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  1. Depends on the situation, but generally when removing the V-sync your system will run as fast as it can. Meaning if the CPU is the predominant factor determining performance, the rendethread will sometimes stall and cause stutters. You can alleviate this with implementing a framecap.
  2. RTSS works perfectly? You limit the fps to where the CPU can keep up with the drawcalls.
  3. Video explaining RTSS and using framecap.
  4. No he's best served by doing what is explained in this video:
  5. That's because you now hit a CPU bottleneck probably. And being CPU bound fucks up your frametime consistency.
  6. I wouldn't, as downloading and installing takes a lot of CPU cycles. The game being as CPU intensive as it is, it'll probably run like poop. Yes, including on a 9900K.
  7. If the onboard is loud enough, i dont see why it would add anything.
  8. Probably not needed. A decent onboard can probably go 1 to 2 Vrms.
  9. I can run Linux on a VM if that means you can help me.
  10. I'm looking into something performance related in gaming, and I'm currently looking at the compiler used for the executeable. However, this is a bit above my field of knowledge and i've been googline for quite some time, but came up with a bunch of tools I don't understand. I'm not looking to reverse engineer an executeable, or do anything malicious. I just need to know what compiler was used when compiling the executeable. Anyone who can help me on my way?
  11. Did you get those from Sargon, or did you actually bought store items?
  12. A few things can cause this. I'd start with resetting the CMOS and making sure you're not running PBO or multicore enhancement features on a that board. I can handle a 3700X, but maybe not at high voltages. Then also look if you're not manually overclocking the memory to 3200, make sure it's via DOCP settings. Otherwise you can just have timing issues. I'm sure there are countless other things that can cause this, but try that first.
  13. I have a topic for that here: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/894384-stutters-framedrops-lag-how-to-provide-detailed-information-with-your-bottleneck-question-as-well-as-a-few-solutions/ Though you can start by trying this: