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    Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, Computers, Scripting, and Writing (literature).
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    My moniker is not derived from any television show, sound system, or the like. It was used at a call-back to the Australian Game Developer "ATMOS" who created my all-time favorite game, EV Nova. They are the reason that I fell in love with games and gaming.
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    R7 3700x
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    Asus TUF Gaming x570
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    32gb predator 3200mhz rgb
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    EVGA RTX 2080 super XC
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    NZXT h710
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    860evo 1tb, 970evo 1tb, 1tb blue spinny boi, kingston a2000 240gb, various ssds ~1tb total
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    Corsair RM750x
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    MSI MAG271CQR + ACER K727
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    H115i pro
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    K70RGB with cherry blues
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    Corsair Dark Core se
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    DT990, HD660, Zen Can, GoXLR
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    Windows 10 pro
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    Some HP pos with 16gb an 8300H and 1050ti and 1tb nvme

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  1. Drop the 120mm aio and get a good aircooler for the same price. Better performance, longer lasting, less maintenance. Something like the be Quiet shadow rock comes to mind, or an arctic freezer 50. Not as bling as an aio, but just better honestly.
  2. for the love of god stop running the system under load when you see temps of 90+ and remount the block to ensure proper seating. Make sure as well you took the protective tape off the bottom of the pump if its new, and or that the thermal paste isnt dried out if you didnt reapply the stock paste. That very much sounds like either a bad mount, bad pump, or bad paste. Since you crossed the pump off pretty well then move on to the other two.
  3. Anyone got strong opinions bout swapping a 64 falcon hardtop to a 289 with an early production c4? I mean, we're doing it anyway, and I'm pretty sure I know what I'm getting in to, but dont know if theres some kinda obscure thing I'm missing. the falcon has in it right now one of those dumpster 170s and a fordomatic 2 speed, and while it may run pretty damn well, its just far too anemic for highway driving, so sourced a good running 289 from a local restomod shop and we're gonna be dropping it in pretty soon. 302 and ls swaps were definitely considered, but my brot
  4. Because for most people. it. is. Its almost like UBM has literally millions of data points to pull from... or something... and has literally no bias or obligation to try and push an agenda when they aren't promoted, sponsored, or paid by intel, nvidia, amd, or any of them. I dont like it, but thats what it comes down to
  5. 12% higher weighted average user benchmark on up to 8 cores for the threadripper 3% higher weighted oc benchmark scores on up to 8 cores on the 8350k value and sentiment is irrelevant. Nice to haves this time, because you're comparing a cpu with more than 8 cores shows up to 64 core performance, where the threadripper obviously takes off into orbit compared to an i3. And if you actually look into the benchmark scores you see that yes the i3 has marginally higher 1-4 core performance, but then the 8 core performance is handed back to the threadripper. Its all there,
  6. Once again... I'm starting to sound like a broken record here. Their arbitrary "effective speed" and ranking is irrelevant. Look at the other actual categories. Average benchmark on the 9800x for 8 cores is higher. Average overclocked benchmark for 8 cores is higher. Value and sentiment is pointless, and nice to haves are also irrelevant.
  7. No man, it isnt. Let's not push a narrative. https://www.userbenchmark.com/Faq/What-is-UBM-Effective-Speed/95 This is precisely the reasoning that they changed it further and "de-emphasized" ignore* massively multithreaded workloads. For most consumers, that doesnt matter. And again, I dont like that, and at the very least feel they should change the category and add another that would show complete multithreaded performance. What were you comparing? I'd like to see for myself, because in my own usage I've yet to find issue except with their seemingl
  8. How they weigh scores is literally a single link away, directly under the score. It actually could not be more upfront unless they wrote the entire article in each score box. They are showing accurate scores for their testing, they simply ignore anything over 8 cores in their avg score ranking, and are upfront and directly state that. They were getting hate from normal consumers who dont care if a 24c/48t xeon is massively faster for rendering, if its slower for browsing facebook and playing call of duty. Thats an extreme example, but just a reason why they changed. I dont like it, b
  9. So, did you read my post? Doesnt seem like you did... I dont care about drama. I dont care what the guys maintaining the site do because they have 0 weight over the actual benchmark results, they only control the average arbitrary scores given for each category. i dont care what fake "ranking" they have. I showed how it can be used in a fairly accurate and useful way, and that they are clear and open in telling people that the score isnt an all round score. All it took was clicking a single link right next to the score that tells you exactly what the score means and how its deter
  10. Formatting tools are broken for me because I use vivaldi, so please dont mind the mess im bouta paste. "The UBM effective speed measures performance for typical consumers. For example, we de-emphasize deep queue depth data transfer and heavily multi-threaded CPU workloads as these metrics are not generally consumer orientated." The intel line of cpus is still technically faster in the single thread, and since the overwhelming majority of cpus tested on UBM are at stock speed, not overclocked, and many, many AMD systems are running sub-par ram speeds, it taints the scores even
  11. Statistically their budget stuff is typically a bit less reliable. Personally I have only ever had awful experiences with their gpus across the board, high end and low end skews alike. Out of all the gigabyte cards i've owned which totals up to about 6 now, only 1 didnt fail within two years. I even had both r9 390s in a system fail within a week of each other, within the first year of ownership. Now, thats like insanely bad luck, but because of that personal experience I dont reccomend anyone buy a gigabyte card, as I've literally only ever had issues with everything gigabyte, even the a
  12. Intel cpus usually only manage 3% higher fps. Its seriously not worth spending 150-200$ more for them, thats more just a purchase out of emotion than logic. I would highly, highly suggest a 3800x. If you do, make sure you purchase 3600mhz ram at the minimum to get the most out of the system. I would also suggest a b450, and back check w/e motherboard chosen against the forums tier list. Use the money saved to get a better gpu, which will net you far, FAR better fps gains than the 3% that intel offers. Intel just cannot compete in the budget market with AMD, and you're very comforta
  13. well if I only drove one thing a year then the break down would be... Driving my f150 its about 4650/yr usd driving normally driving my acura 4100/yr, but thats driving economically, which I rarely do. then finally about 1100/yr on my bike even if Im wringing it out. But I dont just drive one or the other exclusively, and trips like I take tend to skew things a LOT, like deciding to drive from LA to montana for a camping trip. My daily commute is about 54mi round trip, which i make 6 days a week, and I'll take my bike or car or truck depending on what needs to be don
  14. I didnt say they couldnt do it, but that it would take a while. In our entire county we have like 3 bestbuys, 1 frys, and about 6 real walmarts. I highly doubt that frys could get a vendor price to compete that much lower than either of those chains, and frys has already burned out not just the hardcore, but the non-enthusiast crowd as well by being in its current state for coming on half a year at this point. When i hear jokes from the completely non-tech savvy clients at work about how frys is just a joke now, its really telling. Trust in the chain where I live, is gone entirely. Even if the
  15. I would be tempted to say it could have worked if they made the transition fast and painless and just skated on their reputation as being the nerdy techy place to get things, I could have seen that at least working for a while and keeping them alive longer, but if they are actually doing that then the transition has destroyed any kind of standing they had. for months now its been damn near impossible to get anything there, and in the rare occasion they do actually have what you need the stores feel soulless and empty, like you shouldnt be in there, that their already closed. Even i