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    Intel i7 4790K w/ ThermalTake Water3.0
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    ASRock z97 Pro4
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    16gb Corsair Vengance
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    Dual Gigabrick 390 G1
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    Be Quiet! Base 800 Window
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    3x 2.5tb Seagate, 128gb OCZ Trion, + 8tb NAS
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    Acer K272HULbmiip x3
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    K70 with cherry blues
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    My moniker is not derived from any television show, sound system, or the like. It was used at a call-back to the Australian Game Developer "ATMOS" who created my all-time favorite game, EV Nova. They are the reason that I fell in love with games and gaming.
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  1. Microsoft ripped me off

    If you could fit a turn table in your pocket and listen to hundreds of them without hassle then I would agree. Its hipsters and fringe elements keeping it alive, nothing more.
  2. Preferred sauce/dip to go with Tortilla chips

    Guacamole or a thick chopped roasted tomato salsa. Gott damm, there's a couple hole in the wall places in my town that have absolutely bomb salsa. i wish they sold it by the gallon, or i wish i spoke enough spanish to talk to the chefs and figure out what the recipe is :3
  3. tinfoil hat or legit?.. the data is kinda scary

    1. Welcome to entry level political discussion 2. That's more right than it is wrong. We simply don't know the depth of the effect we've had dumping the waste we've had. We also know that global climate change happens normally, and can happen faster, and for longer periods than we're experiencing. So are we responsible almost entirely for this like many climate change orgs and activists want you to think? No, not at all. Its their business to make you believe, and they damn well will try their best. Are we helping? No, not at all. We're accelerating and compounding an already massively destructive force. Kind of like throwing bottles of gasoline into a burning barn. 3. While that does affect to a degree weather, minimally. Weather and regional climate are decided by the axis of rotation and tilt in correlation to the sun. Global climate is not affected in a broad sense by that, and global climate is not regional weather, those are two entirely separate things. Global cooling and warming periods are caused much more by carbon dioxide saturation in the atmosphere, which is naturally absorbed and expunged by the earth as various cycles take place. 4. Did you know that there is a 99.79% degree of correlation between suicides by hanging/suffocation and the US spending on science and technology? Does that mean that investing in the future causes people to kill themselves by choking in particular? Graph below Or that there is a 94.7% correlation of per capita cheese consumption, and the number of people who've died by getting tangled up in their bedsheets? Graph below You probably get it at this point. You need verifiable proof to link two events to each other. The world is a big place, with a lot of weird shit, and just because two things appear to follow the same curve, doesn't mean they are linked.
  4. Can fog short a system?

    yes, there is a chance if it is dense enough. If it isnt dense enough then still yes, but it would require a system to sit in a perpetual fog/vape cloud for a considerable amount of time, or be exposed to it often enough to cause a build up of liquid on the surface. You would have to be doing some very serious smoking to do any real damage to your electronics, or you would have to be exhaling directly into the front grill fans on it or something every single time. Still though, general idea when smoking and vaping, is keep it away from electronics. Cleaning residue off of your components is a pain in the ass.
  5. Total war warhammer 2, fifa 18, both cracked in under 12 hours of release. The current versions of denuvo are already broken by those few groups, if a game with it hasnt been pushed yet its because of the integration most likely per-game, or because the demand for it isnt high enough. TBH im surprised sonic forces even got a moment of time from any of these guys. Must have been a pretty easy job or something. AC:O hasn't been cracked I'm almost certain because of VMprotect, not denuvo. Denuvo up to 4.7 has already been broken.
  6. Denuvo has already been broken. Won't go into further detail on who or where, but games launching with it are cracked within the first few hours of release, making the DRM completely, and totally worthless. And from what information I do have, that isn't going to change any time soon, even if they change the key generator that denuvo servers use. Hopefully, leading publishers to use other mediums of drm that don't bog down a systems performance or network.
  7. Why is piracy not being combated in the anime community ?

