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    Hermetis Vögelein
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    40.694142, -121.400261
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    Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, Computers, Scripting, and Writing (literature).
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    My moniker is not derived from any television show, sound system, or the like. It was used at a call-back to the Australian Game Developer "ATMOS" who created my all-time favorite game, EV Nova. They are the reason that I fell in love with games and gaming.
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    University Student, Entrepenuer


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    Intel i7 4790K w/ ThermalTake Water3.0
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    Aorus b450 elite
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    16gb predator 3200mhz rgb
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    EVGA RTX 2080 XC
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    Phanteks p300
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    1tb WD Blue, 2x128gb OCZ Trion, 1TB 850 EVO, + 8tb NAS
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    Corsair RM750w
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    MSI MAG271CQR + ACER K727
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    H115i pro
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    K70RGB with cherry blues
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    Naos 7000
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    Sennheiser 558, MXL 770
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    Windows 10 pro

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  1. Thats alright man. I might not be able to help a ton but i can hopefully at least ween some useful information from ye for anyone who knows more about the black magic arts of networking
  2. What router are you using now? What router were you using before? Are you on wireless? If so, How far and what obstacles are between you and the router? How many clients are on the network give or take? What are the clients doing during testing and general use when you notice issues? Is QOT enabled on the router if supported? Just some basic information to get people started on the right foot.
  3. No. Bluetooth is like wifi. It requires a phsyical antennae and separate equipment to run it. Some motherboards have the little pcb controlling BT integrated into them, many dont however. Adapters are cheap and widely available. $3-35$ depending on how much you want to spend.
  4. Yeah. at first sounded a bit like a dead bearing but the fans aren't spinning so coil whine it is. Its pretty rare in general, but considerably more common on particular cards. 970s and 1080s from gigabyte come to mind.
  5. If the card is within return period for the store it was purchased from try that for a replacement. If not, then gigabyte usually covers coil whine RMAs. Hit up their support and give it a shot. Other than a replacement there is no way to fix coil whine besides minimizing it by frame-capping games at the lowest acceptable framerate.
  6. Own a business. Gym. There was demand in the location, next closest was a 25m drive. Found a good in-house PT, and it runs on smart locks now so it only needs to be staffed 8-4 weekdays, which is a lot better than before. Wish I had invested in something else at this point. Income to time invested isn't great. Wish I had done real-estate. Profit margins are much better and the housing prices in my area mean even a complete dump mobile home is 3.5k/mo
  7. I'm going to move backwards 8 feet and cast Create Undead on previous thread. Update: Turns out my 1 issue, is/was actually 3! Yay! My power supply took a beating apparently during the outages in my area last couple years. It is on the brink of failure, so replacement acquired. RM750 bought on black friday for a solid deal. This was responsible for some of the BSODs and the game crashes. My 1080 did indeed have water damage. Removing the backplate and re-examining the pcb revealed further liquid damage than I originally recalled. It has since been retired and replace with a 2080 super. This was responsible for driver crashes. My new 16gb kit of 3200mhz Predator rgb is also non-functional. 9% failure rate on 4 passes of memtest86. Failures across the board on test # 9, modulo 20. Temporary replacement (thanks walmart) of 3000mhz lpx while I wait for my predator RMA to go through. This was responsible for the infrequent Memory_management BSODs I was getting likely. Determined the CPU is functional. Prime95 run for 2 hours ruled out anything but ram. Memtest86 only further proved that. Well. It could be motherboard. That would be a bitch to deal with RN because microcenter is like a 2 1/2hr drive, and I'm not buying a temp mobo. I'll update again in a while once I rebuild this system with whether or not it was the motherboard for future onlookers.
  8. As another user on the forum ages ago discovered, the shift x does indeed only support either a 280mm front rad, or a 120/140mm front and 120mm bottom. You cannot fit both a 280 and a 120 in it front and bottom. Also keep in mind only slim rads will fit with fans in the case. 30mm max apparently. The case on phanteks website says it only supports mITX, and I dont know it well enough to say anything past that, so no help for the second question from me lol. Here however, is a link to the others users build in the same case. Thread is super dead, so no necro tho lol
  9. Well, nearly of decade of shopping at newegg has now ended.

    Their return policies are pointedly anti-consumer, and all seemingly in an attempt to remain competitive with Amazon. Many of the items on their site now offer no refunds of any kind, regardless if the package is still unopened in its retail packaging, and unopened inside the package it was shipped in. In the rare occurrence they make an exception however you can expect to have a 15% restocking fee deducted from your "full refund" which on orders like mine which were/are over $800 equates to a bit over $110 deducted just to put the items back on the shelf they came from. 


    These kinds of policies are backwards, dated, and an affront to the now widely practiced industry standard.


