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  1. In my book, regardless of the phone requirement, Google knows that the majority of Android users are stuck on old versions of their OS, and they never cared about it. Heck, their very own phones has ONLY 3 years of support, where it is 2 years of OS updates, and 1 year after that of only security updates. Microsoft with it's dead phone supported it for a solid 4 years, and Apple has 6 years of not only security updates but OS updates. While I don't know the details on market share, I think their app should support Android 4.2 or 4.4 and up, at the very least.. or you know.... web browser. Is it that hard to make a website with an image and a text box calling the very same web APIs that the app on the phone calls via JavaScript? I don't think so.
  2. Just a note to all, BIOS boot time is difficult to measure, because it is dependent on the GPU, which is may wait for. So, the easiest way to measure is from the moment you press the power button and not wait for the image that appears, which is also mixed by the monitor wake up time. Yes you include your GPU boot time, but easier to measure. With Windows 8/10, decent SSD, with fast boot enabled, and fats startup, you should get close to 5sec. Add extra time if you have a dedicated GPU. As no reviewer measure GPU boot time, no graphics card manufacturer cares.
  3. Well the reality of things, is that for many people, the only thing they really need is a decent GPU (assuming the PSU has a PCI-E power connector), and they are ready to game. Sure they might have a Core i5 Quad Core, or even i3... but it is plenty to have a nice enough 60fps experience at medium high settings with a decent GPU (assuming they are on a desktop). They don't need to get a GeForce 2080 Super Ti Duper GDDR6 MX SE Plus+ FTW. And remember, that RedDead Redemption 2 and Destiny 2 are limited to 1080p resolution with Google service (not to mention image is compressed, even on the games that runs at 4K) as noted by Digital Foundry; you are not getting a better experience with Stadia in comparison of just buying a med range GPU.
  4. Your graphics card needs 12V, 3.3V and 5V lanes to operate, like many other components on your system. As long as your motherboard and PowerSupply is able to deliver those to your graphics card, then it will work. What your power supply (PSU) does, is convert 100 to 220V to those 12V, 3.3V and 5V. So as long as your PSU is multi-region (most are.. they either automatically detect or have a switch, usually red that you need to flip. But best to double check before assuming). Anything after the PSU, is all following one of the PC standard (usually and most cases ATX)
  5. If I would need to do that, then I would get a Switch. If I had a gaming PC, then I would use Steam... heck, being local network, you can even use Remote Desktop, and still get reasonable experience. This service is more for people who want to play 'PC games' without spending the money on a gaming PC. Sadly, depending on where you are, you most likely, as a residential home, don't have an actual good internet connection, let alone unlimited data cap without throttle, which is only availible at some locations in US and Canada. So it is nice that it works at some places that have lovely fiber and unlimited everything, but that is not the reality for home users... at least in US and Canada... but I am sure in many other regions as well around the world. And if you can afford the price of a solid and rapid internet connection, with the router to deliver that service across your home, then you have the money for a gaming PC... and now the games that you purchase won't disappeared next day, because Google decided that it didn't like the background color of the website anymore.
  6. I don't see how Stadia can work. You are buying full price games (old games too), which are cheaper elsewhere, and if Google cancels the service (like cancel many other things at the sign of any trouble instead of investing) then you just lost 60$ US Its gone, you have nothing. At least with Microsoft's streaming service (Project xCloud), albeit in beta, you pay a flat monthly fee, Netflix style, and you play what you want in the available lib of games. Yes, I know that both have latency issues, but the business model of Google, makes no sense to even get attention.
  7. Just do a System Restore, and bring your system back in time before you modified the registry. Personal files should not be affected.
  8. Actually, the more problematic thing is carrying issues from Win7 to Win10. If the system had a virus, then you are looking at reinstalling in any case. Remember that anti-virus only removes the infection, it doesn't repair system filed and changes done by the virus, if any. So just that, might screw up the upgrade process, or possibly still exposes you against security issues currently on Win7. I say 'may' and 'if any' as they are thousands of type of viruses and they all do different things. Some are nothing beside bitcoin (or whatever) mining, or shows ads or redirects web pages, (basically crosses the malware line), or actually does serious things or a combination of things. Also, you have no guarantee that updating to Win10, will keep you access to the OMNI account thingy. So best to get resolved first, and then clean install Win10
  9. Not necessarily. USB headphones uses its own sound chip circuit and DAC. That sound chip can be superior or inferior to what you have in your system. If you compare with most motherboard. built-in sound cards, against a decent pair of USB headphones, then usually you'll get superior sound as usually motherboard manufactures uses the cheapest DAC and circuit design they can get... even on premium boards. If you have a dedicated sound card, good chance that you won won't get a superoir sound, if your headphones has both USB and 3.5mm connector.
  10. Hmm intresting. This may have to do with the update being very small, and not a full on version release. It something I need to see on my work computer (as it isn't on Insider program) once the Update Assistance is released or the version is out for it.. whichever comes first. The other option is to do a System Restore (go back in time) before the update.
  11. So might be best to post in the feedback hub, and do a roll back. I see others complaining on USB 3.0 ports, but has 0 details on it... maybe they meant 3.1 instead of 3.0 so it isn't clear.
  12. How about uninstalling the driver, restart the system and get the drivers again (just to rule out the basics).
  13. There is only one use I found that is valuable. Texting while driving. You get a message, it reads to you, and you can reply. No need to look the phone.