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  1. Maybe you guys should just take a look at the other Steve's video Steve made it very clear that some motherboard manufacturer just remove the tau limits to make their borads look better in some benchmarks. You might feel you can compete with Ryzen 5000 with less money (e.g. 11700K vs 5800X). That is totally untrue, as you should factor in the cooler cost and more noise.
  2. The incident exploded on Chinese internet at 1 a.m. local time yesterday. As of right now, nearly all main retailers in China have removed Gigabyte products. Many brands choose to set their factories in China mainland, and they make good products. No wonder Gigabyte's products are crap.
  3. Summary AMD's new Ryzen 6000 APU is rumorred to feature the brand new "Zen 3+" architecture, which is based on TSMC 6nm node. The iGPU would use the RDNA 2 architecture, and the platform would use PCIe 4.0 and DDR5. Quotes My thoughts Okay, this is a bit more confusing. I remember there were news about AMD cancelling "Zen 3+" as they just cannot produce enough Zen 3 chips. But it's good to see them compete against Intel's Alder Lake anyway. Sources https://wccftech.com/amd-ryzen-6000-rembrandt-apus-feature-6nm-zen-3-cpu-cores-up-to-12-rdna-
  4. Okay, so it means I have mixed PCIe bifurcation with PLX chips for a long time. I used to think you need PLX chips to do that. Thank you for correcting me on that.
  5. My office has some ASUS Hyper M.2 cards (this one), I took one home and did some experiments, and the results make me extremely confused. How does this card work? First, I loaded it with 4 NVMe drives (970 EVO) and insert it into an OEM machine. Only the one in the first slot get recognized. That's normal. Then, I tried it on a server that support PCIe bifurcation (Supermicro 4124GS-TNR), all four drives get recognized. That's normal as well and I think it is just a dummy card. However, when I saw the manual of ASUS TUF Gaming B450M PRO S, it says there is a
  6. Summary AMD forbids the makers from even releasing a beta BIOS for X370 platform. Quotes My thoughts It feels bad that AMD tells customer what they cannot do. This is more like an Intel or Apple thing (or NVIDIA for their mining limiter recently). Sources https://wccftech.com/amd-warns-motherboard-makers-offering-ryzen-5000-desktop-cpu-bios-support-on-am4-x370/
  7. CHIA exploded on Chinese Internet half a month ago and HDD's price are getting back to normal right now, so there is no need to worry about it. Basically, CHIA mining is to store a lot of lottery tickets on your hard disk. The ideal case is go all SSD, but that would blow the budget. A more realistic approach is to use a high endurance SSD to cache and large HDD to store. Consumer-level SSDs are not high-endurance enough (except for Samsung 860 PRO and 970 PRO, even though they are considered low-level drives). Another fact is that current power (similar to hashrate for
  8. Summary Bitmain, a Chinese company known for making ASIC miners, announced their new "Antminer E9" Ethereum ASIC miner. It has almost the same hashrate as 32 RTX 3080, yet more energy efficient. Quotes My thoughts Ethereum is ASIC-resistant right? What is the meaning of ASIC miners then? They will be a waste of sand as soon as the community changes the algorithm. Sources https://www.tomshardware.com/news/ethereum-miner-32-nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-gpus
  9. Yep, it is in China only. Currently GPU and large HDD are toooooooooooo expensive to afford for a normal gamer here.
  10. The news broke out 3 days ago in China, and all of sudden nearly all hard drives went out of stock. Many retailers even give you a lot of cash for "recycling" hard drives. Currently 8TB+ HDDs' price increase ~100%, 4TB is around 20%. Usually you can find some enterprise level SSD with high durability on second-hand market, and they are nowhere to be found now.
  11. So sad my phone does not get the official support
  12. Just one question, which platform is he using and how can he manages to provide x8 bandwidth for each card? Intel platform may have a lot of lanes from the chipset, but very little motherboards support at least 2 x8 lane right? EDIT: Take a look at the motherboard manual, it is Z87 chipset and uses two switches.
  13. Current testing shows that if you want to mine with a 3060 and 470.05 driver, the card should have at least x8 bandwidth and is connected to a monitor. The later is very simple, a HDMI deceiver will work. However, the first one is very difficult. Mining farms often use x1 to x16 riser. I don't think any mining farms would buy CPUs like Xeon or EPYC for mining.
  14. I think this move makes barely any differences to mining. As far as I know, Inner Mongolia is not the place where electricity price is the lowest. Most of the mining farms in China are located near Three Gorges Dam as the price is the lowest. Some farms even have their own hydroelectricity power plant. I would say this move only killed about 1% mining operations in China.