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  • Birthday 1997-08-23

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    this is where you will find me
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    A Cold DataCenter Near a swamp
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    Game development,network servers,storage,networking,biking
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    well you need to devlop a better relationship with me to get to know me
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    i5-2500k @4ghz
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    gigabyte h61m-ds2
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    2*4gb some oem stuff @1333mhz
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    zotac gtx 970 reference pcb
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    corsair 300r
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    1tb wd blue/green
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    corsair cx600
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    cm tx3 evo
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    cm devastator
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    cm devastator
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    windows 7 64 bit,ubuntu 14.04 lts,fedora 21 workstation
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  1. @zappian gotta see this.... i think mediatek has a point...what happend to intel btw ??? they have layed low for a while now since bay trail
  2. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812162025
  3. i think off topic needs a single ask relationship advice post pinned at the top because recently there have been so many girlfriend advice posts...... yes even i did post once or twice ... but still
  4. because girls are so difficult to understand
  5. have a blast on your trip to pakistan
  6. i dont think bar is a place to find a gf for a serious relationship....... but if you want to simply get laid then its totally fine..... as this guy said places of personal interest are better,and not strip clubsgirlfriend is like a box of chocolates you will never know when you will get one
  7. msquare

    damn :/

    still,cooler the card more you can oc and life span is also effected
  8. linux gaming video is up with a crazy system crash.... sorry for the non 60fps unlike my other vids..... ------------->

    1. DildorTheDecent


      When you use a real plane you do tend to last longer even when smoking.

      Nothing touches a Spitfire.

    2. msquare


      yup......because its a spitfire.... that was such a bitchy crash i wouldhave easily got a kill streak

  9. msquare

    damn :/

    that 970's gonna run hot....