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    msquare reacted to QueenDemetria in Mexico Plugs/Outlets   
    Mexico uses the same plugs as the US.
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    msquare reacted to Trik'Stari in AMD Heating is not an issue for me   
    Basically this.
    I went with an /AMD cpu with my first rig, was sorely disappointed. It bottlenecked a GTX 660.
    Unless you have absolutely no choice, your best bet is to save up, spend a little more, and go with Intel. Because AMD is a bit behind right now. At least when it comes to CPU's, as far as GPU's, fuck Nvidia.....buncha lying bastards.
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    msquare reacted to zappian in What mobo is the i3 4150 compatible with?   
    Why not H97?
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    msquare reacted to QueenDemetria in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Planning? I've been modding for years I'm just wanting to paint better, since spray cans aren't that good.
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    msquare reacted to QueenDemetria in Show off your latest purchase!   
    I just got a paint gun today(although its more of an air brush). I got this thing at Harbor Freight for $13 and couldn't pass it up since it was purple, but I do have some PC's that I want to paint and this should be perfect. It only has a 4 oz. container so I won't be able to paint much with it, but I'm just excited about my new tools

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    msquare reacted to QueenDemetria in What's up with AMD's CPU's?   
    Intel CPU's have a higher IPC(instructions per clock), so each core is more powerful than AMD's core's.
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    msquare reacted to Trik'Stari in Samsung has a $30,000 luxury doghouse   
    Irresponsible commerce you mean. With self inflicted ignorance as a side kick.
    The biggest question, will the dog house spy on your dog, or you, the same way their SmartTV's does? Will it add commercials into the video's that your dog watches?
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    msquare reacted to TheTiger in How to RetroPi [A RaspberryPi 2 Build-Log]   
    Hello LTT and greetings from the "German Talk"-Thread,   In the last few month I was more and more remembering the games of my childhood. Since I own a NES, SNES, N64 and a GBA I was able to play most of them, but I wanted a portable version of all those great consols which lead me to have a further look @ the Raspberry Pi B+. After a litte bit of research it turned out that the CPU/GPU were too weak to handle most 3D based games.    When the Raspberry Pi 2 was released, the idea catched my interests again and I instingtivly bought the new version of the Pi.   I know that there are many tutorials out there and my researchs/information are based on a lot of websides and forums, but I wanted to have an all in one guide.   So this will be my Build-Log/Tutorial/In-Progress-I-have-a-few-questions Thread     Cost-Overview   - RPi2 [~40€] - SanDisk Ultra 8GB [8,99€] - OneNineDesign Case [9,99€] - 5V 2000mA micro-USB PSU [8,99€] - Edimax Wireless USB Adapter [8,95€] - deleyCon Slim HDMI-Cable 1,5m [6,89€] - Heatsinks [3,99€] - 8BITDO NES30 Controller [34,99€] - Asus USB-BT400 [13,60€] - iProtect Tasche 3,5" HDD [6,99€] ____________________________________________ Total:                                                       143,38€   You'll also need a USB-Keyboard. Build-Log   Parts:   The Pi B+ cases were mentioned to fit the RPi2, however with cooling blocks attached to it this was not the case. So I had to cut out the piece of the case which covered the PCB.   I also had to make some free space to the microSD card inlet.     RetroPi OS installation   When I started installing the RetroPi OS, the RPi2 was so new, that Version 2.4.0 wasn't working @ all. After the first big rush and a lot of server down's I was able to download Version 2.5.0_beta which a User had uploaded, now I'm using Version 2.6.0 which I recommend getting (if there's not a newer Version yet).   Installation Guide:   1. Download and extract the RetroPi Project Image.   http://blog.petrockblock.com/retropie/retropie-downloads/   2. Format your microSD-Card with SD Formatter 4.0.   https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_4/   3. Install the RetroPi Image on your microSD-Card with Win32DiskImager.   http://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/   4. Insert your microSD-Card into your Pi and hook it up.     Configurate your Pi   1. Boot into Emulation-Station and exit to the command line.   2. Go to the Configuration Tool by: sudo raspi-config 3. Now you can auto-overclock your Pi, change the amount of memory for the GPU (I added 512 in there) + set up your language and regional settings.
        WLAN-Configuration   This Configuration is based on a "EDIMAX EW-7811UN Wireless USB Adapter".   1. Connect your Pi to the Internet via cable, plug in your WLAN-Adapter and boot up into the command line.   2. Check if your Pi recognized the Adapter and has downloaded the driver (rtl8192cu) by the following command. dmesg
      3. Check if the new network device appears with: ifconfig
      4. Turn off Power Saving by creating a configuration file with: sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/8192cu.conf Filling it with the following code:
    options 8192cu rtw_power_mgnt=0 rtw_enusbss=0 Then save and close it with Ctrl+X.
      5.1 Connection via DHCP   Edit network file with: sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces Filling it with the following code:
    auto loiface lo inet loopbackiface eth0 inet dhcpauto wlan0allow-hotplug wlan0iface wlan0 inet dhcpwpa-ap-scan 1wpa-scan-ssid 1wpa-ssid "YOUR NETWORK NAME"wpa-psk "YOUR NETWORK PASSWORD" Then save'n close it with Ctrl+X and reboot your Network-Client with:
    sudo service networking restart 5.2 Connection Static-IP
      Edit network file with: sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces Filling it with the following code:
    auto loiface lo inet loopbackiface eth0 inet staticaddress wlan0allow-hotplug wlan0iface wlan0 inet staticaddress 1wpa-scan-ssid 1wpa-ssid "YOUR NETWORK NAME"wpa-psk "YOUR NETWORK PASSWORD" Then save'n close it with Ctrl+X and reboot your Network-Client with:
    sudo service networking restart Adding ROMS to your RetroPi [Windows]
      First of all it's important that you just use ROM's which you already own aka have bought.   The easiest way to add ROM's to your Pi is over your own network.   1. To do so you have to connect the Pi via Cable or WLAN (explained later) to it.   2. Go to "Network" and choose the RASPBERRYPI (or the name you gave it).    3. In it you'll find two folders "bios" and "roms", after a click on "roms" you'll find the different Emulators which RetroPi supports.   4. Now just copy your ROM's to the right Emulator folders and you're done.     Bluetooth-Configuration   Supported dongles   1. Install the necessary software by: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install bluetooth bluez-utils blueman 2. Check if your dongle is recognized by:
    lsusb 3. Reboot by:
    sudo reboot Make sure to add information and improvement to this thread!
    More coming...!
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    msquare reacted to cesrai in Weird question but I wonder...   
    Makes no fucknig sense.
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    msquare reacted to Volbet in Weird question but I wonder...   
    Well, I'm not able to answer from personal experience, but here goes.
    A racist is not just a racist. There are ´soft´ racist, that want the world divided into different races (Arabs in the Middle East, Africans in Africa etc.)
    Then there are ´hard´ racists that think of their own race as superior, and might even use that to justify imperialism of their race.
    I would guess, that a ´soft´ racist would just be mad at the racial diversity of a media, while a ´hard´ racist might turn off the TV (or change the channel).
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    msquare reacted to TheKDub in AMD Officialy Confirms Existence of New Radeon Flagship "Ultra-Enthusiast" GPU   
    Well based on the amount of power that AMD cards have used in the past mixed with the amount of heat that they produce, I'd say that it probably could literally kill it with fire.

