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  1. You have to be a troll, no one is actually this stupid. You provide blatantly false information and misleading videos THAT DONT EVEN COMPARE THE TWO CARDS WE'RE TALKING ABOUT then want to talk shit on userbenchmark because it shows you that you're wrong. Just stop now, you're not winning yourself any favors bud. If it were GPUboss then you might have an argument, but you don't have one here. You're wrong, accept it like a grown up and move on. 1060 v 470 Average User Benchmark +23% on the 1060 Highest Overclocked Benchmarks, +19% on the 1060 Average FPS +26% on the 1060 970 v 470 Average Benchmark +9% for the 970, with +17%, +23% respectively on calculation of particle systems. Average FPS +21% on the 970 Still don't like userbenchmark, then wait here a second. Here, have some videos that prove me further.
  2. That's a video comparing a 480 and a 570 to the 1060... Not a 470 mate. Not even close mate, sorry. You got your stuff wrong on this one.
  3. ... Wat That's... That's not even close to being right... The 480X is barely on par with the 1060 in games that are running dx11, it takes advantage in dx12 titles but not by a massive margin. and given that the 480x is much faster than a 470... that means that a 470 is no where near a 1060... about 25-26% slower... the 470 is NOT faster than a 970. On average the 970 has about 10% better computational horsepower, but in games it translates to almost 20% higher fps than the 470, its not even comparable.
  4. 100% spot on. @a e s t h e t i c a s You probably won't like what I have to say about the matter, but I completely agree with dalekphalm on this one. From what you've said you don't seem like the kind of person who can cope with being under the influence. Now I get that getting high and going to hang is a great way to kick back, but if it leaves you about to walk 30mi or doing something that you regret terribly, then you just need to stop. That's dangerous water to tread, routinely making yourself so easily influenced... its what leads to DUI and other life-altering mistakes. Now I get it man I'm in my early twenties, I've got money to burn and live in SoCal just a ways outside of LA and malibu. Party life is down right wicked and wild fun to just let yourself go from time to time, but despite that I've been blackout drunk more times than I could dare to remember now, I've always kept my head about me. If you can't be responsible enough to stop yourself when you're doing something that you know you'll regret later, then you shouldn't be putting yourself in that situation in the first place. No amount of saying "I shouldn't be doing this" or "This is a bad idea" is going to make that car wreck, or that street fight, or that night in jail hurt any less.
  5. Former preschool teacher here, you're not alone in this sentiment. I too, dislike babies and little kids greatly. So too did most of the people working with me by the end of that year. That doesn't mean though I wasn't an excellent teacher, I just slapped on a fake smile and did my damn best to seem competent while working. Dear lord almighty you couldn't pay me enough to go back to that work, well, maybe you could pay me enough, but its not a small sum is what im getting at. If you're like you say you are, then there's nothing you can do about it. People don't change in my experience, we just learn to hide our natures. That's what you've got to get good at. Put on a smile and bear through it when ever you have to be with em, and just kindly decline to spend any extra time handling said child.
  6. *Not an actual entry just yet, at work so can't go digging through my bins of electronics and computer carcasses.* I'll edit the post once I get back, but almost certain I've still got an Nvidia geforce 2MX laying around. If not I've got a handful of other old cards, might even see whats in my garage for once :3 Can't wait to see what some of the other members are sitting on
  7. More than likely not. PC players, even shit ones, would obliterate the majority of console players, and in such a competitive game it makes no sense. Each market is plenty large enough on their own. Sony also won't let open their closed ecosystem to microsoft, ever.
  8. This is the same conundrum that linux faces. People won't use linux because software doesnt support it, developers won't make software for linux because people don't use it. People don't need more than 4 cores because software doesn't utilize it efficiently, Developers won't build around more than 4 cores because they dont represent a profitable percentage of the market. For things to progress in cpu computation now that we're hitting the nm wall, we have to increase cores and/or clock-speed. Intel refuses to do both of those things though because there's been no market pressure for them to invest in that hefty RND cost. It's vastly more profitable for them to sit back, give us the barest minimum, and still move units like no ones business because you have a near complete effective monopoly of the market. If you think I'm wrong, then look at generational GPU improvement in calculation side-by-side with cpu improvement these handful of years. Healthy competition keeps progress climbing, as soon as it stagnates you go from 15-20%/generation and more power efficient... to 3-5%/generation and a bit more power efficient... To not be upset with Intel after all these years for stagnating the market and digging us into this 4 core trough, makes it seem like you don't have a complete grasp for the situation.
  9. Oi, I myself was out for a month and only just now starting to get back into the flow of forum things. Its like an addiction that takes time to relapse. lol Seems like a bunch of the people who've left, have come back >.>
  10. At least I was gone for about a month before I was able to sort out my problems lol. No one probably even realized I was gone, which is exactly how it should have been. Public grand standing serves no one any good in these kinds of situations.
  11. Wait, when did you come back @CUDA_Cores? Welcome back sonny!
  12. I wasn't saying threadripper is going to be mainstream, its price will likely bring it out of that market. What we've been asking for is 6-8 cores on the mainstream, without having to spend $1,000. And that's exactly what they delivered with Ryzen. We have a chip on our shoulder because intel has been pissing on us and calling it rain for the last nearly decade now. Minuscule gains to IPC for the sake of power efficiency. Inflating prices. Locking down the mainstream to a maximum of 4 cores. Intel has been holding back the cpu market all because there was no pressure for them to make real advancements, to make real change. We've been angry about this for years, and now that we can have the choice to go to AMD again without sacrificing so much, of course we're going to be happy.
  13. Well, I can say people manage to play it relatively fine with a 4670k and a 760 2gb, holding medium settings with some AA at about 30fps. Turn that AA off to help with stress on the streaming core 0, turn some settings down from medium to low to help with data streaming as well, and you should be able to hold about 30fps I'd estimate.
  14. Welp, I retract my statement. Figured microsoft wouldn't fuck up so badly, but H3 is a pile of garbage port. They didn't even change how the game handles memory from the xb1 to pc, it still sees ram and vram as being unified lol. On that note, low settings, no AA, you should still be able to get away with it. The big issue with the game isnt gpu, but cpu, being that the game stresses a single core extremely heavily, and when it gets stressed that hard the game turns into a stuttery mess across all platforms.
  15. You're fine, so long as you're not trying to run it at like 4k or something. Might have to turn down a few settings from high, but it should still run pretty well. EDIT: NORMALLY...Racing games in general run extremely easy, theres very little in the way that's loaded outside of the road, so even consoles often hold 60fps on them with decent settings. H3 is a mess on pc lol... shit ports are shit ports.