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    Amd fx 6300
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    Asrock 960
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    Kingston hyperx fury 8gb (2x4gb)
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    Sapphire Radeon r9 270x dual-x 2gb
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    Western digital 1tb
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    430w corsair
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  1. $30 or $40 im from uk so i would be looking at £20 to £40
  2. Can anyone give me a link to a cheapish power supply that is non-modular and around 500w?
  3. Its a 500b evga, i have plugged all front panel connectors in, if i unplug it and slot it back in one of my coloured fans flashes for a second. Its the 24 pin connector. Nothing happens, i have checked it is in right. I have tried it with another psu and it turns on with that one. Its just this ones newer than the other. Ive never had problems before i was just doing cable management
  4. I was cable managing my cables in my case and i plugged everything back in. I then tried to turn my pc on but it wont turn on, everything looks ok but i have unplugged my psu connector again and my pc wont turn on. Anyone know whats wrong?
  5. I know this is unhelpful but i cant atm as my computer is at my dads atm, its asking me for an acronym and wont let me perform a disk wipe i do have partitions on the drive but it should just allow me to anyway
  6. I clicked on wipe disk on the installation menu, its just before i choose what i want my language set as, hard drive selection etc. When i click on disk wipe it asks for an acronym, can anyone help me or tell me what the acronym is?
  7. Ive tried to download that funnily enough nena, but it wont let me on steam browser for some reason, when i click it nothing happens
  8. I think it says something about a partition error
  9. When I get to the part of the installation process of asking me where I want to save the installation to, it won't let me use my hard drive?
  10. When I click on install steam, nothing happens the install is just not happening however it is on the applications bar waiting to be installed, how do I install it?
  11. I'll try that, if it doesn't work what should I do?
  12. I've just installed Windows 7 on my pc, I then got steam and installed team fortress 2, it won't load up for some reason. Can anyone help?