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  1. Why is this a debate? LTT aren't attempting to show the exact full measurement of a given data point, that's not what they're using graphs for. they use them to visualize a difference in a quick, time efficient way. often the difference in bars on graphs with starting points at 0.0 in this particular context would be so small that the user wouldn't be able to determine a difference without pausing to study the graph, or without making the graph exceptionally long and narrow, only making it even harder to read from a normal sitting distance on a computer screen. There is nothing wrong with their use of graphs, they are designed with a particular use in mind, and work in the given context. Incorrect scaling on the other hand is an entirely different point.
  2. So, to try and make sense of their pricing you nab up apple man? C'mon, gonna start quoting us on gucci handbags next? Alienware make some decent price/performance products on the lower end, but just like almost every other oem prebuilt the component decisions are often geared to cut costs and improve profit, not to ensure performance, quality, or reliability. You also cant compare it to a macbook when apple uses that appletax so, well, deviously.
  3. The real question is what are you smoking looking at alienware to begin with?
  4. Yea, that's about right.
  5. As well as this, ensure that the surface you use the mouse on is free from debris (cumbs and such) and flat, without bumps or curves. Edit: Ninja'd at the last second, darn. Do you have downloaded and are updated to the latest driver/software package for said mouse?
  6. I'd be tempted to drop an app, but I've probably been in a couple too many heated arguments to even be considered, or really, any of the four or five I think I've been in in my time here. Eh, might as well add it to my list though, alongside rewriting that darn gpuboss thread (which is turning out to be a lot more work this time around.) I've certainly moderated a fair share of forums in the past. If I can lend a helping hand past just reporting the odd bot thread/troll then I'm certainly more than willing.
  7. It wont work, period. 1gb of ram isn't enough to run a vanilla server, and the cou on the rasberry pi while perfect for its usual uses, falls extremely short of what is required to run a server without much lag. Not to mention also using a usb for storing server data will mean constant and complete block lag the whole time. Rent a server for 7.99/mo or something.
  8. Depends on the kind of person you are and the direction your life takes you. I'm in my early twenties now and have no plans nor feelings to give up gaming and "grow up" as my grandparents would so wonderfully refer to it. Some people never grow out of what they enjoy, some people do grow out of it very quickly and move on to other passions; there's nothing wrong with that, its just the way humans are. only time will tell what kind of person you'll be, just don't let anyone else choose for you. You should make your own choices and live with the results, good or bad; its all just part of that being human thing we all do :3
  9. Best is highly subjective. Imo the pieces by howard shore in Lord of the Rings are absolutely exceptional. However, there are some osts from various shows/anime I've seen that are breath taking as well and invoke just as much emotion. If we're talking purely game OSTs, then I'd struggle to choose between the Wticher 3, doom 2016 and Oblivion all come to mind with superb sound tracks built flawlessly around the game. A handful of choices from what I've mentioned below,
  10. 980, so long as the extra money isnt going to put you on the street or anything. Performs better, and will run far... FAR quieter on pretty much any cooler than the 290x reference card. Reference design coolers across the board are just awful. But if reference designs weren't blower style, then there'd be practically no blower cards on the market at all and anyone running an extra-small form factor pc would be put out. Its also cheaper :3
  11. I'll have you know I don't hide in a basement, but rather just my whole house... which I've blacked out entirely because of my backwards work and sleep schedule. Also the insomnia, but that's a whole different story. Dark theme youtube, LTT, google, and ontop of that running f.lux, well, what could be better?
  12. Those still exist past their 2nd login on the site? Anyway, honestly, bioware is going to die before the end of 2018. It's a bit of a shame because there was some real talent behind the scenes. Some of their game designers had real passion and drive and could have made some excellent games if they werent held down by horrible writers, gameplay designers, publisher executives, and project leads pushing their backwards and actually racist/sexist ideology, "3rd Wave Feminism/Progressiveism". Bioware was good once, but they've been sick for a long time and we can all see that bell starting to toll. The tragic death of one of their anchor devs from better days just hurts them worse.
  13. Sorry for such a belated response, I've been gearing for my annual backpacking trip this last week pretty hardcore :3 Afraid I can't speak on how the north or south models differ from memory, and if you can get a good quality refurbished and that saved money could be better spent elsewhere then absolutely go for that. Personally, the small size just seems too well, small. Smallest size I would go for is their medium. Though, I almost always just branch off and go to 3rd party brands for sketching tablets. Wacom has great quality and brand recognition along with excellent software, but it also carries a hefty price tag. Factory refurbished are usually good quality, and for a wicked price well... You can probably connect the dots :3
  14. The Draw is only available in Wacom's "Small" size (6x3.7") where as the Art comes in both "Medium" (8.5x5.3") and "Small" (6x3.7") The Art supports more than one touch input at a time, where as the Draw is only capable of tracking a single input. The art also comes in a couple different colors. The Intous Art is just the step up from the Draw, though their both offer the same resolution and pressure sensitivity, the art has just those couple extra nice features.
  15. He hit the nail on the head mate. When linus is referencing how many monitors you would need to absolutely be unable to determine individual pixels, he's talking about at a normal viewing distance. Just gluing together 81 4k monitors wouldn't increase their pixel density, which is what matters, it would just increase the gross dimensions of the display. Now, if you sat say, 10-15ft back from the array of monitors, then maybe you could say you've made some progress, but that progress literally isn't anything that we can't just do at home by moving our chairs just a little bit back. All in all, the end-goal of such a video is already obvious to anyone who has any grasp of tech, the video would likely also receive wide spread negative feedback at such a disappointingly flop of an end result. I mean could you image? "Yea, we spent hundreds of hours negotiating sponsorships, debezzling monitors (we broke a LOT of them) made it into a 3 video series, ended it on a 'well, you can get the same results moving back a few feet from your monitor and you won't have to deal with the massive difference in latencies between the displays making it impossible to display a realtime coherent scene across all at the same time' message, and everything we've done is useless and was a complete waste of time that turned a decent chunk of our viewerbase against us." You know, that does actually sound like a video they would make :L