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  1. Problem with windows 10 fall creators update

    Did you try simply installing the graphics card drivers again? They probably got uninstall due to compatibility issue with the upgrade process. That is why it is said that ALL drivers should be fully updated before upgrading. And of course, forcing the upgrade, is risky... you don't wait for MS to certify all your hardware to be compatible with the upgrade process.
  2. Ah yes, THAT bug.. never fixed since Windows 7. If I am not mistaken, it happens for those who moved these folders to another location. The fix is simple, and that is to change the location the folder points to the folder back to the correct location again. What I mean, is that if you right-click on 1 of the Images folder (for example), one of them will be a standard folder, and the other will be Account folder, where you'll notice "Location" tab in the properties panel. I don't know how to replicate the issue exactly. But based on experience, it seems to occur when the account re-creation is done during the upgrade process, and the HDD isn't ready from spinning up, and Windows times out too quickly, thinking the HDD is gone, and recreate the folders, and doesn't double check what it is doing to where it would notice that it has 2x Images folder, and 2x of the rest. What is annoying in the whole thing, is that there is no way to avoid it by telling the HDD to not to spin down when not used during the upgrade process (as it isn't in use, the drive is only).
  3. That is the first time I hear this... my port of my Lumia 950 XL is clean... and I am looking as we speak with a magnifying glass that I had next to me and my halogen desk lamp looking straight in it. I see minor particles of dust but just about as dirty as my USB 3.0 Type-A extension cable (old computer, USB 3.0 are on the back only of the motherboard), added an extension cord to have have on my desk for when I plug in a USB 3.0 Flash drive... monitor USB ports are 2.0) I am not denying what you are saying... but I think you are more of a special case than anything, especially that the USB Type C is the same as Micro USB in term of port design. You have metal casing of similar size, and black bit at the center.
  4. Synergy questions

    If all your systems runs Windows, you can just use Microsoft very own free utility: Mouse Without Borders. https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/download/details.aspx?id=35460 Easy to use, easy to setup, actually works better than Synergy, solid, works in UAC prompts, support copy/paste between systems of files and clipboard, free. Does the job. Only works on Windows, though. I believe it works in the Lock screen, but not the login screen (as you need to be in an account to have the configuration loaded and of course the program). You can setup keyboard combination to switch displays if you want, and you can set up to lock the mouse from switching on screen corners, so that you move the mouse to the other display when you try to hit the Start button, or Close button of a maximized window, etc.
  5. Problem reinstalling windows

    WAIT! That is not the problem per se. If you have a UEFI based system, properly configured, you can ONLY boot from a drive with a partition table of type: GPT If you have the old legacy BIOS, you can ONLY boot from a drive with a partition table of type: MBR Is your UEFI properly configured? (if you are on a laptop or OEM computer, some configuration are not available) CSM (Compatibility Support Module) -> Disabled SATA Controller set to AHCI mode HPET (if you have select Intel CPU): Enabled and set to HPET 64-bit mode. UEFI mode: Enabled (not set to Legacy). It may also be an option to say that you have "Windows 8" or "Windows 10", that is all the same thing. All it means is "A modern UEFI compatible OS is being installed and will run, and not Windows 7 or older OS" XMP Profile set to: Profile 1 Nothing set to Legacy mode Secure Boot enabled Enable Fast Boot Disable Startup Delay Keep in mind that if you boot from the Disk or USB Flash drive that you pick the "EFI" option. For example: "EFI: SandDisk Extreme 32GB". Due to M.2 being still new, and motherboard manufacture ID it as first or last or middle set of Controllers, to ensure that no boot partition of Windows end up in an HDD. I suggest that, during the installation of Windows, you ONLY plug your M.2 PCIe drive. Unplug all SATA cables. Once Windows is installed, shutdown your system, and NOW plug your HDD's. It is NORMAL that your system starts slower because of your HDDs. They need to spin up, and the UEFI needs to wait for them.
  6. Minor yes, and also USB Type-C is more durable. But on a 99$ mouse, you would think that they would not cheap out THAT much on the mouse, trying to save the few $0.05 on the connector. Remember that Type-C is nothing more than a type. It CAN very well be on USB 2.0. In fact, there was a period where phones that had USB Type-C where on USB 2.0, and didn't take advantage of the higher Amp support for faster charging... they have done it just to check the box. I think, possibly, and a bit funny, that Microsoft Lumia 950 / 950XL was the first with actual USB 3.0 and taking advantage of the higher current of it to allow faster charging... Anyway, kinda funny that one moment Microsoft goes above and beyond, and now they don't.
  7. Laptop so SLOW And no VIRUSES

    First backup all your stuff out of the system. Then yes, do as you described, but you also need to pick the drive, and select the format option. Ideally, you want to first boot from a partition manager like GParted and do a full format, to maximize performance by having all bits to 0 on the HDD, and not a quick format which doesn't do this, but rather deletes drive journal indicating where data is. But I don't think you are seeking every single bit of performance out of your 5400RPM slow HDD, but rather a better general experience. Once done, format is done, click Next, and it should start the setup process.
  8. If it blocks you, then it works. You need to add File Explorer to the list of exceptions list. But you open yourself to a flaw.. up to you to decide if you trust it or not. I have indicated you a security flaw in File Explorer for this feature, where a ransomeware could utilize to by-pass the security measure and encrypt your data.
  9. Laptop so SLOW And no VIRUSES

    So then it sounds like you have data scattered all over the place on the drive. It might be 0% fragmented, but the data is spread out., making the head of the HDD need to travel all over the place, Head travel in an HDD is what kills performance MASSIVELY. In an Idea world, the head doesn't move, beside slowly coming in and out of the disk platter. But that is impossible, unless you selectively position data to reflect what you are doing in order, and that doesn't involves any writes of any kind, including Temp dir. Interesting fact, I am not sure if it is done today, but back in the old days, game disk on console had their data selectively position to have all groups of data next to another and avoid the laser move all over the place, too much. Minimizing travel, accelerating loading times. Sadly you can't do this on PC with an HDD. You need to format, actual format, and clean install. Install all your stuff, and now transfer all your data from your backups.
  10. Laptop so SLOW And no VIRUSES

    Did you ever do a clean install recently? The drive might be heavily open space fragmented (data is all in 1 block, but free space isn't), or drive has data all scattered all over the place and not group together, making the head move all over the place in the drive, despite 0 fragmentation. But the biggest performance boost you can give yourself is a decent SSD. Nothing fancy needed.
  11. Laptop so SLOW And no VIRUSES

    GPU is hot. No CPU temps? I wonder if they cheaped out and use the same heatsink to cool off the CPU, GPU and worst Northbridge, which can result to system slow downs.
  12. Laptop so SLOW And no VIRUSES

    Please look through the forum section, and post to the best section before posting in the future. Posting to the correct forum section will give you the best help. Moved to Troubleshooting forum section Please provide System specs
  13. I see "Films & TV" , and I assume the rest is on media formats pointing to either Groove or Film & TV. I don't think your problem is Firefox. I have Firefox, and no problem on my side.
  14. Well stop using outdated programs. The documentation is clear on file associations that has been defined since Vista. And the old ways was marked as deprecated since, and since Windows 10 discontinued. That leaves more than 9 years for programs to update their code base. I think they had enough time. And to STILL not update their code after Windows 10 is out, shows you how the dev cares about the software, assuming they are anyone working on it. When other programs don't have problems, it is perhaps time to start considering alternatives.