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    My moniker is not derived from any television show, sound system, or the like. It was used at a call-back to the Australian Game Developer "ATMOS" who created my all-time favorite game, EV Nova. They are the reason that I fell in love with games and gaming.
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  1. Now that... that just sucks something awful... Honestly should be $10.00/hr in today's day and age. 15/hr like the crazies are trying to push here is just too much, but 10/hr is really honestly what's needed nowadays >.>
  2. Thats probably the biggest hitch, simply making sure that w/e program being used to render supports either of the headsets, and how well they are supported.
  3. You live in canada, where your $ is worth significantly less as well mate. $10-15/hr at most is typical for basic menial manual labor here in the US. Asking for more than that would entail them typically being professional movers of some kind, and a couple teens out at home depot certainly are not.
  4. Why pay 300$ extra for the full room sensors then if its primary use isn't going to involve them?
  5. 10$ is minimum wage here in the US. 20$ an hour would be a freaking excellent job for something as menial as manual labor.
  6. A vive isn't exactly portable to setup and take around with a laptop to easily show clients. A rift would be fine honestly.
  7. Lordy, I always hate carrying physical cash on me. Rarely carry more than $20 or so, I just use my debit for everything. Regardless though, $8,500 when I bought my piano. I went into that deal with one thing on my mind, "im going to haggle." talked the seller down from $8,500 to $8,150, simply because he really didn't want to see it anymore. Great fucking deal imo.
  8. Well, doesn't really count as mail I'd say since I had to hire a special delivery service, but I did buy a piano that had to be shipped to my place. Gross weight of about 620lbs (~180kg) I think though the heaviest thing I've shipped to my house with the actual usps was well, a digital piano I bought last year. Came in just under 50lbs (22kg). I don't recall the shipping for it, pretty sure I cheaped out went for the free 2-3 week delivery because I didn't want to pay $20+ in shipping for a single item, and another item in the order was delayed by a couple weeks anyway so it didn't matter.
  9. You seem to be struggling on this point. I never said CP isn't illegal. infact, I said But you're failing to understand the point that people viewing CP the overwhelming majority of the time are suffering from a mental illness, that is absolutely to blame for their actions. That is no action that people take light heartedly, those that do have been ingrained from childhood to despise, hate, and find this kind of material vulgar and absolutely unacceptable. Most of them detest their lives, what they've done, and desperately just want to be normal. If they did not suffer from a serious mental illness, then they would oppose all that stuff for the abhorrent and despicable material it is, just like everyone else. Does some small percentage of people who go through all of the hoops and hassles to get to it however not have a mental disorder, but are just sick fucks? Oh, absolutely. But... your argument of "most other criminals have mental illness, therefore you can't blame this crime on mental illness!" would work if this were just about any other crime. This is a crime that you almost certainly need a mental illness to perpetrate. These people just don't stumble across this stuff, they have to go thoroughly out of their way, and through massive trouble to get access to it. They know damn well what they're doing too. Therefore, if the primary and overwhelming cause of the crime is a mental illness that can be treated, that can be helped, and managed, but all you have to do is not ruin these fucking peoples lives when they try to seek help; then where's the harm?
  10. Because someone watches CP does not make them a molester. It makes them about as bad as one, but thats a far fucking cry from actually kidnapping a child and raping them. Pedophiles are not child molesters simply because they are pedophiles. Before you can go any further you need to understand that. If you are unable to understand that difference, then I suggest you avoid this topic like the fucking plague. Demanding lynching for people who are mentally ill and more often than not have committed no crimes is fucking abhorrent. This topic is unsavory to say the least, and despite how reactionary the idea is, that's all it fucking is. An idea. Actual convicted child molesters? Lock em up, that's a fucking horrible crime. People who've broken the law by viewing or owning legitimate cp? Convict and send them to jail, then ship em off for psychiatric help. People who have a mental illness, but have committed no crime? Allow them to seek medical help without destroying their lives with mandatory reporting laws.
  11. I'm a simple man. I see porsche, I click I see beautiful tech, I pay attention I see reasonable price for aforementioned beautiful design aesthetic on what should be an excellent simple display, I open my wallet. That 24" sweet spot though for only 240 though. I... I just upgraded the computer and monitor at my gym, but holy hell, I very well might open my wallet again and splerg on this, this monitor is freaking beautiful.
  12. The BQ Pure wings are great honestly. Not quite as flashy as the corsair af series, but far quieter.
  13. Trust me with the corsair fans. you're rolling the dice to get one that isn't akin to a small biplane trying to take off. The 140mm variant is far quieter, but the same can be said for almost every single 140mm variant of a fan. And yes, HGST is hitachi, I did not see that actually. Avoid gigabrick amd cards like the plague. Terrible fans, poor vrm design and power delivery, just all around bottom of the bin cards for amd for some reason.
  14. Those fans are garbage. Terrible excuse for a "quiet" edition fan. For that price you could rather easily get something far better. Check out fractal's or Be Quiets airflow optimized fans. I have no other issues with anything there really. Not my personally taste in monitor, but ultrawide 1080p isn't bad. Also not my personal preference for storage, i prefer HGST and their industry leading reliability, but they're typically a few bucks more expensive so w/e floats your boat.
  15. or you do what the rest of us do. Realize we're now all bitter old meme-war veterans and lurk off topic and a few choice subforums we know by heart, while letting the new members take care of the questions that have been asked and answered a thousand times over. Its not the easiest life, but its all we know.