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  1. To expect significant change is to expect too much. If you don't understand why people are getting so upset that the just a beta would feature such a broken and abusive system, then frankly you don't understand what an EA/dice beta is, and has been. If we also fail to voice this kind of concern to the degree that it warrants, then EA may make no changes however minor, at all.
  2. No, the pre-release beta just wrapped up. Since this is an EA/dice beta you can expect the game to undergo some basic balancing on weapon/vehicle stats, but nothing much more than that when the full thing drops. The build we were seeing was in all respects, a content cut down launch build more to test their own servers and build hype than actually beta test the game.
  3. if the full release game follows the same system, or even a similar system to the beta (its an ea game, so let's be honest its just a content cut build nearly identical to release) then those numbers should be pretty accurate. so don't expect miles where only inches remain.
  4. Not quite. Not spending money would then, by his basic calculations require you to spend literally thousands of hours to simply unlock a few guns for each of the 4 classes. 12 gun, just 12. And for it you would be spending 3000+ hours playing with their current system as seen in the beta. That's just entirely unreasonable, 100% deplorable, and absolutely should not be tolerated in a full price, $60 game; simply because they're allowing you to play on dlc maps for free.
  5. Fixed that for you pal Should the government always step in to dictate market affairs? No, obviously not. Should we as consumers have the power to demand change in the products we buy, by buying those than enact the change we demand? Absolutely. However the industry isnt listening. Frankly there aren't enough people who understand at all why these practices are hurting them, so they do and say nothing about it. You don't have to realize you're being f*cked to get f*cked. It is because of those people, the ones who just say "oh, preordering this isn't that bad. So what if it isn't finished, cuts content from the final product, hurts fellow consumers, reinforces games to release with fewer and fewer launch features, its just a preorder!" or "Whats the harm in buying a few of these crates every couple weeks, its just $9! So what if i already paid the full price for the game but have been locked behind a paywall because I can't afford to spend hundreds of hours working towards a single new gun/perk?" It is those people precisely that defend these kinds of moves and those that are just blatantly indifferent or unwitting to their abuse by these publishers that allow them to ignore the demands of the actual literate people in the market. that allows these kinds of publishers to continue to push further and further, gouge the consumer more and more, all while the sheep sit back and allow it to happen. That is when some higher authority must intervene, when the blanket populace objectively fails at being able to speak for its own benefit.
  6. GT 1030 or APU?

    Maybe im too much of a puritan, but letting kids get their hands on that kind of hardcore stuff before someone is even old enough to know what any of it means just baffles me. At least let em get to middleschool bruh, or make damn sure that none of that stuff is wiping off on them that young. Having been a teacher I can't tell you how much of that shit sticks with them when their parents aren't looking.
  7. GT 1030 or APU?

    Boy, why is he even getting near games like gta 5? Anywho, something that will last em a few years and keeps em from complaining for a good long while is probably far better.
  8. GT 1030 or APU?

    a g3900 will struggle with games like gta 5. Gta 5 specifically is notorious for disliking dual core cpus. But for basic games like dota, league, csgo, and even lower settings on games like gta 5 and the witcher it can get through. Stuttering and the occasional crash in more demanding games would be something to expect. Dual cores were dated 9 years ago, they're even more so now, but intel won't let them die because their enough for low end basic computers, and they make them crazy money in the corperate world. A 1030 is also well, not a gaming card. Something like a 1050 will do you far better as @BubblyCharizard has said. Despite the fact that in some scenarios a dual core cpu will bottleneck the performance of the more powerful gpu, it will still result in a net gain of fps and overall playability.
  9. Amazon HQ2 Poll

    Thinking logically, and yes I understand that they can pretty much get any incentive they want when choosing a city when it comes to gross rates of tax in terms of businesses, Colorado already has massively lower rates than most of the US. Amazon however could swing its weight around and probably get deals to cut down immediate and future rates of tax rates for quite a long time seeing as their installment would mean significant economic growth in the given city. so its hard to say how much the standing rates will matter. Probably very little unless they decide to play for the long run. I seriously doubt that amazon will even touch canada with something as major as secondary HQ, lets face it, the canadian dollar is doing better in the last couple months, and is up from its low in 2016, but its not nearly as profitable to invest in it when they already have the us dollar right here, and frankly more opportunities for development here. Somewhat surprised you didn't include boston in that list, that's another one of the very strong contenders.
  10. Unexpected car issues that you had to repair

    bout 5 years ago now I was rather busy with highschool and didn't have time to change the oil/filter and just general maintenance on my daily driver, so i took it into who at the time was my family mechanic to take care of the stuff. Nothing to note really, except about 7k miles later when I go to change the oil and can't seem to get the drain plug out. Eventually had to resort to a torque bar to get the plug to break free, and then had to use a pair of pliers to pull as i unscrewed it. Turns out the damn mechanic had someone torque the drain plug on so damn tight that it stripped most of the threading on the oil pan and absolutely destroyed the washer, leaving behind debris in the outlet that was keeping the plug welded in basically. Had to drop the pan and replace it entirely :L which meant my daily was out of commission for a week or so as i waited for the replacement parts. Can't really complain though, made for an excellent excuse to use my project car at the time a '67 impala to get to school and errands, pretending to be a real badass for a week or so. My parents hated it... *something something terrible mileage and makes me drive irresponsibly something something*
  11. Finally Someone Decided To Do Something About Miners

    100% agree with this move. Not all miners, and I would argue far too many run their cards far too hard to try and get maximum profit. When those cards die they get RMA'd and a new card shipped out. The cards are not intended to be used in those kinds of conditions, if you want a warranty to cover application outside of what a card is designed for then you should have to get some form of adapted warranty, or maybe just buy a card that intends for you to mine or run calculation heavy, constant workloads. And no, AMD and Nvidia don't encourage mining like some have said just because they release support drivers for it. Refusing to provide support for an already large percentage of your users will just generate more negativity than turning your back on them entirely.
  12. I avoid seagate, nothing but bad experiences, I would also buy windows from somewhere else for far cheaper. However, other than those nitpicks it looks fine. Well, also, a 400watt platinum psu? eeks, if money is short don't waste it on something with almost no upgrade potential. Get a solid gold 600w minimum that way you have some flex room in the psu department. you can find a plethora of good quality supplies for about 100$ that will perform about the same. Personally, I'd get the os from kinguin, and use the money saved to nab up a 120gb ssd as a boot drive for the os and a couple games. the whole system will feel much snappier.
  13. Might actually be something AoE or AoM related as there was a recent hype builder with the AoE remaster. However Microsoft still closed ensemble so I seriously doubt anything they drop would be like AoE in feel, just like the remaster with its awkward graphics and complete change to artstyle.
  14. Strange Wifi Card

    You could feasibly put them anywhere, but if they are fragile enough that you might damage them simply by removing them or having them exposed, then it might be best to invest 25$ on a better wifi card :3
  15. Strange Wifi Card

    Those are just the external antennae for the wifi card, they route outside the case and probably under some thin plastic paneling to get you maximum connectivity.