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  1. Its what G300s' 3055 is based on, so if you had a jittery experience with the 300s, this one will be even worse.
  2. There are just simply better choices out there perfomancewise for less money.
  3. None of those allow solder free switch swapping. Well, there are only a few Options that come to mind: Asus ROG Pugio Asus ROG Sica Epic Gear Morpha X Taidu TSG550 And the Gladius which you dislike.
  4. First things first, both are optical, and image correlation sensors, the difference is just simply the illumination source, the PTE is an exception to that though as it uses two VCSEL's(one for x, one for y) and the "doppler shift" to determine travelled distance. I just quote myself: Which would be the case with the A9500, A9800 and all of its offsprings, A6010 and A6090 on the other hand have lower resolution errors, though they have other problems. Edit: Oh, and ofc the surface also plays a part in that regard.
  5. All of those actually, though in a lot of cases a mousepad actually reduces performance compared to a table, it also depends on what mouse you are using, but ultimately the amount/type of friction > performance, as long as the malfunction speed is sufficient.
  6. If amazon is carrying any possible return fees i would say try the Lua to see if it fits, its 10.5 and 6.5 at the widest point, towards the middle its around 5.0 though.
  7. If you can scramble just 3 euros more together the 250m would be a decent option, not sure about delivery fees though. The Bloody V3m is using 3305 and suffers from the same problem as the 230m. The Ozone Neon 3k would be an Option, it uses 3320 but unfortunately its FW is rather bad, so its malfunction speed is just above 2m/s, more than the 230m and V3m, but still nothing i can recommend comfortably, still it might be your best choice if the 250m is too expensive.
  8. The 230m uses 3307 and the Lua the 3050, the Lua will offer better performance, however the Lua is insanely tiny, while the 230m is on the other Spectrum for an ambidextrous mouse, unless you need a malfunction speed over 2m/s i would let the shape decide. So i would suggest to get a Rival 100 instead as it nearly performs the same as the Lua without being tiny, it should be available for around 25-30€ atm as they need to clear the stock for the Rival 110.
  9. ExactSens--> A9500 only has steps of 90 or 100 depending on SROM, the rest is MCU calculated FreeMove--> Toggleable Angle Snapping is only a feature on S9500, which is Logitech exclusive, so its again MCU calculated ExactAim, ExactAccel--> arent Sensor features either, and also cant change the dluctuations in the raw data PollingRate--> not really a Sensor setting ExactLift--> actually a Sensor feature, which is also utilized by many others though No, A9500 uses image correlation, and PTE uses the Doppler Shift, those are two com
  10. 3050 wasnt available when this was released , its using 3060 and loads the 3080 SROM for 1600cpi. Anything besides 400, 800 and 1600cpi is MCU calculated, has angle snapping, on the plus side the debounce time and therefore button "lag" is low, all in all its definitely better than buying some office stuff for that price, and depending on if someone takes an issue with anglesnapping it might be even better than current 3050 offerings as 3060/3080 offers a better cursorpath.
  11. Well, it does if you are limited in your sensitivity settings, decent malfunction speed is especially important in FPS.
  12. Yes, G403 is a bit more narrow and has less support.
  13. Let Shape decide, G403 only has a slight edge in terms of performance, clicks are imo better as well, but that is preference. As for OP, i would take the Glaive out of the equation given its price and Corsairs history in terms of FW.
  14. Which in itself is utter BS as STM32-L100 R8 only has 64kB of Flash memory.