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  1. Thanks for the update! Glad you found out what it was. That is why we don't auto-lock old threads. It is to allow nice updates like this.
  2. This post does not meet the posting guidelines: As a result, it has been moved out from the Tech News Section. You need to include original input, explain the news for instant, especially that you are bringing multiple sources. It should also include quote(s) from your source(s), which completes or support what you are saying in your explanations.
  3. If you have audio issues, or CPU spike issues or Edge crash when accessing the Settings panel with this latest build, MS shares a fix: 1- Go to: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Spectrum 2- Delete PersistedSpatialAnchors folder 3- Restart your PC. If you can't delete the folder (it says that it i in used), restart your system and try again.
  4. Better in what way?
  5. huh I thought it was more... Well the console is definitely larger, and not something you put in your pocket. The ultimate question is if people still care about this. Well I think it will depend on the success of the Switch, and if people are still interested in mobile device. I doubt Nintendo knows at all, to be honest. I think they'll still support the 3DS until the Switch sales are good, and people aren't buying 3DS games anymore, with re-enforcement of market research saying that people aren't interested in such console. If Nintendo decides to kill the 3DS, expect a Switch 1.5 with a faster chip, longer battery life (thanks to technological advancements), of course that would 2-3 years from now.
  6. Moved to 'Console Gaming' section Currently, it will not replace the 3DS. The biggest issue is battery life (not to mention size). The day Nintendo can do, at an affordable level, a smaller form factor and has really good battery (same as 3DS), it will replace the 3DS.
  7. While this is very cool and nice. This kind of news should be seen as PR, as it is one. This is like me saying: GoodBytes is the best mod in the world. He is the winner of 3x GoodByte's Global Mod Awards. While exciting (at least to me), it has little value in reality. Now, if it was a third party, trustworthy, well known security group, completely independent, then yea, that some news worthy news. But that is just my opinion.
  8. The controller setup will really depend on the grip you have. For example, due to the shape of the controller with the WiiU Pro controller, reaching Y and B button is hard, but no problem for X and A button. I have 0 problem with the WiiU gamepad which has identical layout. So I like to wait, try and see.
  9. You guys will love this. So, you know the Switch comes with the joycon grip... well it is actually not the same one as the one that you can buy separately, and shown in adverts. The one in all adverts that you see is the Joycon Power Grip. It features a USB port and can charge the joycons. The one in the box is just a plastic shell. You need to put the Joycons on the Switch itself to charge them. The good news is that the Joycons have 20h of battery life... at least what Nintendo says. In better news, Jim Sterling found a way to have Nintendo Japan and Nintendo of America fight for copyright claim, and as a result, Nintendo can't monetize on the video of others, as YouTube holds the money until the dispute is settled with all 3 parties. The beutty of big large corp in action right here.
  10. Actually, I looked at MarryKate video, and the game version they saw on the Switch was the one identical to the E3 of last year, just on the switch. The frame drop only happens when dock and you go over grass, where you have a lot of grass. This issue could have been long fixed by now, for all we know. The WiiU version looks uglier. It has lower resolution textures, no bump-mapping, and color compression on textures and effects. You can see the shaders being simplified on the WiiU a bit,.
  11. Cool, agreed, and why they didn't talk about Virtual Console games... I mean it is the easiest solution to solve game shortage, but i guess there was no time for this as we needed people coming on stage, just to say "Yup.. we are working on something... we got nothing to show you..", not to mention that many translators (basically everyone, beside Bill Trinen) where not very good, to put it nicely. The whole presentation should have been in English, I mean this is the biggest market (North America), and many people in European countries knows English. To me the whole Switch console... I feel this the going on at Nintendo: The console was designed by the young team, brought new ideas, and better understand of the market, but in typical Japanese business culture, the seniors don't like it one but as it was not their ideas, and do everything to make this console fail, as they are too proud to admit defeat. I hope I am totally wrong. But to me it doesn't make sense.. the console was perfectly targeted, excellent ideas. People got super excited, and now senior staff got pissed off, and go "Ok we need to make this bad... let's push the console to be 50$ more, paid online (and I bet you it will be crap... I mean chat and voice chat will be done on your smartphone... brilliant"), let's not talk about all the games to be released, no Virtual Console, make the younger Nintendo developers/producers on stage look like idiots.. sigh... I don't know.. I hope I am totally wrong.
  12. Thank you. Looks to be in the norms. It will depend on the manufacture if they want to cover you or not for replacement which may be the same. Backlight bleeding is sadly something to live with tablet, laptops due to their thinnest, and consumer grade monitors. You really need to go high-end on the consumer market to have a minimal amount. Then the next step higher is professional grade monitors, and those are a lot costly.
  13. If you want to design circuit boards, embedded system, processors (CPUs, GPUs, Controllers, etc,) -> Computer Eng. or Electric Eng. (software development knowledge required for this field, 'cause you'll be coding chips and circuits to pass through simulators, to execute tests that you develop as well. Software programming courses are included in your degree) If you want to design electric networks in home, house, city, and be part of large electric distribution or managerial systems -> Electric Eng. What to work in the telecommunication field, in designing networks of various kinds? -> Communications Eng. Please consult your Academic Advisor from the school you'll attend to know where to go. This is the job of your academic advisor I think Computer Engineer is where you should go. Please note, that in the field, for companies like Nvidia, Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, and so on, when a company says "Electric Engineer (EE) degree required", this also includes Computer Engineering. Beside, in the end it doesn't matter. your resume should reflect your passion in working in the field when you apply, even if you have a a degree in psychology, if you show your deep knowledge and passion during the first interview, you are good on the second interview. Of course, having the right degree helps hugely (please note that Engineering fields related to anything computers should be considered as "New" fields, and therefore every university is different, some might have different options. Like for me, in Computer Science, my university of choice, had as option: web, gaming, software system, hardware system, business IT, general, and maybe 1-2 more that I don't recall. Please consult your Academic Advisor before to know which option is the best for you)
  14. Your camera is set to auto. As it thinks that the image is so far, it illuminate like CRAZY, amplifying the problem. Please set your camera to manual, with settings that reflects what you see in real life.
  15. Moved to Display forum section. Picking the right forum section for your questions results in better answers as people that are more knowledgeable in certain area, check more their areas of expertise.