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  1. TGY 9XR with an XJT module or FrSky Taranis?
  2. That's fine. The money left from the A6 that I'll buy (hopefully) will go to my expenses for my mini quad build Although it won't let me have enough budget to buy a Taranis
  3. Well, I'd want to build a desktop since I don't bring my laptop anywhere \_(シ)_/
  4. Been using it for the past 2 years. But if I'll sell it, I'll have it reformatted c:
  5. What is my VAIO VPCEG16FM worth? Maybe looking to build an A6-6400k with an A68 MoBo?
  6. This dude is serious about his pricing omg
  7. Well I hardly get 6Mbps Download and 1Mbps Upload here...
  8. Damn. Take a break MJ. School is beating me down at the moment but I'm always up hahaha
  9. Isn't it ironic that putting EZ makes it harder? XDD
  10. Well it's true . The only thing that bothers me when using HR is the HP drain qwq
  11. [-R1] pls qwq i get used to AR8-10 already XDD and the only thing that'll bother me is HP9.8 cough cough... Nitro... cough cough...