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  1. Meh, one time you reached 2,9m/s which would be slightly above the malfunction speed of the AM010, most of the times you didnt, its up to you.
  2. Download microe´s mousetester, zype in your cpi, click log start, play a bit, click stop log, click plot, select xvelocitiy vs. time, profit.
  3. Malfunction speed aside, the G100s has the better performance though.
  4. Oh and i use around 55cm/360° unzoomed, in games with ADS it depends on the implementation but i usually opt for 75cm/360° while zoomed then.
  5. Not really, especially given the map design in CS, the turning speed is only limited by what the sensor and your arm are capable of, easy example: Player A uses 400cpi at 2 sens and moves the mouse at 1.5m/s Player B uses 800cpi at 2 sens and moves the mouse at 0.6m/s Obv. Player A will have faster cursormovement despite lower sensitivity.
  6. The TorQ X5 has the best bang for buck, being S3988 with a ARM M0 from NXP, also performs slightly better than the DA Chroma.
  7. ~1ms difference in motion latency, not as smooth due to some errors in the polling, still better than 99% of other mice available though, no difference when used wired besides a different SROM.
  8. It is probably using A5050, which is an office sensor, would suggest to rather save your money.
  9. WTF, how many threads do you want to open for basically the same questions. And yes, they are using the same sensor, and since it is a SoC they all perform the same, only difference is in shape and number/arrangement of buttons.
  10. I actually made a mistake, i wanted to write "could be better". Besides shape there is no reason to get it.
  11. Basically, the hardware is good/has potential, but the Operating System couldnt be better, in practice it wont be as responsive as other options.
  12. As written 3090, and it comes down to implementation not jsut the sensor itself, which as written as well, isnt particularly good either.^^
  13. Hardware is decent, Firmware not so much, motion latency is on the high end of the spectrum and the debounce time is around 20ms, LOD is 3090 typical, rather high. malfunction speed is sufficient.
  14. That depends on Firmware and Hardware, quite a lot of mice arent handling 1000hz particularly well.
  15. It´s g-force. If you like 3.0like shapes then you can also take a look at the CM Storm Alcor, or wait t and see how the Ventus X Optical turns out. The Rival 300´s implementation isnt particularly good either, but at least you good a little bit more than the Zowie´s Hardwarewise, it also runs a bit better on 1000hz but i would still rather recommend 500 with it. enCoRe III is the MCU line that is used in the Zowie´s, specifically CY7C64215, which is over 10 years old and has been used in the Deathadder 3G and DA 3.5G, which is no surprise because the Zowie´s are
  16. Actually the difference between the DA and the Zowie´s is obv., which is down to MCU and Firmware, also you should know what g means in regards to acceleration. The debounce time has been reduced a while ago, to nothing good, but also nothing bad. And no, enCoRe III isnt running well with 1000hz. Jitter can be caused not only by the sensor but also by the Firmware. But the more important question is what kind of mouse you want, the FK1 and the DA are different in regards to grip styles, there are alternatives to both.
  17. Nope, not to mention that there is more to it than "muh sensor".
  18. Alright, but even then you can get stuff that is better in practice, like the Alcor or G402, which are offering better performance.
  19. Why would you specifically get a M65?
  20. woll3

    New mouse?

    Best 3310 offering though, as they have customized the SROM, good FW and paired it with a MCU that isnt from the 80´s.
  21. woll3


    Yes, people are also removing it for weight loss.
  22. NP, the annoying thing to me is that most people arent even looking into alternatives, like the Alcor instead the EC2 for example, and there are only going to be more in the future like the Ventus X Optical, the Nixeus Revel, and Logitech is also cooking up something.
  23. ? Rival(300) uses the same sensor , its all about Firmware , same with the DA, its not just the 3988 its also its Firmware. EC-1 is also ~100g just saying and the Zowies are having comparatively bad motion latency, due to bad FW, no SROM manioulation capabilities and a 10 year old controller, not a problem for CS though because you arent moving the mouse anyway.
  24. Well, somebody has already used it at some major event, not following CS as i think its a lowbob preaim oneshot game(get triggered) so i cant remember who it was. Regardless DA and Rival are also widely used and are ~105g, not to mention that pros are often picking stuff for arbitrary reasons or dont know any alternatives.
  25. Under 100? Get a wired one instead or save up to a G900, everything else doesnt make much sense.