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  1. How to get my Window 10 key?

    Technically, it is your Windows 7 or 8 key, as you upgraded. However, you key is stores in Microsoft cloud servers. If you have a Microsoft account, your key for that system is linked to your account. Once Windows 10 is installed (if the setup asks you for a key, pick "I don't gave one"), and once you create your account with your MS linked account, your Windows 10 will soon activate by itself. If you don't have a Microsoft linked account, the key is still in Microsoft servers, however, it is linked with a unique id generated from your hardware specs. So it will activate by itself, but if you do any hardware changes between your last install and re-install, it will think it is a different PC, and won't activate. Also, if a unique key can't be generated with your hardware as it lacks info, then it won't work. In all cases where it doesn't work, you can go to: to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Activation, and enter your Windows 7 or 8 key. If your system is pre-built, your Windows 8 key is stored in your UEFI chip.
  2. Virus Or False Positive ASAP!

    I only did a quick look of the source code. Assuming the compiled code he provides matches the source code: Everything looks fine, but I only did a quick scan, and not actually look at the code. I see it uses an injector process that the author has done, to inject code in a process. Usually anti-virus will flag memory injector apps by default. The process for a dev to white list their injector app (like FRAPS, Steam overlay, etc), is a lengthy one with the anti-virus maker and requires mass user base to start with, unless you are a big trusted corporation like Microsoft or Valve, etc.
  3. Will I lose my licence?

    Ok than very good. He doesn't have your prrduct key. Ok so the upgrade maneuver was done, without keeping the original owner programs or personal files. So, to say what happened: You upgraded that PC from Windows 7 to 10. It should be activated (you can confirm: Start > Settings (gear icon) > Update & Security > Activation), as the system was previously upgraded to Windows 10, or had the Get Windows 10 app running which reserved the license for later upgrading. So no key was needed to entered. So you can now sleep tonight, knowing that your license is fine. As you upgraded the system from Win7 to 10, probably some settings was done to the boot or was corrupted to some level which causes this to happen. You can check msconfig (System Configuration) panel, and make sure that "Normal startup" option is selected, hit OK, and restart your PC. See if that helps.
  4. Waiting for a proper OS integration like what Apple has and like what Windows 10 Mobile devices has with Windows 10. It is silly that you need to open your web browser, go to some site, login, and wait there to view SMS or to send one. Microsoft is working on one for the next Windows 10 update coming in a couple of month with Android (and maybe iPhones if a deal can be made between the 2 companies)... and goes further than that by allowing you access your phone content and notifications. Might as well just wait for that. In addition, via the web method which Google offers, your SMS go through the internet, while via OS integration you don't. You use the wireless network or Bluetooth (depending on the implementation of the feature) instead. That is not to mention that doing all these steps to go online, takes more time than to just pick-up the phone, which is right next to you, and type your SMS or read one. Google should have done a native desktop app for all OSs which actually integrates with ones Android phone, like what Microsoft is working on. And maybe Google could go even further as it is their mobile OS, so they can make new APIs to do what they want and not depended on someone else APIs which you have no control on. Shame they limited themselves to some basic webpage thing.
  5. Good question. That would be considered a form a piracy. Quotes of small sections is considered fine in general. This is because you are exposing material which the author(s) decided that you need to pay to have access to, even if the site has a free trial period.
  6. -- Moved thread to Laptops forum section for best help --
  7. What you are missing, and what is wrong: You need to explain the news in your own words Plagiarism is not allowed. Quoting the whole article or near that is considered plagiarism. Quotes are there to support what you are saying or to complete what you are saying.
  8. Will I lose my licence?

    Correct. I am a bit confused here. In general, the key is not in the disk, although it is possible to do it. So it depends. I need way more details. What do you mean by "put Windows 10"? Where did you get Windows 10? What disk are you using, if any? When you say it hasn't asked for the code, did you do an upgrade? Did you do a clean install? Did you run the setup in Windows 7, did you boot from the disk?
  9. Windows 10 Insider Topic

    Here is something I noticed. Fluent Design right-click menu! Open the Task View / Timeline, and right-click! You'll notice the right-click menu is now nice and sharp, and the background and highlight color has the nice acrylic design. I also see it in the Action Center right-click menu (although harder to see) as well.
  10. is it safe to uninstall xbox

    You'll need Feedback Hub to post bugs or feedback to Microsoft. It's up to you. But it is the only channel MS is listening to. Removing People app will break any apps that needs your contact list to operate, same effect as your phone. You can remove the rest if you have an alternative program. The only advantage of removing it, is saving a few MB of space. It does not affect performance in any way (beside Xbox app which you sometimes need to turn off Game Mode or enable it on select games to maximize performance)
  11. is it safe to uninstall xbox

    If you remove the Xbox app, you'll also remove the Game Bar, which you also need to toggle Game Mode for a specific game (beside loosing the game bar features).
  12. Windows Installation Not Working

    nvstor.sys is Nvidia SATA Controller driver. Nothing on the HP websiet indicates that the system has an Nvidia nForce chipset. But, maybe it does. You have to help me out. You are trying to install Windows 10 on an AMD Turion 64, a 2006 laptop system. Your system ended support with Vista (last OS), and so all your hardware or most of it, following with Win7 right after. So installation will be tricky. What stage of the installation you are in?
  13. Disk Usage 100%

    Ok Well, we have a thread for Windows Insider's for support and info. Insider version of Windows has bugs, and we don't want ti waste people time with OS bugs that doesn't exists. Thew latest build for Windows 10 on the Insider program: 17692
  14. Newegg Credit Card?

    You are correct, but usually the situation of people waiting until the end, is because they are waiting for their paycheck, as the previous ones where used to pay other credit card payments. 1 debt is usually easy to deal with, but when you have many, it becomes difficult, and one is not used to making a budget, it becomes hard to keep track of everything.
  15. Newegg Credit Card?

    Common practice, sadly. Heck Infomercials do it all the time."All this for only 20$! But wait, if you call in the next 15min, we will double the offer! And include a free magic knife, a 600$ value, yours for only 20$!"... either that knife is 15$, and the rest makes it to 20$, or the actual product is 5$, and you, Mr. Infomercial man, are making a package, but regardless, let's not even get there, it isn't a 600$ value.