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  1. I am not sure on Education, I need to double check, but for Windows 10 Enterprise, no you can't. Even if in the registry you can set "AllowTelemetry", and put it to 0 9which is the same as going through Group Policy panel). It is not disabled. Microsoft docs says: So all you have, is a new level 0. Which still transfer data. Microsoft defines each level as: See here for more information:
  2. LOL!!! Anything with TRON at the end must be good! Actually, they were founded in 1964, as a TV cable provider. Now they offer Cable TV, Internet (via coaxial cable), phone (going through coaxial cable as well), and mobile phone service for both residential and businesses. They are more expensive between the other choice: Bell (using phone line tech), but the service is superior, customer service is better, and they don't have a monthly billing error problem that you need to call and fight continuously. Then you have small providers, where they are not that much cheaper, and just rent the lines from Bell or Videotron. Both have fiber, if you wonder. In fact only 'the last mile' is in phone line or cable. But, if you are in a new neighborhood, you can have a fiber line in your home (depending on the builder of the house).
  3. Videotron. Second largest provider of Internet, phone, and TV in Quebec.
  4. Did you install your graphics card drivers? And motherboard chipset drivers? Once done, restart your PC.
  5. Seriously? When my service is down and back up, I just call my ISP, and they give me the days that I hadn't service (or intermittent) back on the next bill. I guess, they are doing it automatically, is that what they propose?
  6. What's the difference between COEM and OEM Windows? Is COEM the retail version? I just heard of it and I'm seeing different answers. 

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      Assuming that each paragraph corresponds to numbers above, System Builder is another naming scheme for COEM? 

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      Assuming that each paragraph corresponds to numbers above, System Builder is another naming scheme for COEM? 


  7. Maybe the creator of where you got the screenshot make a custom theme, but never published it. Did you try reaching him (if you can figure it out)
  8. They are many start menu replacement programs. Saldy you just need to try them all, and see how to custom each of them to what you see.
  9. 1- Insert your motheboard disk 2- On the screen where you have that error message. Click on OK on the error message, than click on "Load Drivers" 3- Now Browse the motherboard disk content and look for the SATA (or PCI-E M.2 NVMe, depending on the drive type you have) .inf controller drivers file. Click on OK, and voila! Basically your problem is that Windows setup can't see your SSD/HDD because it has failed to communicate with your SATA (or PCI-E M.2 NVMe) controller. This is usually the case when you have a special controller, or you have too new tech which Windows setup doesn't support natively, and it doesn't support the well defined standards. So you need to install the drivers for it at this stage. *.inf file is a script file for Windows, which tells Windows how to install the driver. You need to pick it, over a nice exe file, because at this stage, Windows is obviously not installed, so it can't run exe files.
  10. For the phone one.. I don't get it. Why not do like the HP Elite x3. The phone remains on your pocket, and when you open the lid of the laptop dock, it connects to the phone and Continium mode is streamed to the dock display? This would allow Apple to use their excellent trackpad. As for the iPad one... Why not do like the Surface Book? And this way you'll save on thickness and weight when you carry the dock.
  11. Actually, that is not true at all. Nintendo has good environment for Japan compared to other companies, and has a good work environment for the North America office. That is why you have a huge amount of people applying at Nintendo (same for big tech companies like: Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.), and yes, as a result, it is very difficult to get in, as competition in ones candidature is high. Overworked employees always shows in their work. Nintendo games (well, the big ones) are renown to have the at most attention to detail, and these things are not done in a rush. They are done playing the game, passing the game through analysis to see what can be done, and done with joy. You also notice that bugs are difficult to find in Nintendo games. I am not saying their isn't.. but it's some Assassin Creed Unity buggy, or the new Mass Effect game. This is also helped with the fact that Nintendo advantage is that they can afford to move dates, and delay games. They are not afraid of selling their AAA games at any time. Big publishers are, and there is no flexibility in moving any dates. So you have a lot of sleepless nights, and you have a a very over worked environment. On top of that Nintendo has crazy retention rates of employees that it is very difficult to go up the later. People who have a job, keeps it until they retire. This is also something you can argue that hurts the company, as in Japanese culture, the more senior you are, the more you have a say, and the more it is valued. The Switch and this new Zelda game, is the exception, where Nintendo decided to allow the young people take decisions. But, yes, that is why Nintendo still acts like we are in the 90's, following old ways, and following with the old 's mentality which is wrong: "Why change what works", and "we need to control, control, control", etc.
  12. This is nice and all, but the problem with Android is not Google being slow to patch update, it is manufactures that needs to take the OS update, make sure it works with their phone, if they choose to support the device for the particularly update, and past it to carrier, which they host it, and if they want decide to deliver it or not. You have 2 "walls" to pass though. Android should really be updated to operate like Windows, where Google can host updates, even full OS updates, and the OS updater connects to it, and fetch and update itself. It is not a phone limitation, as Windows 10 Mobile showcase this ability. There is no block for that device, as it works like it does with your Windows system. You connect to Windows Servers, and it gets and installs the updates.
  13. @ashypanda, in the future, please use the actual quote of the forum. The button to make one is on the tool bar of the text box. I fixed it now, and made it to follow the posting guideline. Thanks.
  14. Nintendo fixes the Joycon sync issue with new Joycon revision design. Replacement available under warranty of you are affected. They fixed the problem by improving the antenna. CNET, writer Sean Hollister has sent under warranty to Nintendo his Joycon which face the infamous connection issue, and noted "just about the best electronics customer service I've ever experienced. ". He got a replacement joycons the next business day with free overnight shipping from Nintendo, and his problem was solved. Curious to see what changed, he opened it, and saw the improvement. The inside looks identical to the Joycons that people have bought except for the black foam found on the right at the bottom (bellow the silver box on the picture above). This foam is actually metallic, and he said that when he removed it, the Joycon sync issue problem returned. Put it back, and the problem is completely fixed. This foam is over the Bluetooth antenna portion of the Joycon. Ars says: Nintendo hasn't mentioned anything on the issue being solved, other than: "the total number of repair or replacement requests for Nintendo Switch, including for Joy-Con, is consistent with what we’ve seen for any new hardware Nintendo has launched." after Ars Technica requested for comments. Source: So, if you have Joycons with the connection issue, give Nintendo a call for a warranty replacement to ensure you have the latest model with the issue solved. If you didn't get a Switch, and you really want to be sure that you don't have the problem, than simply wait a month or so. I mean the Switch do sale fast, so you should get units with the fix fairly quickly. So maybe not that much, and we have to keep in mind that we don't know officially when the fix was made available. People might have already got their hands on already. We don't know. But glad to see the issue fixed. Now the dock issue. [UPDATE] Nintendo spokesperson said: Source: So, it is confirmed that the fix will placed or has been placed already on the Joycons
  15. More like, what Nintendo is doing is playing with the gray details of the law. So if you sue Nintendo, you better have the best lawyers 'cause Nintendo will be getting that, and if Nintendo wins, it could change the face the copyright fair use laws. And yes, Nintendo will be deeply hated by everyone, but they'll win, and expect the entire industry to change. Expect EA, Activitsion, all the terrible or insecurity indie DMCA everything unless approved, control content.