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  1. Noctua nh-d14s. Spec sheet lists it at exactly 160mm.
  2. Autel TS501 TPMS scanner. I have a set of summer and a set of winter tires, both with pressure sensors. Usually when I switch tires I just pop on down to my local Discount Tire and the guys there will reprogram my TPMS's with no hassle, they'll tell me to park where you pull up to get air, walk out with their scanner and in all of 3-4 minutes I'm back on the road. Long story short there was a different guy at the counter who was being a bit of a tard wanting me to make an appointment. I declined to make an appointment, went home and ordered this. Got it for $230+ tax on Amazon. There were a few cheaper options from other manufacturers but based on some reviews and forum posts they didn't seem to support my car, 2018 WRX. Their support stopped at the 2017 WRXs with no updates in the past two years for support of the 2018 and 2019 models. After a few minutes of playing around with it seeing what it could do I had my sensors programed.
  3. Check out the Youtube Channel FoundFlix. He does reviews/plot synopsis and explanation videos and he heavily focuses on horror films and prolly has a 100+ horror films. Some of my favorites that I haven't seem people mention. 1408. The Descent. Cabin in the Woods. Ernest Scared Stupid. A Quiet Place. It Follows.
  4. Replacing the front and rear shocks/struts on my sister's 08 Outback. Just got a new skookum impact gun so I'm hoping things go well. Thoughts and prayers welcome.
  5. Nice color. I'm a sucker for purple.
  6. What's the difference between the Hero version and the original 502?
  7. Astro Onyx Nano 1/2" impact gun. Seen this used a bunch on the South Main Auto Repair Youtube channel and it is supposed to pack a lot of bean for such a little guy.
  8. I'm not seeing grey in the areas you circled either.
  9. Screw the haters, eat more during the LAN show, preferably full on open mouthed chewing.
  10. Don't archive 4-8k footage. Save that for a few months then make compressed 1080p video for archive.
  11. Snadzies

    NH-D15 vs D15S

    I see no reason to get a D15 over a D15S especially when you can get a D15S for cheaper. Even if you get a second fan for the D15S and that brings your overall money invested about equal to a standard D15, you'll still get better compatibility with various MB, RAM and GPU combinations with the D15S.
  12. Maybe once a year, if that. So long as my temps are good I let it be.
  13. Everyone has a "Is that what I sound like?!" moment. Long story short, I had surgery on my throat when I was a toddler, surgeon was new, ended up with 1 paralyzed vocal cord. My voice is raspy and soft, though to me it does not sound raspy or soft at all, and I am often mistaken for a female on the phone or am asked if I have a cold, I've even had a couple children as why I talk like a girl (that one is my favorite because of the horrified deer in the headlights look the parents get) but I have no problems with it, to me it is part of what makes me who I am. Maybe you just need to hear recordings of yourself more. I've heard recordings of my voice so many times over the years via home movies, answering machines (just dated myself a bit there), videos of me in school/work functions, dashcam footage, phone recording, that I barely even think about it when I hear myself on playback. Really, if you've made it through the young child through early grade school years, when people haven't yet developed a filter, without someone bringing it up, then your voice isn't as annoying or ugly as you think it is. More importantly, though, if anyone gives you shit about the sound of your voice, then those people can fuck right off. If there is anyone who has any real problems with the sound of your voice, they should be given as much consideration as anyone who would have an issue with the color of your skin, what sex you are, or your nationality.