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    msquare reacted to XTankSlayerX in [Eachbuyer]55% off on Potato Clock! $5.22 SHIPPED   
    Never knew you could buy Valve's Steam servers.
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    msquare reacted to QueenDemetria in Do you have a tattoo?   
    I have one tattoo, wont tell you what or where it is*, but I have one(its actually not bad, just don't like talking about it). Why did I get it? I was an idiot in high school, I did many things that I regret(this being one I cant easily get rid of). If you do get a tattoo, don't get one that is very visible, that will just make you unhireable(well, just make things harder). Luckily mine isn't visible at all, but during interviews it did turn people off. Also they are a bitch to remove.
    *Actually, I think this could be somewhat relevant to this thread, but its on my ass(right cheek, just below the hip).
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    msquare reacted to Pugs501 in Metal Gear Solid V will hit PC after consoles   
    And the game won't be as Broken
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    msquare reacted to zappian in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Love you too VS.
    This is my lastest purchase:

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    msquare reacted to ShadowCaptain in Favorite Feeling?   
    on her face
    sorry I had to
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    msquare reacted to Trik'Stari in Favorite Feeling?   
    I hate you for both reasons
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    msquare reacted to SteveGrabowski in Favorite Feeling?   
    When the bitch unzips you during the lapdance.
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    msquare reacted to ShadowCaptain in $550 build with no peripherals   
    Dont like that build drop the i5, get an i3 and h81 board, get a better GPU = much more balanced pc better at gaming
    also get 2x 4gb sticks for dual channel
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    msquare reacted to emachado99 in How far can off topic get "Off Topic"?   
    ... What's wrong with posting pictures of my cock?

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    msquare reacted to Delusional Phil in 101 ways to get banned .   
    Oh you are talking about .. Oh ... That's horryfying ... Oh god ... The amount of spam ...
    I finally realise what kind of thread you are talking about ... 
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    msquare reacted to zsdegawe in [Cooling] Installing an Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 in socket 462/370   
    In a future, If I get more platforms with hardly any aftermarket cooling option I'd try to search a way if you want
    And sorry for the blurry pics, with poor light the camera won't focus + I suck at explaining
    Tape all CPU top (except the core) like this:

    Why? Let me explain it fast:
    Previous "mini-step"
    Remove the metal thing that comes with the cooler to install AMD and intel mounts (2 screws) I forgot to take a pic about this one so I edited one from the net:

    Lets go
    Get the mounting clip from the stock cooler and pass it over the cover base and heat pipes

    Then go to the mb (CPU installed) and put the "passive" clip foot (ummm dunno how to explains this so here's a pic)

    And the other one... IK, too much force required, but do it carefully, You don't want to crack the die. You can help you with a straight screwdriver, but again, be careful with the PCB.

    There you go, make sure the CPU core is as centered as possible, then install the fan and... voila!
    Other coolers:
    I'll Update this if I get new coolers.
    You can try other ones if you want with this method but here's a warning:
    -If it's heatpipe in the base, Base+pipe height can't be taller than Freezer 7's: You'd puncture the pipes

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    msquare reacted to Trik'Stari in Are you religious and if so what religion?   
    May you be blessed in the bolognese, may your meatballs be ever moist, may your pasta water be ever salted, R'Amen.
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    msquare reacted to Misanthrope in I am so glad someone saved me the trouble of subtitling a 970 Hitler reacts video   
    Granted not as funny now that you've seen a bunch of these but still
    *Obligatory Disclaimer* This should all be good clean fun, not a continuation of a serious discussion, for that you can use one of the main threads on the news section, this is just for the laughs, thanks.