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  1. I was speaking in general. Remember that they are other readers. You can put exceptions on anything. One might visit Microsoft website only, and doesn't have an email, or backed by a enterprise firewall. At a general level, it is unsafe, and you have an opening in your home network. Latest web browsers don't run, many anti viruses don't run either. Windows malicious software removal tool isn't an anti-virus or anti-malware. It only detects select wide spread malware mostly to try and kill Zombies computers. Computers that are infected, the user doesn't know, and does nothing until a switch is turned on remotely and when is part of executing attacks. Now you know how DDoS are done. It is compromised system which, remotely set to aimed at a site or server to take down via DDoS. You have hundred or even thousands (depends on how much you'll pay) of computers run in the attack. Sometimes a compromised computer is used as proxy to attack a site or government or company... and then you get the police on your door as you are fully exposed, not the attacker. And you have 0 idea of anything. It is critical to have all your software fully updated, including your OS.. whether it is Windows, MacOS/OSX or Linux based OS. , an be behind a good, well configured, fully updated router (yes, routers do get hacked Again, all automated attacks with no target in mind)
  2. Well..... yes and no.... Windows XP is so old that its security flaws are well documented. In fact, when Windows XP was released (about) Microsoft said that they need to restart from scratch as Windows XP is not secure for the "world of tomorrow" in online connectivity. That is why project Longhorn or as we know it Vista, took 6 years, and still needed a few more years in the works. Windows XP security issues are well documented, and too many to fix. You have automated attacks. In fact, if you run Windows XP, you'll notice that a great majority of applications, just to discourage you of using this, now, shitty OS, blocks you installing/running under XP. Firefox, Chrome, and a bunch of others don't. Many sites will even block you, just for you to upgrade. XP is that bad. If you want to use an old OS, at least, as we speak, don't go bellow Vista.
  3. 64-bit CPUs appeared on the consumer market with the AMD Athlon 64 during XP days. It was Microsoft first attempt (with Server 2003) to bring the technology WOW64. or Windows on Windows 64, which got improved in Vista. It was there for people who would need to run 64-bit applications. It wasn't widely available, it had to ordered, because it virtually had little to no drivers made for it, and those who did make WinXP 64 drivers foor their hardware did more of a half ass job than anything. For the lack of SATA drivers, see above, and also Windows XP doesn't know what SATA is. It doesn't know what PCI-E is, and same for many other technologies in your system today. Windows XP was released in 2001, and it is really Windows 2000 released in late 1999. XP was a response to MacOS X, so within 1 year, they took Windows 2000, added compatibility mode (which was crap, probably due that it was done in a rush), nice help document, some concept to make search helpful (XP dog), added a skin, and faster startup speed, and a few things here and there. That is pretty much it. Both version of Windows had the same updates until SP2 of XP.
  4. vega

    Well in OP defense, yours is on height which wasn't clear.. this one is one different chip manufacture.
  5. No. He has the Retail license. You can resale those.
  6. By opening the box you killed the value. As the buyer has no guaranty that you copied the key and sold it to others, or use it yourself later on deactivating their license as it gets activated somewhere else. Because of this, value of the license drops significantly to a few dollars. And amount that is so low that people are willing take the chance,
  7. vega

