that has similar indentions on the protruding soacebar layout
  11. For mice I would look at the nixeus revel or dream machines pro s, you're getting pretty much the same sensor in expensive Logitech mice for much cheaper. And there's no firmware bullshit you have to deal with As for Keebs, the magicforce 68 or the cooler Master TK series are excellent starter mechs and easy to modify or add custom keycaps
  12. Because of the mining craze, everyone is buying out the graphics cards, along with the 480 and 580, hence the price increase cause there is so little.
  13. Down to you. Do you want bigger specs, Stock android smooth Experience, Amoled panel, Meh Camera but enough to get the job done? Or IP68 Resistance, HDR IPS LCD Panel, Wide angle camera, MicroSD support? Thats pretty much the determining factors for those 2 devices.
  14. Unless you can find a Masterkeys pro S under $100 then there isn't much.
  15. The wide angle and low light performance is noticeably better.