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  1. Alright, I'm Done. Wanted a second opinion. The scary part is that Google serves me this site as a sponsored listing The home address and website layout made me consider it could maybe be some sort of automated drop ship site. Though looking through a lot of the buttons don't work and it looks like all the listings are automatically generated. Thanks, guys! Clicking "Tate Place" takes you to the site.
  2. https://pointssss.com/ They have a great deal on this camera lens that I want. They have some fire deals in general. I noticed that they have a little banner that says "X Sold in last 24 hours" which seems to be fake. Though I've seen this on a lot of sites and it generally doesn't seem to matter. Can I trust it?
  3. That's exactly what I said! There is no O-Ring, just Acrylic and metal. I sent them another email asking them if they are 100% sure. I have the Monoblock for the z370-e. Still waiting for a response
  4. According to customer support, I need to replace the o-ring. They acknowledge it is a defect. Water is not supposed to flow there.
  5. Yes of course. 72 hours is what primochill advises. After that I replaced distilled water once a week too. Either way, clearly there's something wrong with the water/there was dirt somewhere. Anyway, the buildup is pretty light. Any products I should use to clear it? Also, are you sure there's waterflow in that area? Looking even closer, there is a clear acrylic barrier between areas of flow and this center area where there's build up. It looks completely sealed off.
  6. That's what they recommended I do as I have run out of sys prep. Also, yes I thoroughly shook the rads before putting them in. However, I have not used Mayhems blitz kit or anything special. I suppose what I want to know is how should I fix it? Preferably a product I can buy and run in the loop. (Don't want to take it apart).
  7. Well, I contacted ek about it. Let's see what they say. In the meantime im going to put in some dish soap. Is any kind of dish soap okay? I don't have Dawn.
  8. None just distilled water. Though I did run Primo Prep before pouring straight distilled water. I still have to buy additives. But I still don't understand why that's happening in an area with no flow. I have no blockage anywhere else. I've also been swapping the water every week
  9. I just put together a brand new water-cooling loop, with parts from EKWB. I'm running distilled water, and after a few weeks, I found this in my water block The most baffling part to me is that water does not even flow through that part of the waterblock!
  10. Alright thanks. FYI Asus mobos are capable of bios updates without a CPU installed
  11. So, I tried powering on my PC with a 9900k and a z370 Mobo, but I wasn't getting any error lights or video signal. Tech support is confused and said I should just return it. Ram and gpu works fine. Is this because I need to update the bios for the new cpu? Or would an error light show up for that problem.
  12. Thank you! That was very thorough. Guess I now have to order some fittings.
  13. Thank you, though I wouldn't come to the forums without searching every other resource first. This seems to have an o-ring, hence my confusion. https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-af-extender-6mm-m-m-black-nickel Would that not work?
  14. So are you saying I can't attach a tube to the O ring side of that fitting, and use a male to male extender on the other female side of that fitting linked above?
  15. I'm doing hard. If you click on the link I don't see how I can use that fitting to connect a rad and tube...