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  1. Windows 10 what is "system" process in task manager?

    "System" is the kernel of Windows, with it's linked core components, it includes your installed Drivers. Usually if you see something strange with System, and the system was not infected by something, it is usually driver related. Now the problem comes to: Which driver?
  2. Windows 10 S is so annoying!

    The point of Windows 10 S is that you don't have an A/V beside Windows Defender. Any program you can download MUST be from the Windows 10 Store. App approved and checked by Microsoft. If you want to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, then go to: Start > Settings > Update & Security > Activation > Upgrade your edition of Windows > Go to Store. Once you upgrade, you can't go back, but you can emulate the same experience, by going: Start > Settings > Apps > Apps & Features. At the top under "Installing apps", you can set it to: "Allow apps from the Store only". And from now on, from this point on, any ELSE that is wants to run or install that is outside of the store, will not run. You'll get the same style of pop-up message. Currently installed programs that were installed outside of the Store, will still function just fine, as if they came from the Store.
  3. Can windows theme files be dangerous

    Well what do you mean by "Themes"? If you are talking about *.themes files as in Windows official format, which are Windows 7 and up themes files which are nothing more than a compressed files that contain backgrounds, with maybe sounds, and cursors, those are fine. Assuming that you don't get them from a sketchy site that might have discover a security hole and exploits it. If you are talking about stuff like WindowsBlinds themes system, those are fine too. If you are talking about tools that hack Windows, to install an actual new look of Windows, then not only you are taking potentially a risk of containing a virus or other malware related things it might do like open security holes, but more concerning, and more likely to be case than security is issues when it comes with Windows Update. A new update of the OS might lead to a broken OS, and you might require to clean install.
  4. Why is this Tech News? We have a thread for Windows Insider Builds, you can talk about here, it is even pined. "Known issues" are NOT what to be expected from the official release of the OS. Why is this even mentioned? Features are not final until the the update is released Thread does not even meet posting guidelines of the Tech News Section: Title does not match the content and focus of the thread. - Thread locked -
  5. Bluescreening

    Usually BSODs or bluescreens, are problems that Windows cannot solve or even manage. This usually caused by one of the following: Driver problem Security software problem Hardware problem (faulty or conflicting or simply failed. Hardware failing might be correctable. For example, if temperature are too high, the chip might shutdown due to its emergency shutdown system. Improving the cooling to the chip in some way, will solve the problem) Without more details we can't help you. What is the blue screen error/stop code? What you are looking for, when it happens again, is the stuff written in the red box bellow: In the above fictional example, the BSOD code, or Stop code or error code (whatever you want to call it): is PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA with the file: AcmeVideo.sys Using a problem that will go through the dump files, it can pull out the BSODs error code you previously had. Here is a free tool that does this job: https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/blue_screen_view.html It's old, but works. Be sure to download the 64-bit version. - Moved to Troubleshooting -
  6. Zotac has the worst customer support so far.

    For cooling, yes. But for reliability... unless you get the premium cards, and even then on some brands/models, then no. They'll get noisy and break, due to the tiny motor they are restricted to. It's fine for many people as they tend to replace their card every 2-3 years in any case, but if you plan on keeping it for 5-7 years (say play to pass down the hardware to someone else), you want it to last.
  7. Zotac has the worst customer support so far.

    Amazon will do everything so that you continue to shop at their website. That is the key of their success (and as a result makes little profits compared to revenue, but the company is a long term thinking one. They hope you get Prime and Kindle and so on to help them out with the profits). So yes, they'll most likely give you back your money. by the way, Amazon is the few places that handles themselves the support chat service. But what I wanted to say, is that is a... nice.. way of saying what Zotac does. I mean they do much more work than that, but yea. I mean they are not to the scale of EVGA or ASUS or MSI where they go crazy, and have to work with limited resources in a high competitive world with low margins. But yea...
  8. Realtek

    Oh, I forgot to mention, Realtek does NOT sale directly to customers. Hence their wonderful, state of the art, web 2.0, website. They do, what is called: B2B, or Business to Business, they sales to other companies large orders. For example, they might sale their wireless chip to Linksys, which might use them in several of their products. Linksys might even do their own custom firmware/drivers for it, to deliver a product that better fit the goals, or see it that they push the chip in a different fashion with their years of experience in optimization to deliver a better product out of the hardware.
  9. Zotac has the worst customer support so far.

