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    in my room, watching anime n stuff
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    I'm getting into animation.
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    watching anime

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  1. I don't have an XBOX account.
  2. I just want to play the game.
  3. And delete the current launcher?
  4. The official website. I downloaded the launcher, but downloading the game from there is not working.
  5. I can't download Fortnite. When I try to install the game, a tab pops up and says that there is a corrupt file.
  6. I haven;t watched Evangelion yet, but seeing a clip they do seem similar.
  7. I'm watching Darling in the Franxx and it's entertaining. But the character development in the latest episodes were appallingly mediocre and rushed.
  8. I can't download anything. When I do try, the downloading speed always decreases to 0b/s and stays that way. And I doubt it has anything to do with my laptop. I just got this today and it's a dell inspiron 13 500 series. Can you please help me?
  9. Budget: $500 (can be higher if it is necessary) Uses: General high school work, mostly web browsing Preferences: A new slim laptop with a 13 inch screen Location: Sacramento, California Thank you for taking the time to help me.
  10. It is a G55VW ASUS gaming laptop and it was an update for the windows OS.
  11. Hold on. My brother will give the details.
  12. When I opened my laptop, I was given the choice to update something now or later. Choosing the latter, my screen became black. I waited for minutes, but nothing changed. I've tried shutting down the computer as a solution, but that didn't help at all. The screen is still black! Can you identify the problem and think of a solution?
  13. Is that kid One Punch Man in your profile pic?

    1. NoxiousOdor
    2. AniJan


      it's a kid named Mob. Made from the same creator, and it's a good show. one of my favorites.

  14. can you give a recommendation of a nice wifi adapter for my budget? (can't exceed $800)