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    Hermetis Vögelein
  • Birthday 1995-11-06

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    40.694142, -121.400261
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    Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, Computers, Scripting, and Writing (literature).
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    My moniker is not derived from any television show, sound system, or the like. It was used at a call-back to the Australian Game Developer "ATMOS" who created my all-time favorite game, EV Nova. They are the reason that I fell in love with games and gaming.
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    University Student, Entrepenuer


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    Intel i7 4790K w/ ThermalTake Water3.0
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    Asus z97
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    16gb Corsair Vengance
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    EVGA GTX 1080 FTW
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    Be Quiet! Base 800 Window
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    1tb WD Blue, 2x128gb OCZ Trion, 1TB 850 EVO, + 8tb NAS
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    Antec HCG 620w
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    Acer K272HULbmiip x3
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    K70RGB with cherry blues
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    Naos 7000
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    Sennheiser 558, MXL 770
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro

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  1. Atmos

    Is this a craigslist scam

    Do this, like, right now. Nothing else is important right now
  2. Atmos

    Opinions on driver assistance technology

    The vast majority of driver assistance technology I'm a big fan of. My mother just bought a new 2019 fusion hybrid with every safety feature she could get on it, and all but a few are just wickedly good. Modern cars are getting more and more blindspots in a bid to increase pillar size and crash safety, so blind spot monitors in the mirrors are a great have since blindspots are getting bigger and bigger. Adaptive cruise control is just a god send in places with varying traffic speeds like where I live, where one 10 mile stretch of road will go from 80s to 50s, and back up to 70s. Automatic braking, which I got a first hand whitness of a few days ago when I nearly avoided what would have been another very serious crash, can also be quite useful. The car was able to brake before I even had a grasp of what had just happened and that there was now a streetsweeper side-ways infront of my on the highway. Back up cameras are just a good thing, especially considering the blindspots people have in newer cars, and are just a bonus all around. I dont see any kind of downside to them. The only two things I dont like about modern driver assist technology, and this is probably much more likely to do with her car alone, is the early avoidance system the car has, where it beeps and flashes red lights on a HUD infront of you to warn you of obstacles. I've found the sensitivity on it is far too high and it goes off probably every other drive because of traffic infront of my slowing down, and my habit to let the car use its regen braking to slow down, instead of applying brake. The car apparently does not like that kind of driving. The only other thing that constantly pisses me off is the auto-hi beams on the car. When the lights are set to automatic mode, and it doesnt detect tailights or headlihgts infront of you at a certain light level, it will auto apply the hi-beams. A lot of my daily commute is along winding backroads where cars come out of nowhere, and the hibeams are constantly switching on and blinding people as they come around corners, so at nights i just have the lights turned to manual instead of the auto setting. Turning off the car though whiles their in manual keeps the lights turned on, which is just a pain. I see no reason for an auto-hi beam in cars. It takes about 0.3 seconds to turn on or off hi beams, and we can tell much better when cars are coming or gone, rather than computers. TLDR; most tech is great and has literally no downsides. I would agree though that penalties for drunk driving, reckless driving, 100% fault collisions, and especially fleeing the scene should be much more harshly punished. The US also does need some better driving teaching systems. One single drive for 5 minutes hardly constitutes that you know the full extent of the law and are capable of applying driving skills in stressful situations.
  3. Atmos

    8800GT Build Planning

    Fair enough. And at least the hardware inside there will be super cheap, so no real worries about damaging anything with metal shavings lol.
  4. Atmos

    8800GT Build Planning

    Like, i hope you know your build wont be able to run modern games, and will struggle in a lot of modern day tasks, right? It would basically just be a bit of retro decoration, or maybe old school emulator stuff / retro games. I dont see a use for it outside of that lol.
  5. Atmos

    What is this Worth?

