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  1. betting 2070s perf and 329 should have been 2070s msrp, wasted 4 years waiting
  2. any phones could do that i had my nokia e65 perfectly playing gba a decade ago
  3. the issue is how you dispose of it even you are using the item for 50 years as oppose buying one every year, its just a delay of time , total wastage is same
  4. in fact I am feeling prices wont drop even if demand is plenty, expecting mid ~late 2022 till new gen ....
  5. like amd r5 3600 is still $200 rarely found, the new 5600x is $300 with $100 more markup by shops, making 2x cost for only a gen improvement, by that itself is already ridiculous, same markup on rtx3000
  6. due to high demand in cpu and gpu, amd isnt going to release any more lower end lines for now, so they can max their profit, also nvidia... would it be a wise choice to pick last gen stuff in current stock issue? eg i5 10400, rx5600 etc
  7. ram is totally a addon just like screws, can be many or a few on same product
  8. if it does exactly same thing at same pase who cares the architecture
  9. but ray trace performance barely improved
  10. 3080ti its said to be cancelled so you cant buy that too
  11. similarly rtx3060ti would be refresh of 2080s ? since they have basically same performance