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  1. I absolutely hate "features" like this. Because they always assume you are the driver. Because your phone is the one connected to the car. No I am the passenger and as the passenger, I am the one who controls what songs we listen to, I am the one responsible to inputting the new destination into the GPS exc. That sometimes means though, I am using the drivers phone to do so. Cause setting up a new blutooth connection on a car is annoying... or flat out disabled while moving because again its assuming the driver is doing it and NOT the passenger. Sure the car can't tell who is trying to operate the touch screen, but it can tell that someone is in the passenger seat because it will have an alarm if they unbuckle their seatbelt.
  2. Sypran

    Hbm 2 gets another upgrade-HBM2E

    Wasn't it because they were good for mining crypto currency but then the first Bitcoin bubble burst, and all the sudden you could get things like the R9 270x for $150? (And if I recall the R9 270x was better, and cheaper then the sorta new 750ti which ranged from like $150-200 at that time.)
  3. If I recall those Lithium non rechargeable batteries are not meant to be used as higher capacity batteries. They are meant for things that need their batteries voltage to remain high. For those who dont know: Yes, as a standard AA battery gets used, its voltage goes down, till the voltage is too low for the device to use and thats usually when we decide they are 'dead'. Back in the day some digital cameras used AA batteries and they would eat right though them. - Or so you would think. Standard batteries would quickly drop in voltage below what the camera required (Things like the flash want "high" voltage), but the batteries a camera called "dead" could easily be put into a Gameboy or a TV remote and power them like they were only used half used. Those Lithium batteries on the other hand lasted much longer in cameras because they maintained their higher voltage, even at lower charges. If you put them into a Gameboy or a TV remote, they lasted practically just as long. Is wasteful of Lithium? Oh heck yeah. Now, I don't understand one thing... Why do we need USB ports on the battery it's self? You can only charge 1 battery per USB cable at a time and most devices want 2 batteries... I usually don't carry multiple USB cables. Wouldn't it make more sense to have a USB powered recharge hub like the case for Airpods? The rechargeable AA batteries I bought have a wall wart that lets me recharge 2 or 4 batteries at a time. If I could only recharge 1 at a time, I honestly don't think I would have bought or used it.
  4. Sypran

    Google has just ruined Google Images.

    Excuse you, I like my top taskbar. I don't need to constantly move my mouse to opposite sides of the screen just to change tabs, then change which window or program is in focus.
  5. Sypran

    Google has just ruined Google Images.

    I think I get what they are trying to do. They are trying to make it so you can still browse while having the 'larger image' around. and fix any weird "jumping" issues that happen when you go from a very large image, to a very small one. (Which I should note: DuckDuckGo, seemed to have solved without issue) And I do think what they are "trying" to do is good. But the implementation is absolutely terrible. The image isn't exactly that much zoomed in, and it causes issues with trying to find other images as the results need to wrap.
  6. My initial thoughts would be because a hard drive in your house is less likely to be stolen, then a laptop that frequents public places... and Apple doesn't want to deal with people who forgot or never wrote down whatever encryption key when they try to restore their data to a new Mac. Probably all part of the frustration free environment Apple tries to create.
  7. I have to think a mixture of two things: 1) Laptops - The survey isn't just desktops, and a vast majority of laptops over these past 6 years use U series processors. And only starting with the 8th gen did U processors finally become quadcores. and 2) People still haven't upgraded their 7th gen and older CPU PCs. - I don't blame em. If your PC runs the games you play perfectly, why spend $200+ on an upgrade with a smaller performance increase then a new GPU would probably bring. (Also swapping a CPU + Mobo, is a hassle.)
  8. Sypran

    NANDpocalypse - 6 Exabytes lost

    With the amount of power required, to run a facility like this, I doubt "Batteries" would be feasible. A Fab can use 60 Megawatts of power, backup generators wouldn't be enough, you essentially need a power plant, and I doubt anyone would think of building a backup power plant. If I recall with a lot of semiconductors. it can take 8-12 weeks to manufacture each wafer. So its not like they manufacture 6 exabytes per 12 min, Its that the NAND they have been manufacturing for the past 8-12 weeks is 6 exabytes worth is damaged because air purifiers are stopped, machines that turned of unexpectedly in the middle of a job may need to be re-calibrated exc. It be like if a farmer put all their produce in a giant fridge, had a power out, and left at summer temperatures for a week. - They might have just lost a whole months worth of produce in a much shorter amount of time, and it will take time to recover all that.
  9. I'm *still* looking for a replacement to that tablet for my dad, cause his is feeling slugish, and the battery drains way to quickly. He likes the thing to use while watching TV or whatever cause its bigger then a phone, But good luck finding a 7" or 8" tablet without one glaring issue. ( low res screen, only available in 16GB, Android 6.0 being the latest OS, locked to Amazon, stupidly expensive, or needing to switch to iOS (Which sucks when you need to rebuy all your apps) - Pick your poison )
  10. Actually... Those are banned in the US! Cause the plastic eggs inside is considered a choking hazard. The closest thing we ever got was a candy called a "Wonder ball" which was hollow chocolate with like smaller candies inside.
  11. Sypran

    Speed waits for no-one; PCIe 6 announced

    I wonder if this means we will skip a generation, kinda like how GDDR4 was (mostly) skipped.
  12. Sypran

    Ryzen 3600 spotted on UserBenchMark and GeekBench

    Thats what I was thinking, how does it compare to the standard i5 _600k, and i7 _700ks
  13. Sypran

    AMD Is Working On A Monster 64-Core Threadripper

    *Opens task manager* Behold! All the threads!
  14. Aaaaaaand that will negatively impact your credit score for some asinine reason just like not using your credit card enough does. I already hate the credit system with a burning passion cause it makes no God damn sense to borrow money when you have it available. Those "Rewards" always just do happen to expire or devalue right as your about to use em, and being a good person and checking your credit score can lower it. Anyone remember when one of the big 3 was hacked and leaked a bunch of people's info? Grrrreeeeeeaaaaat system.
  15. I think its more like: You opened up a retail store, you sold someone a coffee machine, or a razor, or a printer. Now your upset that they are buying their coffee beans, blades, or ink from another store. - Of course this only applies if the games had an upfront cost, and wasn't "Free to Play". If they are Free to play... ... Yeah I can see why Google would be upset, the game is essentially being that 'roommates friend' who has been crashing on your couch for over a month, and refuses to contribute to rent, electric, or appliances exc.