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    Tech and pc enthusiast studying Computer Science. I enjoy coding, modding and gaming and would like any experience in any of the said categories.
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    Some ITX board
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    MSI 2070 Super
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    Sennheiser HD 58X
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    Windows 10
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  1. Sounds like you have a plan! Cable managemant isnt really a skill though, I bet you could do it. its all about showing as little cables as possible and using all of the cable routing holes to your advantage. Go wild with it!
  2. I would buy some cablemod cables and go full OCD on your cable management. Simple, not too expensive, and youll see it everytime you look through your case window
  3. I havent been in the Arma scene in about 3 years, but there are so many different units available to join. When I was looking for a unit to join I just googled for a group that was the branch that I wanted and used the gear that I wanted and applied. Most of them do operations on saturday and trainings on friday. Happy Hunting!
  4. If your graphics drivers arent completely up to date you could use your TV to update them and then try again with your monitor
  5. I share your guy's frustration. I have been through two monitors and am on my third. First the screen flickered, second had a dead pixel and yellow whites. My third has awful color accuracy. I feel like I cant win. I am gonna return this one and try for a fourth. As far as your issue, I would take a microfiber cloth and put something hard behind it, maybe a pen, and rub the display firmly (but make sure the microfiber cloth prevents you from scratching the display). that might get the spot out. If its not a spot and its a dead pixel you can always try UDPixel on it to see if that m
  6. what if you only plug in the third one? still bad rez?
  7. Ive done both to no avail. Ive even done the windows utility to help calibrate brightness and contrast
  8. this is gonna sound really simple but just to make sure, have you updated your graphics card drivers? Maybe try only plugging one display at a time and see what happens?
  9. I loved this monitor! unfortunately I bought an open box and had to get a replacement because of defects, then I had to return my replacement because of defects. I think I got unlucky because the monitor itself really is a beautiful piece of hardware.
  10. So just yesterday I recieved this monitor, the MSI optix MPG341CQRV, and noticed that all of the colors look washed out and dull even compared to my mediocre LG gram screen. I have looked at getting a custom color profile but alas there isnt one that I could find for this monitor. On top of this, when I enable HDR in windows it makes the colors look infinitely more grey and washed out, even when using the monitors HDR profile. Please someone help, I have already had to RMA two monitors before this due to defects, I really dont want to have to return a third. Thank you so much in advance!
  11. so in short the beautiful colors are due to the wide color gamut plus it being able to display in 10 bit? do you think an 8bit panel could come close given a similar gamut?
  12. Ill have to do more research on what the difference is between 10 and 8 bit color, theres probably a techquickie video somewhere
  13. maybe! what is the 'scale' so to speak? and do you know anywhere I can find the color gamut for this screen so I can tell what I'm looking at?
  14. So I'm in my english class right, and today we decided to meet in a library room instead of our regular classroom. I walk in and right in front of the class are these two BEAUTIFUL ~80" displays. Now when I say beautiful, I dont mean in terms of the housing or anythin, I mean the colors. I swear I have never seen such colors on a screen that I can only describe as 'deep'. I have my laptop open right now and looking back and forth between them theres no comparison. I am not sure how to describe what I am seeing and would like some help. I was able to track down the screen as probably the "sharp