    By the way @DrBonesMcCoy, Always CALL the company. NEVER use e-mail (well, for most companies). Usually, e-mail and chat is managed by a third party company. And they have reports that they generate (asthis is their goals or sales pitch promise to the company) like "We have solved x amount of problems thanks to our wonderful support. They were 500 incidents that were RMA that were "solved" thanks to our support service, as they were not truly broken cards! Look at the wonderful service we offer! More money Please! Renew our contract please!". When you CALL, while you can still end up with a third party company, many times you get the company itself, or a different company that handle those and they have other goals that doesn't relate to reduction in warranty claims and such. A big problem in companies, is service consistency. Employee on a bad day, shitty employee that should be fired, or someone new that doesn't know everything can lead to false information, or poor chose of wording. Often you can call back to try and get someone different, don't mention the previous call, and you'll be surprised by the different results. This one is a tip. Remember Be NICE on the phone. Anyone in retail space (that is anyone working with customers directly), will tell you how shitty their job is. Not because the job in itself sucks (beside being pushed to the next level for sales, these days, if their job involves sales), but that they get constantly people that insults you, scream, makes scenes thinking they are the king/queen of the world or complain to you like you are the owner and YOU are being shitty/bad person and should be put in jail, while you are just doing the job, informing the customer of the company policies, even if they are shitty one. It is demoralizing and depressing. You are the massive filter to the company. You have to take it all, and you must (else you are fired) keep that smile on the face, and don't say a single potentially seen bad word (as you represent the company you work for). That is why retail jobs usually high turn over jobs (this means people come in, do a few months or years, and leaves). So when you are super nice, it feels nice to them, and they MIGHT go above and beyond for you. For example, say the company really can't do anything as you are out of warranty on a product (taking a different example from your situation), they might give you a coupon code for 30 or even 50% off (if they have such thing) on your next product if you order from the company site. Sure its not a replacement, but sure beats speeding the full amount on the same product to replace it, and now you can get something else, or a better model that you could not normally be able to afford. Anyway, just an example.
  10. Realtek

    Realtek makes: Very low cost audio chips. That is why nearly every motherboard and systems uses it. If it's not that, it is IDT which are worst sounding and even cheaper chips. Even motherboard with marketed as "Creative Sound Blaster" are really just RealTek chip with Creative Labs codec and drivers, where they do additional sound processing to make the chip sound better to the masses (and usually pick the better RealTek chips). Ethernet controller chips, which are powered by many devices. Wireless chips of all kind, from networking to Bluetooth to general purposes ones Card reader chips (microSD/SD/etc... card reader I mean) Digital TV Demodulator processor chips LCD panel controller chips Some misc. chips like circuitry clock chips They are a pretty big company
  11. New PC how to properly install win 10

    Better make a new thread if you have having issues, else you'll just have me. And I am not always available for quick replying. If it is related to Windows 10 installation, sure you can post here. If it related to the UEFI, make a new thread, you'll get faster replies. You can always PM me as well, but again, depending on the time, and question, you might need to wait a couple of hours.
  12. Zotac has the worst customer support so far.

    Just a note guys: Every country has its own rules regarding warranty. Usually, for Europe based countries, it is with the seller, and the seller will deal with the manufacture after. In North America, it is common that you deal with the manufacture directly as a consumer (or a company representing under license the company name product), after the store return period ends. (well, you can still do a warranty claim within the store return period, but usually it is a silly, as you tend to have a refurbished product... why do that, when you can have a new one by exchanging it at the retail store. (I don't recommend doing a simple exchange as it doesn't reset the return period. I suggest to do a return, and buying it again as it does reset it, despite doing 2 transactions. ) Both have their ups and downs.
  13. What are the benefits for Bash for Windows?

    Oh, 1 limitation is that if you close the command prompt window where you have a background process running in it, it will be killed. It doesn't support background process. So if you run a web server, you run it on a window, and might be best to move that window into a virtual desktop and leave it there, so that you don't close it by accident. It is a current limitation. I don't think it is high in the list to support it, due to the complications and the fact that this is not meant to be a server. This is just for devs. If you are genuinely interested, you can check Windows Subsystem for Linux blog here: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/wsl/ You'll get to read on what is new and what is being worked on, and how to do some things.
  14. New PC how to properly install win 10

    Pleasure! Surprisingly no. I had to check the manual of the board to confirm. They do have a software for Windows to access it, but that is useless, as you can do it through Windows in any case. If they are no OS found, usually, as the system can't do anything in any case, have an instruction that displays to go in the UEFI even if Fast Boot it enabled, and Delay was set to 0sec. Fast Boot and Delay option can be enabled/set or disabled at any time.
  15. What are the benefits for Bash for Windows?

    Yup! You can have both Ubuntu and OpenSuse and any other Linux distro that wants to join in (it is all open), and you can remove 1 of of them, or all. And you can completely disable, remove the whole thing (it is all turned off by default, so you just repeat the same thing but you uncheck the boxes you previously checked) Note: Typo fixed on my previous post