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  1. Dang. So its a Thunderbolt related issue, meaning my T495 is unaffected.
  2. I'm imagining this scenario now: Mom: Jimmy we need to talk, your father and I are concerned about you using this... "Arctic Silver". Jimmy: Oh don't worry Mom I moved onto Thermal Grizzly now! Mom: *starts crying* Hes moving to stronger things. Jimmy: Well yeah its lot better, and makes everything cooler. Mom: JIMMY! Drugs aren't "Cool"! Jimmy: ... Wut?
  3. As I said, when it gets more developed When it starts getting to be more complicated, and resembling something that is alive, which I'm sure there will be someday in order to create "biodegradable disposable robots" for whatever kinda task, like algae control without using chemicals that could harm fish and other wildlife. Not saying its a good thing or bad thing, but it is something that will come up someday.
  4. Was about to say. There are certainly a lot of moral questions as this becomes more developed, and would certainly call into question on what defines life scientifically.
  5. ... Is it bad that all I can think about is how this will affect Merry's Web browser webcomic? Also: Does anyone even say "Surf the web" anymore? To me thats such a... late 90s thing.
  6. Don't forget Win10 has an Anime girl too! Shes acting kinda funny today though.... EDIT: Looking up the Win10 tan made me realize... Windows10 is going to be 5 years old in a few months. Windows 10 is older then XP was when Vista was first announced... in a year Windows 10 is going be older then XP was when Vista came out. And last I checked, there is no sign of a Windows 11 cropping up.
  7. Which if I recall for consumer level machines was about as rare as a non pirated copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. Or at least thats what I remember. I think in the repair shop I worked at I only saw that once, and I believe it was a computer from a ferry. EDIT side thoughts: I'm guessing a genuine copy of Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit would be by far the rarest OS.
  8. If I recall correctly about XP, today Windows 7 is for all intents and purposes more usable right now then Windows XP was when XP updates ended. Granted XP being limited to 4GB of RAM was a big factor.
  9. uhhh sorta half? When I bought my laptop, it applied a coupon code that I was already going to apply. Its not really useful for smaller purchases on Amazon... I'd say its useful if your buying more expensive things like appliances, TVs exc on the manufacturer's website (Or sites that are more likely to have coupon codes), or whatever and they have multiple coupons going on at the same time, and you are unsure which ones apply to what your buying.
  10. I kinda get the idea of statements... Like if a website put out a tweet "Website down we are working on it." The other ones as well, like if I were to tweet... "Jake" and I don't really need a rando entering our conversation. ... buuuut calling it now: That "Statement" thing where little to nobody can reply is totally going to be used by someone who is gonna say some REALLY offensive thing, and try to not have it blow up in their face, or destroy their reputation by spreading like wildfire. Cause lets he honest here: You often don't hear about the bad things someone says from themselves cause you don't follow them, you likely hear about it from someone replying to it. I mean the fact we have the term "Ratio'd" is evidence of that.
  11. Its two completely different technologies with completely different goals. E-ink will never replace LCDs in your phone or anything like that, its not meant to, its a very niche display technology thats use cases are limited. But where it is useful, it excels. Anyways Pros: The display can be "On" and not drain power (This is why the Kindle 4 apparently has a 1 month battery life, despite it only having a ~900 mAh battery) Perfect sun visibility. Perfect viewing angles. No eye strain from looking at a light emitting screen Cons: - Everything else More expensive then LCD (Which is why they aren't used in digital watches) slow response times. Like if you thought old 80s LCDs were blurry in motion, E-ink is worse. Potential for "Ghost" images - Or something akin to "Dead Pixels" - This is why the display "Inverts" every so often. If I recall... they are like Nand Flash cells in that they have a lifespan and can only "flip" so many times before it starts losing contrast and wearing down. Video would kinda like defragging an SSD. Resolution is low, - but it does have a natural "blur" to it so a 90dpi display doesn't look as pixel bocky as an LCD. (Looking more like... printed paper) Thats just scratching the surface. As I said. its a very Niche display technology, but if you are in that niche, it excels. I should note: A common misconception is that the Pebble used E-ink. It didn't. It used Sharp's "Memory LCD". A fairly basic Smartwatch could probably be a good usecase for E-ink, specially a color one. But you'd need to sacrifice the flashy graphics and animations on it.
  12. Did you used to watch G4TV? specifically "Attack of the Show"? Cause I am fairly sure that was where I first heard it described as "flipping ping pong balls" - back when the first kindle first came out.
  13. I remember hearing they work like too... But its fairly inaccurate (refering to "flipping" in B/W) Technology connections has a video on this skip foward to 6:20 on this video: https://youtu.be/dhRgw0HfrYU Edit darn you mobile only noticed now someone else posted the video. Its fancinating how it works. Its kinda like toner but without the fusing part of the laser printer
  14. Same. Looking at that image, It looks like its 3 xbox controllers tall, 1 xbox controller in length and width?... Or about the size of the subwooffer that comes with a soundbar? Or about the height of an Xbox One on it's side. My question: Where are you supposed to put this thing? Most of the TV cabinets ive ever seen expect long devices vs tall ones...
  15. Does anyone else think it looks like an old Apple G4 Cube? - Except its not "Floating" Also say "Xbox Series X" 10x fast.