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  1. Nope, they lied, its around 85-90. G100s without the internal weight is ~70g, old Abyssus as well.
  2. 80$ for 10 year old hardware with mediocre firmware, and people are still buying it...
  3. You could try to get your hands on the PAW 3307 which is a complete SoC,
  4. Anything is better than enCore III with 3310 and mediocre Firmware.
  5. Technically better than the Zowie´s though.
  6. I really want to know why people think that.....
  7. Not from a hardware perspective in regards to optical Sensors(which obv. also includes A9800 and similar) as Array Size and resulting "Base CPI" are pretty low, in Case of all the A9800´s( which also means 3310 and 3988) for example it is slightly above 800 and subdivided from there on via the DSP, which also amplifies the noise and increases jitter. If CPI are fitting for a players sensitivity is another topic.
  8. If marketing tells you to jump out of the window you would probably jump without a second thought. Finalmouse has nothing done to the 3310 as everything has been done by Motospeed and they have used crappy and laggy bought in Firmware from E-Signal, which in total you can get for ~13$ per Unit, also what kind of logic says that performance means crappy build quality? Actually the numbers, facts and specs speak in my favor, but i guess you like to pay extra for outsourced solutions and ten year old hardware. As for the pros, i personally was forced to us
  9. Are you drunk? Finalmouses FW causes the highest motion latency of all 3310 mice, Zowie is still using its 2010 Tech and has higher motion latency than most other options, not to mention that 3310´s biggest advantage goes to waste, Deathadder is decent but still limited by its MCU at 1000hz.
  10. WHich exactly is the problem, besides G303, the Alcor has an advantage over the others due to its FW and not using some cheap 8 bit MCU, not to mention that people need to really stop mentioning finalmouse.
  11. Why not? Bugs always need to be fixed, Performance can always be improved, Debounce times can be adjusted depending on how long the product is on the market etc., or would you rather buy the same mouse twice just for a firmware update, like with the Zowies?
  12. Which doesnt matter considering FW and ultracheap Holtek MCU, not to mention that you can get far better hardware for the same or less.
  13. More hype than anything else, if the standards would be high people wouldnt recommend 10 year old Hardware with high motion latency.
  14. The G100s, and as long as somebody doesnt need more than 3m/s it is a better choice than the Zowie´s performance wise anyway.
  15. woll3


    I still laugh about GmbH, when the company in reality is chinese through and through, also stolen ID and joke Firmwares.
  16. Well especially if you play at/want to use high CPI it is important as different sensors have different array sizes and noise levels. TBH besides Roccat KPM i wouldnt use any 3310, those 4ms extra with a unmodified SROM just make it overall too laggy for my taste, and i prefer 12000fps at higher speeds, which makes the 3988/3989 a better compromise for me, or actually even the 3050, i would prefer the AM010/3320 overall though if my sensitivity would be a bit higher.
  17. It saves CPI and Polling Rate, as for the OP, there already is the Mamba if you want a "Featurebomber". There actually has been a new Deathadder, altough it is a low cost alternative without Sidebuttons and PMW3320 for the Asian Market.
  18. Reasonably priced DA alternatives? Cougar 550m and CM Storm Alcor, Steelseries Rival 300 and Zowie EC1 are also options but pricing is far from reasonable given their Hardware. Gigabyte XM300 is a cheap option but has a wonky Firmware. I mentioned it before, thats not a mouse, its a hamster.
  19. It depends on what you are exactly looking for, while the G502 is the technically better option, the DA on the other might enable better "real world" performance due to its lower weight. The best compromise would imo be the G402, it is as responsive as the G502 and lighter than the DA, only downside are the lower FPS and smaller array, which only affects you if you use above 2080cpi though, not to mention that its price to performance ratio cant be beaten. If possible find a place where you can try the shapes to decide between the 3.0 like(which is Deathadder , EC1, Riv
  20. So, im getting the feeling that the owner doesnt know what to do, either they are focussing on Finalmouse, or on Feenix, but running both at the same time is just weird. Finalmouse´s existence in the first place is weird, but whatever, not my money.
  21. Which is laser illuminated, despite opposite claims lol.
  22. Well, it is close to the Flick, but another cheap and good option, altough without RGB would be the CM Storm Alcor. Cougar is actually well known for their PSU´s. Design of their mice was done by Cre8, which are well known in the Industry.
  23. 40€ are quite tough, if you raise it to 50€ you can get the Cougar 450m, it is Green, it is ambidextrous and decent sized, it performs decent and the components used are good considering the price.(3310+ARM Cortex-M from NXP)