    They dont actually make that much, they are constantly targetted by publishers, and the community only accepts those that pirate because there is no good source for many at a reasonable price of legit content, with the kind of catalog that pirates offer. Foreign viewing of anime also doesnt impact japan all that much, anime there is much more about selling merch and the series its based on.
  8. what is your R6 siege rank

    Ah, It was for the beta and most of opening Py.Atmos, but since the end of black ice has been TH.Atmos when I changed teams from my own Prysm to my new Trojan Horse team.
  9. Why are ethernet cable connectors so large?

    The development of wifi has pushed solid ethernet connections away from required for the majority of devices and moved them into the domain solely of desktops and servers, and in that application there's no need for a smaller standard, or a smaller standard would only impact the versatility of it in the server domain.
  10. Half the bulbs in my house stop working in the course of a 30 minute drive, so when i get home i bust out the dmm. Power fluctuations from 135v with surges to 165-170v every 4 seconds on the dot. Dear lord socal edison, wtf

    1. STRMfrmXMN


      Hmm that seems perfectly normal ty very much

  11. Looks like the storm that came through did quite the number on my place. Never been more glad I use a UPS for my computers and critical stuff. My microwave, toaster over, and oven all just bit the dust with a strong surge and now a couple outlets are short circuiting. This is going to be a fun week...

  12. At first I thought this was a completely idiotic idea, who'd want a laptop that forces you to use a specific phone as the trackpad? Then I actually read it, and damn. That sounds dope as hell. Like one of those tablet/phablet keyboard you can get, taken to the next level and put on steroids. For a reasonable price I'd sure as shit get one if I had the razer phone
  13. unless you're getting at the minimum a 240mm rad, then they're simply not worth the money unless you're working in a form factor where you have virtually no space above the cpu socket. However at that point you're spending upwards of around $80 for a cpu cooler, or almost the same price as the cpu just to cool it, which doesn't make any sense either way, a 1200 doesn't need anything more than even just a 212 evo to get good overclocks. Heck on the stock cooler you can overclock the thing pretty well. If you're absolutely dead set on it being water cooled then get the literal cheapest 240mm out there, like the CM MasterLiquid Lite 240 (link: pcpartpicker.com/product/9gRFf7/cooler-master-masterliquid-lite-240-667-cfm-liquid-cpu-cooler-mlw-d24m-a20pw-r1) It makes no sense to spend so much though, as a $30 cpu cooler would cool the same for the cpu you have. But, extra internet points for having a watercooled system i guess. if that's the case then I can understand a bit more why you would want to spend more for an AIO. Something like a Be Quiet air cooler or Noctua air cooler would be just as effective and considerably quieter under most circumstances, but spending more on the cooler at that point could at least be argued.
  14. Open back vs Closed back - gaming

    It depends entirely on the environment. If you have a loud background then closed back will prevent that from bleeding into the game so much. If you have a quieter background then open back allow for a much wider soundstage and perceived direction/distance of audio source and over all better quality of audio. There are semi-open headphones out there that sort of fall into the middle ground, kind of like the AKG k240. They will block out some sound, but still provide a more detailed audio experience than a standard closed back pair of headphones.
  15. No. those kinds of throttles are not 'normal' while under a normal workload what so ever for the stock cooler on a 1200. There's absolutely a problem with the mounting on the cooler if those are the temperatures you're getting. Watch your temps while it throttles. On a side note, if thats just the clock when nothing particularly complex is happening, say if you're just web browsing then that's absolutely fine, that's just a dynamic clock on the cpu changing to a lower speed because the full speed and powerdraw isn't required. Power down your computer, remove the cooler, clean off the thermal compound. Reapply a fresh dab of thermal compound and securely remount the cooler. The h60 isn't a worthwhile investment of your money. There are far cheaper coolers that cool the same for far less money; and remove the admittedly tiny risk of a cheap AIO deciding to crap the bed and take your system out with a leak.