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  1. Which doesnt matter in Neon 3k´s case as the Firmware is utter crap, its Max Tracking Speed is around 1.5m/s, so basically half of what it should be.
  2. Smoother? No. If there is a theoretical advantage depends on Sensor used and Firmware, PMW3310 for example would be 30*30 and with all other factors included you end somewhere at 800 as "base", which is then scaled via DSP.
  3. Thats kind of a meme as the tooling and fitting done by Primax is top notch. On the other Hand Zowie is using the Factory where Razer´s "bad" rep actually came from.
  4. Depends on your surface, set it to the highest possible cpi step without noticeable jitter to counteract PTE's CPI damping. It doesnt as it is using PTE, it however has the aforementioned CPI damping, which unfortunately isnt adjustable on Razer mice. Also depends on the surface how well PTE does.
  5. Low speed precision and array size is worse as well, but its a budget product compared to the Pro, and quite ahead of the sub 40$ competition.
  6. Dont see the issue, if it is about bang per buck, the G402 has more "tech", while the G302 has newer "tech". Regardless i would rather choose on what makes sense in terms of performing ingame.
  7. Its not like lightweight is a disadvantage. Though in your case i would advise against the G402 and rather recommend the G203, obv it doesnt have many buttons, but transitioning to it should be a lot easier.
  8. Just saying, but the G502 isnt usually recommendable for low sensitivities due to its high weight, especially considering its size.
  9. Not really, the performance was barely mentioned.
  10. With microes moustester and a ruler.
  11. DA never had "acceleration" in any iteration, as for feeling faster, measure the real cpi of both mice, and adjust the sense accordingly, most likely the DA:E will still faster as it has lower motion latency.
  12. Deathadder Chroma offers the better performance, however you are stuck with just 1 CPI step if you uninstall Synapse.
  13. The Abyssus only has two native cpi steps, being 1800/3500, using any other reduces performance.
  14. Well, the Logitech G203 would be the best performing cheap option.
  15. If its supposed to be cheap, why not just buy rechargeable batteries?
  16. Sensor ≠ Performance, there are other factors as well, the Weight you mentioned also includes the cable. As for the topic, it could be a decent option, but the "Sniper"button seems to be a big nuisance.
  17. Debounce time is also a factor in that regard, if you put it to ridiculous amounts like 32ms, it is very unlikely that a mouse will ever double click, however, the click is obv. at bare minimum 32ms delayed.
  18. Other people have already mentioned it. Logitech designs the product, writes the Firmware, basically designed the Sensor on their own, uses ARM MCU´s from ST, using molded rubber instead of glueing rubber on costs more, so on and so forth. The Sentey Revolution on the other Hand is a completely done OEM Product, Sentey only orders the Mouse with their Logo on it, and thats it. That design in particular has also been sold by other brands, like for example by Cyber Snipa as the Silencer, or by Ace of Sweden as the EDGE 3200, or by Revoltec as the Fightmouse Elite, so on and so forth.
  19. Resolution Error is also lower, just to mention it.
  20. Thats only true for PTE under optimal circumstances.
  21. Depends, AM010 mice have ~4000, and the 3366 ones go up to ~12000.
  22. G900 already has a lighter scroll, the tactilve feedback was also improved, but i dont think it will be used for a mainstream product as the average joe thinks that weight equals quality.
  23. Eh, selling stuff under a certain brand name, makes it that Brand´s product, regardless if OEM/ODM, a Roccat Lua for example isnt a Laview Lua either, or a Mini Paceman a Steyr Magna Paceman.
  24. Obv. Tek Syndicate is going to recommend their own product, despite it having "meh" Firmware. And no, not anything "optical" is good, but regardless, OP should tell us Grip preferences first.