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  1. okay, it kinda worked, its bouncing around, prob because i have stuff open, and it wants to keep it <35% usage. but i had to bring the CPU slate to 100%, it defaulted to 5% lel
  2. no, that's why I was getting bad performance. Min=20%, Max=100%, set both to 100%?
  3. So I've had this issue for a while, I fixed it, temporarily. i got a i5 4460, and a MSI z97s li krait edition, and noticed it was running poorly, and went into the bio, and saw the multiplier was @8, so i changed it to 32, and it fixed it, but its locked at 3.2ghz, and won't go down when im not gaming. i just feel like its a waste of power to have to at 3.2~3.4ghz while on YT :3. any input would help. and i can take bios pics if ya need. EDIT: the reason i want to sort this out is i want to upgrade to a 4790k, and don't know if its cpu or motherboard or what.
  4. I'm recording, not streaming, I should of clarified, sorry
  5. Not sure where to put this, but here it is. I need a good bitrate for 2560x1080@60fps, there is prob a way to figure this out, I just don't know about it.
  6. True, I guess a lot of it depends on how clean I can make it look
  7. Wait, I just thought abou that I'm flying, would it be allowed in a check in bag?
  8. Lol, I'm not using note 7 batteries tho
  9. Because, like I said, I'm taking a trip, and we will be hiking, and stuff like that, and will be charging up to 3 phones
  10. Yeah, I was going to wire two 20,000mah banks together, so yeah.
  11. I like to think I know, I've done a lot of electrical stuff, but not a whole lot of soldering
  12. Idk if this is the right sub forum. I'm taking a trip soon, and want a good sized battery bank for my backpack, and was wondering if it's possible to wire two banks together. Thanks.