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  1. what do you mean by short? if so something is most likely to be burned, or some safety function/jumper forcing shutdown
  2. given that tx-m , mwe v2 are some known goodish psu , and i could grab them much cheaper in hk... id like to find alternatives if possible , as shipping is costly also voids warranty . and heard aussie elec bill is exp, and 240v+ household electricity, 80+gold quality psu sounds safer
  3. but you somehow have a 9700k sell 9700k then or win it back do you have small aluminium plate/cup, add little water as heatsink
  4. forget the old tuf model, focus on new tuf PRO S, the b450 released after b550 launch
  5. bought a rew router, ax58u with a usd3.0 port , 2tb drive connected, allows all permission in router settings all pc can read the files, under this pc >network location. although it needs to copy file every time...and sometimes says not enough space in "IE" main issue is i cant save files to it
  6. backup your files reset the pc , you may choose keep your files too
  7. cpu ram and mobo simply you dont actually know if the cpu is weaker, and basically any mobo should work. also ram speed arent so effective only for.intel cpu and it wont overheat in any cases, so try finding a ram without heatsink if you can
  8. price in aus not talking ablout 10% gst
  9. planning to build a few pc in Aus, but prices there are quite high compared to HK here, which are good psu and good deals? looking for 550~650w 80gold, and good ones currently own a tx550m, and couldnt find cm mwe v2 listed anywhere... https://au.pcpartpicker.com/products/power-supply/
  10. asus is know to be costly the carbon wifi ac is just an avg mobo glued with wifi, nothing special
  11. best way is disconnect it from wall when not used, at least the drives are saver i will preiodically backup data to external drives / cloud, so it not a total loss rip the server
  12. also galax HOF are white