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  1. Need a 3d modeling build probably using autocad and blender am in the US dont need rgb nonsense just best performance for the money
  2. Aytex

    HD 559 vs 579

    So my crossfades are actually deteriorating and dying and i need new cans... I know the new 5xx refresh lineup has a minimal difference in sound signature from its predecessors but not sure which to grab, only a $7 difference, is there a large difference in audio quality?
  3. G203, Rival 110 or Nixeus revel should be fine for you, or the m65 its also small
  4. if it is comfy for you go for it. Theres an alternative Zowie EC-B Series may be out of your price range, but they both have their differences both use great sensors though so tracking should be fine, the differences are more in the shell, button, and coating
  5. Just flash lineage on the pro.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/LeEco-Unlocked-Smartphone-Display-Warranty/dp/B01N9541P6 Le eco pro 3 has somewhat stable lineage os 15
  7. larry insane boi

  8. Using a fast lens with low aperture or a faster shutter speed will definitely help
  9. That monitor is heavily outdated and old, Try the XG2402 If you want Gsync XB241h or PG248Q
  10. 1070 or higher should be fine 1060 can barely hold 60 fps 1080p on max settings so...
  11. There aren't any that use the exact same shell, The Kone pure 2017 or Fnatic Flick G1 could be a good alternative.
  12. XB241H , Really though if you're pulling 144 frames you dont really need Gsync, Generally you should use it only when you run games that you cannot achieve 144
  13. Could you link the 144hz ips 1080p panel? Never heard of IPS 144hz 1080p panels unless its VA?
  14. Maybe the Roccat kone pure emp then
  15. Definitely the iphone 6, less hassle and you already know the UI/Ecosystem so it should be a much smoother transition to switching. Other than the crappy aluminum and battery fix thingy, you should be fine.
  16. Its a decent mouse but of course, there are better sensors in the market. If you don't care about weight, the 502 should be a great alternative to your 500.
  17. Then accept the fact that there are going to be compromises at your financial position and the phones you want and the features they have...