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    AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
  • Motherboard
    ASUS TUF Gaming X570-plus wifi
  • RAM
    Gskill Ripjaws V 3600mhz cl16
  • GPU
    EVGA FTW3 Ultra RTX 3070
  • Case
    Corsair 450D
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    Inland 500Gb M.2 and Sandisk ultra plus II 256gb
  • PSU
    Seasonic GX-850
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    1440P ASUS ROG PG278Q
  • Cooling
    Noctua d15S

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  1. The Asus Tuf 3070 is now like 30 dollars more then that. I just managed to score an EVGA FTW Ultra 3070 for 680. Which is about as good a price as you can get now for a quality 3070. I'm actually relieved because EVGA is probably gonna do another price hike soon to catch up with the others, and the FTW ultra is probably the best 3070 you can score looking at reviews. I'd also rather deal with EVGA over Asus or anyone else if something isnt right.
  2. Check your vram temps. Ive read gigabytes can run hot. Especially if u mine. Hwmonitor can check vram temps.
  3. Well even at $1050 u cant actually find any in stock. Thats just the msrp.
  4. December it was like 769. Then in jan went up to 869. Then the other day it went up to 1050 which is too rich for my blood.
  5. Unfortunately asus increased their msrp for the 3080s by 200 dollars overnight, so im probably ruling them out. Evga are the vram temps im most interested in.
  6. Thanks. I like their reviews but never noticed vram temps. ill have a look.
  7. Are there any AIB stock 3080s that have good or decent vram cooling? just wondering what cards to avoid and which to get if i want to oeave things as is.
  8. What about EVGA and ASUS? Seems like the TUF and Strix has some pretty over engineered cooling and looking at tear downs of them they seem to focus on VRAM as well.
  9. Even the high end gigabyte 3080s like the Aorus Master and Extreme are having this issue? Or just the Eagle and Gaming?
  10. Exactly. I thought the same thing. Not only did they intentionally underprice the 3000 series knowing they didnt have the capacity to actually sell them, but they also gimped them on VRAM for built in obsolescence. They are playing the long game here at a time they knew their capacity was lacking. Realistically the 3070 should have 10gb of VRAM and the 3080 12 if people want a card that will last a few years, as most people do when they buy a GPU.
  11. This is what I suspected, that GPUs are being shipped to large scale miners. There is no doubt the shortage got substantially worse when Musk threw his weight behind cryptocurrency. I was surprised that the 3060ti completely vanished from inventory, since it seems to be the least appealing of the 3000 series(before the 3060). It's even harder to get than the 3080. Then I found out that was the card miners most preferred, then it was obvious what is driving the worsening shortage.
  12. Do they really shut down all production though? That seems a little unlikely in this day and age.
  13. Can the situation get worse? No 3000 series has been in stock anywhere for over a minute since launch almost half a year ago. Stock radar showed no 3080 or 3070 in stock anywhere in the US for any amount of time, for over 2 weeks. It literally cant get worse.
  14. I was able to order an Asus Tuf 3070 a month ago. In fact I could choose between that and an Aorus Master. I had to cancel it due to a credit card issue but wasnt worried because I figured the situation would improve and I preferred a 3080 anyway. Now the situations gotten a lot worse.
  15. I feel like the situation has actually gotten worse. I used to get regular discord notifications for stock on Newegg, Amazon, Best Buy, B&H etc. Granted I could never add them to my cart and check out fast enough, but at least they were appearing. Now for the past few weeks the notifications have been virtually non existent. In fact I went 2 weeks without a single one. This all happened around the time of Elon Musks public support for crypto currency, so I suspect this is mainly being driven by mining as AIBs sell in bulk to miners.