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  1. With the increase in new and used car prices and difficulty getting parts I've been extra concerned about my cars getting damaged. Hopefully whoever does the value assessment of your car keeps up to date with the markets and gives you a fair amount.
  2. I've been running a frame rate limiter ever since I launched The Sims 2 years ago and the game ran at 4,000+ fps on the splash screens and menus. My graphics card emitted such a horrendous screeching I thought it was going to blow. That was the day I learned what coil whine was.
  3. I got an air hammer not too long ago and I can't believe I ever got by without one.
  4. The 3080 is very power hungry, you very well could be pushing your PSU nearly to its limit. Still, I'd run some CPU stress test and a GPU stress test software before you throw a new PSU into your system just to 100% rule out the CPU and GPU fans/coolers. CPU-Z has benchmarking / stress test capabilities. FurMark is good GPU stress testing software. I'd also try to rule out the case fans by unplugging them one at a time or lightly pressing on the round part in the middle of the fan blades to slow the fans down to see if the noise you hear changes.
  5. A few I haven't seen others mention: My Cousin Vinny The Money Pit Wayne's World Happy Gilmore The Wedding Singer Weekend and Bernie's Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  6. The issue with Subarus and head gaskets were pretty much all from the 2.5 naturally aspirated engines up until about 2008 or so. They used a single layer gasket where as the turbo versions used a multi layer steel gasket. There are many multi layer steel gasket replacements from the aftermarket available for NA 2.5s and I think that some OE turbo gaskets fit the NA as well.
  7. I went from an MSI 980 to an EVGA 3080 XC3 UG. The fins on the 980 ran the length of the card and allowed it to exhaust some of the air out the back of the case. The fins on the 3080 run the width of the card and the opening of the back plate is pretty blocked so most of the air stays in the case. The cooler/fins on the 3080 stick out a bit past the PCB but not as much as some other cards The difference in CPU temps have been 1-3c higher at idle and ~5c higher at load. I think this has more to do with how much more power the 3080 uses than with the cooler design
  8. I know friends and family who use diet/sugar free pop for their cocktails and like it so there is no reason not to try it. Avoiding HFC isn't hard as by no means do you need to mix alcohol with pop. Fruit juices like orange juice, apple juice, grape juice are popular. You can mix up some Kool-aid or lemon-aid or something and use real sugar. Cocktails are about experimenting and finding what works for you.
  9. If you're trying to drink incognito do a cocktail with similar colored liquids. Rum or whiskey and coke. Sprite/7up and silver (clear) rum. Vodka and tonic. This way you can make the drink as light or as stiff as the situation dictates.
  10. Grab the cooler and give it a good wiggle to see if it is loose. Don't be dainty, the cooler needs to be on tight so don't be afraid to really move the thing so you are confident it is on there, I've had issues with the push pins on the stock cooler looking and feeling like they are secure but one of them actually being not quite completely secure causing a bad mount and high temps.
  11. Are the fans on the card running? Very often with the last few generations of cards they will shut off the fans if the card is under 60c. You should be able to change this if you want with programs like MSI Afterburner, Radeon Pro, and such.
  12. You can even search by max card length and slot width.
  13. Yep, sounds like Nintendo. For a company that makes game consoles they really don't get how people use technology and consume content. Friends codes, aversion to voice chat, game purchases tied to the console and are non transferable rather than to your account, can't post youtube videos of their games unless you join their partners program and give them 30-40% of the ad revenue. Nintendo is like your non gaming relative who calls all game consoles a Nintendo.
  14. That looks like an MSI cooler. I'd contact MSI and see if they can give you the torque specs for the cooler on your GPU. Looking around a bit 0.4nm-0.5nm or about 5inch pounds seems common for other GPU coolers
  15. I would love an EV but for me the biggest hurdle is the price. Used you can get a fun sporty car for $5,000 to $15,000 no problem with new easily being $25,000 to $35,000. EVs tend to start at the top end of those price ranges and those are the low end, bear bones daily commuters.