    I'd advertise it for 1100, and would pretty easily accept 950 for it. USD of course.
  6. Atmos

    8800GT Build Planning

    best place to find era matching components is gonna be ebay or aliexpress surprisingly, they have a ton of the older athlon series cpus and celerons probably like an athlon64 would be a good choice from that time period. no idea on motherboards at all from that era unfortunately, and ddr2 ram may be a bit hard to find.
  7. Atmos


    First. your biggest problem is that 4gbs of ram. Your system will easily eat through 1.5-2gbs of it, leaving only 2gbs roughly for your games, when most games will readily use more than 4-6gbs of ram. Upgrade to 8gbs of ram ASAP. Second, Your cpu is quite old, and not nearly enough to run games on even high settings let alone ultra. It will struggle in modern games regardless of settings. Thirdly, the 1050ti is great performance for the dollar, but doesnt mean its just flat great performance. Medium settings in most games will get you by so long as its not being throttled by the cpu and ram. Resolve the major ram issue and the cpu will be able to run a lot better. However rather soon you're going to run into issues with the cpu, and get a lot of fps drops and slowdowns because of it, even if you had unlimited gpu and ram performance.
  8. daily a 2000 acura tl @ 127k miles, also a 2011 f150 super crew with the 5.0 v8 @ 135k miles, depending on what needs to be done. Used to also daily a 999r @ 3k miles only a couple years ago, but after a particularly bad series of encounters sold it for one of my current project cars. Got a couple project cars as well as mentioned, though im looking to sell one and my acura for a new better daily/project car combined.
  9. From what i've read and seen most people love it, albeit it a few teething issues in the early gen wiper motors and suspension. Also forgot to mention a lot of the camping i do is out on soft sand at a beach north of me which pretty much requires awd to guarantee you don't get stuck lol, and not having to always take a truck that gets 15mpg on a 300mi round trip would be nice lol. But I moved the bars a little with that, and its not a deal breaker at all, just something that would be a definite bonus.
  10. Yeah the 335i was on my list for a long while, but finding one well taken care of in my area and low mileage is a pain. They almost exclusively went to a very particular type of person where I live and the examples of them on the market are in really poor shape most of the time.
  11. fair enough, but i'm not a big fan of the oem body kit on the r33 gst-t. I would have to just swap it to look more like the r34. Its also lacking pretty hard a lot of the tech in the newer cars that make daily driving a joy. Kinda looking for a car that I daily and can work on, as opposed to have to work on.
  12. Yeah, and unlike a lot of the others its not crazy common where i live, assuming i can find one with the actual red trim though that someone hasnt opted to paint out lol. Gotta be in white and have that red trim lol The wrx would probably be the sensible option, and is "plenty" fast for what i do, and would actually be a competent "off road" (gravel and dirt roads) car, which i do need when I go camping. Just the other cars are so much faster and would give way more instant satisfaction taking off from red lights and getting onto the freeway. I suppose though since the RS is also awd it would probably do just fine on gravel and dirt as well, it would just be like 7 grand more. Now thats just not fair lol
  13. Atmos

    Youtube and bad PR

    Well, where else you gonna post it, vimeo lmao? Real talk tho, theres only one site that can even get close to handle youtubes views, and i dont think we can talk about it here lol
  14. Atmos

    What is your favorite gaming youtuber

    Oneyplays A man of culture i see.
  15. Okay buds, drunk me says i need some car guy opinions. Im looking to merge project cars and daily cars into one category because funds are getting tight with passive income alone. Right now im floating between a few choices and cant seem to pick what im going to be swapping to and selling both my cars for. I need something reliable. My budget is JUST shy of 30k and in that range a few stick out. Theres the 2013-2017 370z nismo The 2016-2019 wrx The 2016-2018 camaro ss And lastly at the absolute top a 2016-2017 focus rs Whats your opinion boys. I gotta know. Most likely the focus rs will require me flying out to get and road tripping back, which im not opposed to at all. I love cross country driving and am willing to dish out gas cash for it.