    Instead of innovating or expanding, Newegg has decided to slowly over the years revert to an era of online retailing from the early 2000s. Obfuscating anti-consumer practices and policies by hiding definitions through contrived and poorly written support articles.


    highly recommend that anyone considering purchasing an item or items from them take into careful consideration their revised return policies on many items and weigh the risks of not being able to get a full refund should anything happen on the many, many expensive items that now are fully non-refundable.

  10. Yes. You can enable an SSD as a cache for a hard drive, but i can't necessarily recommend it with the price of modern SSDs outright. It will make short burst read/writes better, but sustained reads and writes will still be throttled by hdd read/write. A 500gb ssd is only like 40$ nowadays for something miles faster than a hard drive. Getting into how to do it is a bit beyond me, I've never done it myself, never needed to, so a bit of google-fu might be needed to find a guide on your part.
  11. Wraith coolers use the brackets now. At least the wrath prism rgb does that I got with my 3700x. And the h115i pro uses those brackets as well. Edit im a retard who didnt scroll down. but at least i left some new info lmao about the h115
  12. Drag coefficient and total drag are two separate things. Think of it like this. A 1cm cube and a 1m cube have the same drag coefficient because they are the same shape, and as long as they are oriented in the same fashion. But the larger cube has higher drag because of the increased surface area facing the direction of air. The semi if it were the same size as the chiron would have less drag, but because it has 4-5x the surface area opposing air flow, it has a higher total drag, even though its drag CE is lower. Now you're just being silly. I didn't say I need a 5th wheel, so while thats not a deal breaker for me, it is for many people. you know... like my original post says... In my op I said most truck buyers are looking for those options. Each of those not being present represents a portion of buyers being turned away. Also, thats just one of many examples of people coming forward after seeing how teslas are put together. Its a literal fact, and it can be seen in the relative build quality and QC they (dont) do on finished cars. Also, the amount of shells I've seen just sitting out on driveways is nuts man. Most people who take them off only have them off for a weekend or so so they can do work, and in that case theres no hard just setting it down on a driveway or side-yard, assuming you dont have the misfortune of living with an HOA. And man... c'mon... they're not permanent. Just because they're fragile, and they're really not most of the time, doesnt mean you can't take them off with a helping hand bribed with some good beer. a hell of a lot easier than structurally redesigning the braces on your lsdwagon.
  13. Can't disagree with you on those. And tesla would never admit to just using regular spring poor man suspension. They'd probably call it something like a "twin-tube multi-link shock-absorber with stabilization bar" like they already do, and like very auto company does. I mean the description isnt wrong, but if you know what those words mean, its just a regular gas piston with spring. Once again, can't disagree with you, but it doesnt mean that a shell is permanent. It still can be taken off if needed. And c'mon man... no ones pulling out the grinder and going to town on that support, especially since that rear window bullshit is integrated into it. Sure you CAN, just like you can turn any car into a convertible, but it doesnt mean its practical or anyone will actually do it past a joke.
  14. Cant cut a hole in it, its a structural support. Toppers can be taken off in an afternoon, they're not permanent. Braces interfere with 5th height clearance. Not a conspiracy. Well documented and known. Check teslas official forums even. " "The most surprising thing is now knowing that I would never want a Tesla vehicle," a former production employee who left the company last year said. The former employee said that if he made a mistake while helping assemble a vehicle, he would not want to tell anyone in order to avoid drawing attention to himself. "Just seeing how we built the cars ... I would never buy one of those cars, ever," he added." https://www.businessinsider.com/tesla-employees-reveal-most-shocking-parts-of-working-there-2019-8#how-the-cars-were-produced-7 Yes. I would keep my truck that can haul everything I have, including my 8500lb trailer on trips across country like I do twice a year, while using a more conventional and cheaper to run daily truck for the stuff in and around the county for the rest of the year. And no, I dont run a shell on my f150, I regularly haul stuff in the bed ranging from firewood to appliances, to w/e needs to be hauled. Its a work truck and a vacation hauler. Not a daily or driveway princess.
  15. Hey man, you buy a lifted truck from factory thats on you lol. Pretty much every half ton unless raised isnt gonna go over shoulder height. Especially the smaller trucks nowadays gaining popularity in the cities. It would only reduce bed capacity because they chose to not run a body on frame design like pretty much every other truck being made. Sure it can help with handling, and improves crash safety, but you're going to lose strength without braces, and in this case the braces are just a big ass hassle, and active hindrance. The air suspension is nice. I seriously doubt it will be in the 39k model though... those systems are seriously not cheap, and maintenance on them as they age is a major pain in the ass usually, and at the price it will likely come in at some competitors have it too its not exactly an entirely unique feature, like rams have had the option since 2017.