    The only variation I see, is if the specs don't actually match (like latency), or overclocking (but that varies between chips from the same manufacture)
  8. Privacy has not really changed between Windows 8.x and Windows 10. The only difference is that the options were put front sand center, privacy policy was written in plain English, and Windows 10 is popular. So it got people attentions, and because it attacked views, you had countless click-bait articles. Microsoft mistake was that they didn't mention all the details due to the conversion to plain language. But Microsoft has since setup a page telling you everything that they collect in details: Since, this has calmed the public, when they realized that actually no personal information is sent, and everything makes sense (You use OneDrive? Your files will be on Microsoft servers and therefor have access to it for backup, and syncing between its data centers, obviously, and things like that). So, look through the privacy policy if you want, and if you are comfortable upgrade to Windows 10. If at some point in time you had the Get Windows 10 app, your copy of Windows 10 was likely reserved already, so you can upgrade for free. Before proceeding to the upgrade (ignore if you plan to do a clean install instead): Make sure that ALL your drivers are fully updated, including chipset, networking, and audio. My recommendation: Uninstall your security software (install it back after Windows 10 has been successfully upgraded... normally it is no problem, but it's been found some of them, with specific versions, has bugs and makes them act up during the upgrade process and screws up the upgrade process). This excludes Windows Defender, of course. If you plan to do a clean install. Make sure your system is configured properly (UEFI mode enabled, CSM disabled, Secure boot enabled, etc.) Install Windows 10 as normal. If Windows setup can't find your drive, it is simply missing the SATA controller drivers. Insert your motherboard disk and their will be inside somewhere, and click on "Load Drivers" blue link on the same screen in the setup, and pick the correct .inf file, and it should detect your drive. Windows 10 will ask you for a product key. You'll have the option "I don't have one" (or something like this), and this will resume the setup. Your key is a Windows 8 key, not 10 so it won't work here. Once in Windows 10, go to Start > Settings (Gear icon) > Update & Security > Activation, and you'll have the option somewhere to put in a product key. Now put the Windows 8 one, and it should activate. If not, do a phone activation, and someone will help you. Check for updates, once done, install any missing drivers, and anything you want to make sure it is the latest versions, and you are ready to go. Privacy options will be prompted to you at the first startup of Windows, and it tells you what affects what. And you can view them under Start > Settings (gear) > Privacy
  9. vega

    In the end, I am sure they all have the same performance. Same as your RAM. No matter the manufacture, as long as the specs matches, the performance is identical. This is still not as bad as Samsung using different CPU between US (or is it NA or just US/Canada?) and the rest of the world market on its flagship Galaxy phones. Snapdragon and Samsung very own Exynos SoC, where performance isn't exactly the same.
  10. Anyway, if you don't like what Verizon is doing switch providers. Simple as that. You are free to switch to another company. Stop buying phones in debt, so that you are not locked into some contract. Buy is full once (your plans drop in price considerably, and pick the plans you want), and you can switch provider each month if you want. And you not being locked to a provider, you will notice how they'll behave differently when you call to cancel. You'll get discounts, ignore surcharges, and free upgrades, just so that you stay with them. It works everywhere. In Europe, the concept of not buying your phone in full day 1 doesn't make sense, and look at the competition that has built-up from it. The consumer has the power.
  11. Surface RT, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 where black. Surface 2, Surface 3, Surface Pro 3 and the rest where/are 'magnesium color'
  12. Does not meet posting guidelines: Thread moved.
  13. Nha, it is psychological play. It is like they do in flyers where they show 3 same items of different prices where it is to make you buy the mid one. For example, windshield wipers. They you show you 3 products (even though they might sale many other models), one super cheap ones, one middle one, and one over priced, you pick the middle one. Same with all Surface line product. The base line is shit for your money, the max is over priced to the next level, and most people buy the 1-2 mid range model, as in reality the mid range ones which give you decently good value for your money and the one that they want to sale. In the end, you probably spend a bit more than your budget, but justified yourself that the lower end one is just total crap, and the higher end one is ludicrously expensive (which are true). They make the most of the mid range model, few of the lowest end and highest end models, but the few where their needs are meant with those side models have a system for them. But in all honestly, for many Intel graphics is enough even for the Surface Book, so why not have that option. I do expect a 4GB model and Core M CPU to push the above point for the lowest end model. Remember that you need an Nvidia graphics card that is actually faster than Intel's, else your are wasting power (affects battery life powering a chip that consumes more power than Intel integrated graphics but equally as fast). Not all Nvidia graphics solution on the low end are more powerful than Intel's.
  14. Vivid HD means that the graphics solution either will not alter the colors of your games, or over saturates them to rich "vivid" As for HD, well 720p is technically HD.
  15. This post does not meet the posting guidelines: Quote the whole or near whole article is plagiarism. And you should explain the news in your own words. Use quote to support or complete what you are saying..