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    i like mice
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    I7 4790k
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    MSI Gaming 5 Z97
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    Kingson Hyper X Fury Black 4x2/Red 4x2
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    Gigabyte D5 1060 6GB
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    NZXT H440 Black/Red
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    128GB Intel 530 SSD 1TB WD Black HDD
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    Seasonic EVO 520
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    Samsung S22C300
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    Cooler Master 212 EVO
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    K65 RGB <3
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    Razer Deathadder Chroma
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    V-Moda Crossfade LP+ Memory Cushions XL (GET THEM)
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    Win 10

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    South Canada aka Murica
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    Graphic Design, Competitive First person shooters
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    I like things that make me c00l jk
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  1. G403 Zowie EC Hyper x Pulsefire Rival 310 Roccat leadr 3310 on ec and pulse is meh dou 😷
  2. Need a car, new dslr, roknin wide 14mm lens, 144hz monitor. And a gimbal


    🤤 :(

  3. Go with a haswell i7 And some z97 or h97. So you can reuse your ddr3 and save money
  4. Open Twitter with whatever phone you have right now, out it upside down and scroll, that's a general idea of the op5 displays jelly screening. OnePlus failed to give nougat to the OnePlus 2 but they said they will give Android O the latest Android to the OnePlus 3. Failure to do so will make me lose all hope in the company as their standard is one year of support. ROMs and basically custom coded OS that you can flash on your device. It's a great way to get the latest OS when your device is not given software updates from the OEM anymore
  5. It's a good phone other than the jelly screen, OnePlus as a company is a whole different story. If 3 gets O then you will definitely get 2 years of support which is a company standard nowadays. Root and room support is also immense. If you like a fluid stockish Android experience grab it
  6. Ebay is heavily biased towards buyers, if you pay with paypal you will have pretty much a 90% chance of getting a refund.
  7. Ticwatch Express
  8. For $699 essential is a joke. Although the company is too young to judge on software updates. Grab the active
  9. Masterkeys Pro L
  10. Z play or honor 8 Z play with the moto battery mod is a outstanding device.
  11. Just grab the masterkeys, its the best imo out of the bunch
  12. You said white, were you not looking for a full white keeb? Or just white backlighting...
  13. The Desire 10 pro? with the crappy MediaTek SoC?
  14. @BluJay614 Take a look at the Varmilo VA108M You can choose from Gats and MX switches, the case color, And the colors of the keycaps (They're dyesubs), etcheing and backlight. If you want clicky Go for Cherry blues, as gat blues are noticeably louder, But if you go brown, grab gateron brows as they feel more stiffer and much smoother than mx browns. Mx clears are also a great choice, they're a little heavier than browns Customize to your liking and add a glorious gaming or Steelseries wrist rest and you should be golden.
  15. Nixeus revel is prob as cheap as you should go, Usually the price is $41 on newegg but idk wtf happened and made it $80 It had a Sensei shape, and a 3360 sensor, build quality is kinda meh compared to the Dream Machines DM1 pro s which is pretty much the same mouse except the buttons aren't that rattely compared to the Revel