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    Buenos Aires City, Argentina
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    Aviation, electronics, computers
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    Intel I5 4460
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    Asus Z97-P
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    2x4GB kingston hyper x fury
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    MSI Nvidia GTX 760 2GB OC
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    NZXT phanton white
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    1TB toshiba 7200rpm + 1TB toshiba(striped from a notebook) + 240GBuv400
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    Sentey solid core power scp650HM power 80 plus
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    LG 23mp55
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    Intel stock cooler
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    Logitech wireless keyboard(DERP)
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    Cyborg RAT7
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    Thonet & Vander 2.1/logitech G430
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    Windows 7 ultimate 64bits

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  1. So, I've been quite noticing the lack of vlogs nowadays that concerned the expansion of the office, and on yesterday's video linus mentioned (1:30) that there was "exclusive update videos for the last 8 weeks". I thought Linus had said all of their content was gonna be kept free, seems like this hasn't been the case actually
  2. Got an interview tomorrow on a electronics repair/design thing wish me luck

  3. i don't really know if I'd give them much use more than, making speed buy. But the G502 looks to be a bit more comfortable and durable
  4. Both do have RGB, mainly play CSGO, overwatch, PUBG and web browsing
  5. So, I've had my saitek RAT 7 for like 6 years now, and I've decided it was time due for an upgrade. Browsing for the web I've found my 2 options I'm still deciding which to pick, the logitech g502 or the logitech G pro. i know both of these have the same pwm 3366 sensor, but is the g502 extra functionality worth it, I've found that the G pro is 60% the price of the G502
  6. RIP Chester :'(

  7. Connect the mobo speaker and check if you get any codes
  8. The S340 comes configured with 2 exhaust, the air will come in through the front filter just by the negative air pressure in the case
  9. http://www.speedtest.net/result/6267700438

    Speed test at my school, a nice upload, could easily handle a twitch stream, I'd just need to get a laptop capable of streaming

  10. A year and a month

    The thing doesn't have one fricking scuf

    One fucking year and one fucking month

    Only one fucking month out of the fucking warranty period

    That's how long my lg g4 decided it was worth living before getting into a bootloop

    I treated the thing like a god, never out of a hard case and tempered glass.

    But noooo

    It had to get into a fucking bootloop one fucking month after the warranty ended

    Gr8 LG bravooo, bra vo!!

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    2. handymanshandle


      rip. My S6 chuggin' along at almost 2 years. (Well 2 years in November.)

    3. Juanse


      Congrats, I expected mine to last like 3 years, guess I was wrong, should have gone for the moto X2

    4. manikyath


      this is the kind of thing that makes me look at the brand and go "really?"

  11. Games on mac are pretty limited, plus you won't be getting any real DGPU unless you go for +$3000 systems
  12. I hands down can't find a use for it, more than word (which can be done on anything cheaper) or social media. Don't expect any gaming there
  13. 12 hours of school in a single day. YEAHHHHHH HOW FUNNNNNNNNNNNN.help

  14. Ed from techsource uses them on some of his builds, I suppose they are a pretty good quality, he usually goes balls to the wall in some of his builds