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    龴 ͡ↀ ◡ ͡ↀ龴 #Locked
  • Birthday October 17

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    Music (Mostly Alternative Metal and hence subgenres: Hollywood Undead, Linkin Park...)
    Programming (Currently Python 3, more to follow)
    Vidya Gaemz (Rocket League, CS:GO, Insurgency, Brawlhalla...)
    And obviously tech
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    I'm from Belgium, a land that used to be known for chocolate and beer, that is now known for terrorism. Sweet.
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    Do you really believe anyone would hire me?


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    heats up to 80 degrees when playing a MOBA
  • Motherboard
    doesn't give enough power to my USB's.
  • RAM
    is way too tiny
  • GPU
    is the best part of my laptop
  • Case
    is recycled from a toilet
  • Storage
    is one terrabyte
  • PSU
    is the electrical socket
  • Display(s)
    is a crappy 60hz laptop screen
  • Cooling
    is award winning, for worlds loudest cooling
  • Keyboard
    is worlds best laptop keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Sound
    Senheisser HD 588 <3
  • Operating System
    is worlds best OS, a.K.a. Windows 7

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  1. What are you using your machine for? What motherboard do you own?
  2. I'm sorry for being that guy that isn't much of a help, but... playing Minecraft with a controller is about as nice as playing a racing game with your fucking feet
  3. Yep! Prefferably headphones that sound good in whatever genre
  4. Hello, and thanks for reading this already! A friend of mine is looking for some headphones for gaming and multiple genres of music (he listens to basically anything), prefferably under a budget (€100 at an absolute maximum, lower is preffered). Open acoustics and microphone are preffered, yet not too much compromises on audio quality. Thanks in advance!
  5. Not bad! In my opinion, C'Thun is a bit too RNG for me. I don't like putting my game in the hands of a single line of code that's being repeated. But of course, as in your case, it can end very infuriating for the other person. Nicely done!
  6. Hello, and thanks for reading this already! I'm currently looking into Adafruits products, which seems to all look amazing. Yet, a lot of people are very critical about their customer support, warranty... which is important for me, since I live overseas. So what are your experiences? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello, and thanks for reading this already! I'm looking for a proper way to convert videos to ogg / ogv (with video). Using most convertors, either the framerate our the quality drops massively. Is there no way to correctly do this? (Tried FFMPEG, Miro, and Any Video Converter) Thanks in advance!
  8. (That was me) I was giving examples. There's a multitude of good models and brands out there. Do your research.
  9. Oh boy Corsair is good for PSU's. If you give them enough money that is. Their cheaper models WORK, yet, their boundaries are way lower then others. Too much stress and bam, you're boned. On the other hand, in certain/most situations, you should be fine. Read the above for reference on Corsair's CX(M) series! If you plan to upgrade to i5, I would suggest to plainly wait. Skyrim is more CPU intensive iirc, and believe me, with my second generation mobile i5 (second generation), it's not a dream to run. At all. If you have the choice, save up for an i5.
  10. I suggest going with and AMD CPU if you're on this tight of a budget. And if you say "Intel Master Race", no. Unless you plan on upgrading to i5 or an i7 pretty soon (which will be easier with the i3's mobo), you should go AMD. I'm also going to be that guy and say watch out with cheap Corsair power supplies. See if there's more reliable stuff (EVGA, XFX...) avaiable at the same price range. Also, budget and build uses if you want better suggestions. (If gaming, tell us which is the heaviest game you want to run. A League Of Legends machine is not the same as
  11. I think they mean that you need to finish the comments, since they're not full sentences
  12. ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄██████▄













  13. For the headphones, if your genre is around the rock/classical range, the HD558's are worth a look. When it comes to microphones, the ModMic (though compatibility issues have been reported w/ the 558's iirc), the Samson Meteor is good for the more budget yet great quality range. For anything above the Meteor, Blue is a company that's worth a look.
  14. Personally, no headset. As you said, a seperate mic / mod mic + proper headphones are recommended. Personally, I love the Sennheisser HD 588. The clarity, comfort and sound quality are like no other. Do note that the bass is lacking for electronic music, so if you like that kind of stuff, stay away from them