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  1. Looks like the full source code wasn't leaked. From BetaArchive Admin:
  2. Good question. I don't know.
  3. Seeing that Microsoft is making more and more things open source, and that eventually everyone will be on Windows 10, so no money coming in from sales, it would indicate that probably Windows will eventually be open source, like Android. Microsoft will make its money, similarly to Android, with the Store, Office, services (Cortana, Bind ads, OneDrive, Skype, Groove Music, etc.), and support. They'll probably sale certified and supported via Windows Update of Windows. And if someone wants to make its own distro.. they can, but of course it can't use Windows Updates, unless the code is the same as the official one, and then it will be Similarly to Android, although you'll face with the same problems, where distros take time to get security updates or even never get them, because it isn't stock Windows.
  4. Beta Archive says it is linked. They hacked, released the source code, got visibility after a few days after their arrest,
  5. Looks like arrests already taking place:
  6. Wow... I wonder if it is related to this: Honestly, seeing how Microsoft is pushing for Windows 10 for free. I mean, assume that Windows 10 has 90%+ of Windows market share, something that will happen over time.. It is inevitable that I see that Windows will be open sourced. We already see Microsoft is going more and more open source by making more and more things, well open source. They'll make money similarity to Android and Linux. In Microsoft case, they'll make money with the consumers with Office, ad platform, Store, OneDrive, etc. similarly to Google with Android. And Microsoft will make its money with the enterprise, simialrly to Linux based OS like RedHat, where they'll sale certified builds of the OS, and support (and of course, Office in MS case) I think they were hopping that the build the Store first, build further Azure platform to reach #1 spot, and have Bing more competitive thanks to Cortana and Edge (which includes Cortana) before doing this. Like this, they have a complete ecosystem in place with many products that consumers uses. That, or they'll scrap Windows 10, and work on Windows 11 from scratch, like they have done with Vista.
  7. Moved to OS > Windows It is best to post your questions on teh right forum section to get the best helps. The Forum is big, and most people who are knowlegeable tend to stick to the forum section where the can contributes. Please take a moment before posting your question to pick, what you believe is the best forum section your question fits in it. Thank you!
  8. Unless there are chips that needs to be cooled like the initial GPUs in the days where back plates started, it is more for decorative purposes than anything. Reference designs GPUs these days don't need it as they have no chip on the back, if I am not mistaken... Things are getting more and more efficient. It MIGHT help if you do extreme overclocking.. but standard overclocking, nha, I highly doubt it.
  9. Now I am confused. I though we were talking about resolutions not being able to be achieved due to DisplayPort. As for SP: I would wait for the Surface Pro 5 (MS said that they didn't call it Surface Pro 5 because there is not enough innovation to justify the new name). I think the Surface team was mostly busy with XBox One X (they made the XBox One S as well, that is why the XBox doesn't have the traditional look of being big bulky, and looking at the inside, it looks like a mess where parts where just thrown in), and the Surface Laptop. I expect the Surface Pro 5 to have: USB Type-A + USB Type-C Thunderbolt (3 or 4 if it comes out in time) OLED display, or HDR enabled IPS panel with several color space modes like Adobe RGB color calib. BUT, keep in mind that the SP Core i5 is fanless, and I expect that once Intel releases less heat producing CPUs that even the i7 will be fanless. So, throttling under extended load will be an issue regardless. Unless they decide to keep the i7 with a fan regardless, but of course, look at the price of the i7 model.. not cheap. So you need to get: i7 model + Keyb + Pen + external GPU enclosure + GPU. I hope you are feeding well that money tree.
  10. No. It wont' help... you are now getting an external GPU to do the work instead of the Intel integrated graphics. The Intel GPU inside is not limited by DisplayPort. The monitor you want to plug is on DisplayPort. If the Intel GPU supports your monitor resolution, it will work via the DisplayPort. If it doesn't work, check your cable, monitor or you have a driver issue.
  11. Moved to "Laptops and Pre-Built Systems"
  12. Something I have found neat/interesting. On a mobile system, when you click on the power/battery icon on the notification tray, you have the new performance slider system. If you slide it to maximize battery life, Windows disables transparency, and disabled live tiles. This is nice, it seems to actually adjust the OS experience to give you just that... gives you more battery.
  13. Nice: Looks like that menu is still in the works, wonder what we will get officially.
  14. New Build for Mobile: 15226 Well.. at least more interesting bug fixes are fixed now.
  15. To complete @Kherm post: Microsoft shares that the new Build features Lots of improvement to Edge, pretty much all on features included on the previous build. It features Emoji Improvements, including new ones. OneDrive got improved: Touch keyboard got improved A cool touch keyboard for Japanese language now exists: Other improvements: And New to the Settings panel under Gaming: XBox Networking: Microsoft says that it is designed to help you if you voice chatting issues in games. You can see connection related issues with this test panel. Still not done! Microsoft also removed support for SBM1. This is a networking technology that is filled with security issues, Microsoft has newer and way better version of it, and it been deprecated since ages. Microsoft will finally pull the plug on it. Hyper-V now get s a Share button to extract the VM in a packaged to be imported on another system. What's fix? Known issues: Read more (and there is more):