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    Intel i7 4790K w/ ThermalTake Water3.0
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    My moniker is not derived from any television show, sound system, or the like. It was used at a call-back to the Australian Game Developer "ATMOS" who created my all-time favorite game, EV Nova. They are the reason that I fell in love with games and gaming.
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  1. I don't know what i want for christmas

    as untactful as it may be, at your point I'd just ask for some flat money. I can then spend it on what I want, when I need it, rather than something that I might not use or feel grateful for. I mean, in my family and extended family the majority of gifts tend to be cash now that the kids are all grown up. And even if we don't need it right then, we'll always need it at some point, and could always use some and be thankful for it.
  2. Homemade CPU

    Which means that number would only grow larger, and I was constantly rounding down too, so those freakishly large quantities are on the smaller side of the scale.
  3. Homemade CPU

    Now that's just too much math for me to do I lied, let's work this out then real quick. The particular transistor I used, a good middle-ground for small electrical transistors uses roughly 1.8W according to the specifications. this is napkin math, so don't expect exact accuracy. Now, I'm also no electrical engineer, nor do I want to sit down and study how that math exactly works out., but this is going to be a pretty big set of numbers now. That psu is capable of supplying 1000W at 12v, so you'd be able to power approximately ~550 typical small electrical transistors off of it at any single point. So... you'd need around 10,300,000 seasonic ssr-1000td powersupplies. That's around $2,677,900,000 worth of power supplies. Hopefully that helps to put into perspective why computers pre-microtransistors had to be so freakishly large, and were still stupidly under powered compared to what we have today. The scale that modern silicon is on is smaller by so many magnitudes that its nearly impossible to fully wrap your head around. now... that math is going to be like, stupidly wrong because I have virtually 0 experience working out voltage, watts, and peak power draw or some crap. I'm just waiting for someone to correct it.

    Its done by default to save power on the system. When you open a game, it should automatically switch over to use it. If you're having issues with that, then you can change it permanently by going into your nvidia control panel, going to 3d settings, manage 3d settings, and selecting the gpu from the drop down under "select the preferred graphics processor". You can also change this option permanently for a single program by going to the "program settings" tab in the manage 3d settings, instead of the global tab. If you want to change it temporarily, then you can just right click the shortcut for the program when you launch it and select "run with graphics processor", [your gpu]
  5. may not be that difficult, but it at least gives manufacturers the ability to throw those cards that otherwise would have been far cheaper, back into the fray with a confusing, or otherwise misleading name! If it will earn them more market share, then im pretty sure amd is willing to do about anything... god I love those guys.
  6. smells of 1060 debauchery. just another thing nvidia beat them to this generation it seems, jeez, amd can't even beat them at misleading/confusing consumers
  7. Homemade CPU

    Well, no. not in any way. Let's just do some math shall we? The modern 8700k is a roughly 151mm^2 die, and as intel has said contains roughly 37,500,000 transistors/mm^2 So, we can deduce simply that there's about 5,662,500,000 transistors in an 8700k give or take some million. Now, the "average" size of a transistor that you may use in a project lets say, is about 4.5mmx5.2mm for a typical small transistor, meaning it has a rough volume of 23.4mm^2 Multiply that by the amount of transistors and you wind up with 132,502,500,000 mm^2 or roughly enough surface area to cover 18,550 professional soccer/football fields. 14nm modern cpus' transistors are on such a smaller scale than the mm of standard transistors, that you cannot compare the two in any kind of reasonable way. >inb4 math is entirely wrong somehow. *edit, antipsychotics doing a number on my maths brain, fixed the units at the end there
  8. Asus GTX980ti strix underperforming

    The CPU could be the hang up on single threaded performance. Keep in mind that old girl is now 6 generations back with its single threaded performance falling behind by nearly 30% from the modern counterpart, so that more than likely accounts for some of the difference in performance. Have you tried running the game on the vulkan api, not dx12/11?
  9. Asus GTX980ti strix underperforming

    Whats your cpu and how much and at what frequency is your ram? Also, what resolution are you at?
  10. Purple Life

    I'm just someone who has talked even my own family members into cutting down prices, I'm just a cheapskate. If I don't get a killer deal on the expensive things in life, then I don't get em flat out. The prices are reasonable, I tried to make sure I mentioned that its just my own overly conservative opinion.
  11. Statements that trigger tech fans.

    So... backups to a cloud is a mac only feature? No, its available on windows as well. Google docs is also how most people back up their documents now in university at least anyway. High security features? Okay, the find my mac is a pretty decent feature, but hardly unique in the market. There are a plethora of alternatives, though they need to be paid for. All together though not something most people are going to ever have to use. Other high security features, like encryption, passwords, all stuff that you can do on a windows laptop as well, but past passwords they're not that important at all in a college student application. As for being more stable, I'd strongly argue thats down to a personal use case. I think a lot of the idea that windows is a less stable, or more error ridden platform at base is down to people modifying it, people playing around with it because its lets you do that. iOS is only more stable in that it doesn't allow the kind of deep configuration that windows does, which can be both a blessing and a curse because it doesn't let you mess stuff up quite as bad or easily in my experience.
  12. Statements that trigger tech fans.

    I'm not sure if you're being ironic or what, but for what 90% of people do at university, a macbook is no better than a basic chromebook even, and that way you can save $1,000 and put that into the crippling student debt you get here in america, or you know, food or clothes.
  13. Statements that trigger tech fans.

    fair enough. Theres still plenty of cheaper options though that will last just as long if you treat them the same.
  14. Statements that trigger tech fans.

    Im not saying they're bad laptops, their just a bad value for consumers who simply dont need it, college students sitting well among those. easily 1/2 the laptops you see at my campus though are macbooks and macbook pros but the people only use them for stuff like writing reports and browsing the web, but then want to turn around and complain about inflated book prices even though they happily paid for that inflated apple logo
  15. there's no real reason not to get a k skew cpu. just because the option to overclock is there, doesn't mean you have to. I run my 4790k at stock most of the times, except when I get into editing videos, photos or the like. I just drop in my bios settings and let the increase to render speeds make up for the time spent punching in a few numbers. You also only save like 20-25$ going for the non-k skew, and the k skew has a higher turbo clock (automated overclocking without your input) than non-k skews typically. If you really wanted to avoid overclocking, and dont want the performance of the increase base clock speed and turbo clock speed to save 30$, then the 7700 is probably the way to go. If you're comfortable with those then apparently as reviews indicate the 8600k would be the winner