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    AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
  • Motherboard
    ASUS TUF Gaming X570-plus wifi
  • RAM
    Gskill Ripjaws V 3600mhz cl16
  • GPU
    Asus Strix 1070ti
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    Corsair 450D
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    Inland 500Gb M.2 and Sandisk ultra plus II 256gb
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    Corsair CXM 750
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    1440P ASUS ROG PG278Q
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    Noctua d15S

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  1. I should have just gotten the Ventus 3070 as god knows when a 3070 for an entry level MSRP comes around again, assuming it would have even remained in stock for the 40 minutes it took me to drive to microcenter, which is doubtful. I have a feeling this shortage will persist for a long time, maybe a year or more. Even the 2080ti could never be found for anything close to its entry level price of $1000 dollars the entire 2 years since it was introduced, and most of that was pre pandemic.
  2. I have a 300 dollar gift card from microcenter as I returned a processor a while back and that's what they gave me. I plan on using it for a GPU. The problem is their GPU selection is usually pretty crappy. Consisting of bottom barrel aftermarket GPUs from PNY, Zotac or MSI, highly marked up asus or EVGA cards, or high end after market GPUs that are damn near as expensive as a 3080 would be. I've seen the MSI Ventus 2X in stock briefly, but if I remember right the Ventus cooler was horrible in 1000 and 2000 series cards. I think in the 1080ti and 2080ti they were totally inadequat
  3. Where sre prople finding these 3070/80s? Ive never seen one in stock anywhere for 1 second?
  4. We’ll see. People said the same thing about I5s a few years ago and ive seen people say their 9600k already struggled in bf5 multiplayer. Bf6 devs have more or less stated they will take full advantage of the extra threads the consoles have to increase the scope of the game even more and i doubt theyre the only ones. All im saying is if u plan on keeping a cpu for many years the 9700k isnt a good buy even at 200. I ieep my cpus for at least 3 years. My 4790k lasted me 6.
  5. There's no point in buying a 9900k for 300, as MC has the 10700k for 20 dollars more, and the 10700k performs slightly better at stock, OC's a little better, run's cooler, gives you more mobo options, and can be upgraded with your mobo. The 9700k for 200 could make sense though if someone is on a budget, needs a CPU NOW and doesnt do much multi tasking or streaming, and they can find a decent z390 mobo still in stock for a good price. The 9700k still performs almost as well as any flagship CPU out there now in titles out now, and handily beats anything in the 200 price range.
  6. I wouldnt return the 3070. Its the best GPU selling right now for 1440p. Sure a 2700x might bottleneck it a bit, but that's not the GPU's fault.
  7. As others said, its not that youd get higher fps at 1440p, its that youll get roughly the same fps but at a much prettier rez. I def wouldn't return the gpu. If i was u id go higher rez and maybe upgrade to a 5600x when prices drop. Could also be ram or drivers holding u back some, i mean cl24? Yikes.
  8. A couple things stand out. Theres evidence that zen 3 performs a lot better with 8gbx4 memory than 16gbx2. Also id go for 3600mhz with tighter timings, say 16-16-16-36 if it doesnt blow up your budget too badly. Gamers Nexus did a video on it. Memory matters for Ryzen.
  9. I doubt anyone would go for such a trade unless u sweetened the deal, seeing how a new 3900x costs less than a new 5800x, never mind a used one.
  10. The point of intel is competition to keep prices low and keep amd innovating. Intel also has the chance to be the budget high end gaming alternative thanks to amds price hike.
  11. Microcenter has dropped the price another 20 dollars, so its 200 now. You might be able to get a 20 dollar refund for the price difference. For $350 for a 9700k and an aorus pro mobo Id say you got a good deal if you are willing to upgrade your CPU/mobo in a year or two, since the 9700k is thread limited and this will probably become an issue in the not too distant future. If you are someone that wants to keep your CPU for several years I would have gone with the 9900k for a hundred dollars more since it will probably still edge out or tie a 5600x in gaming and be more future proof than a 9700
  12. I parted with mine this year. I sold it on ebay for $70 dollars less than what I paid for it in 2014, so not a bad run. I honestly dont even notice a difference gaming with my 3700x.
  13. Look at the ryzen 3000 launch. If they were hard to get then, they will be way harder to get now. I honestly dont know how it was since i didnt get my 3700x til march and had no problems.
  14. This is why i buy iphones. Say what u want about apple, but their stuff is well built and reliable. My iphone 7 plus still looks and feels new.
  15. Its so nice to have competition again. Let the discount wars begin. Nvidia really blew it with the 3000 series launch. i have a gsync monitor so m probably stuck getting a 3070, otherwise id go 6800 unless itll work with gsync. Screen tearing sucks.