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  1. Update: Microsoft says to not expect Sets in the following Windows 10 update (Redstone 4 - RS4 - expected March/April next year). It is not targeted for it. https://www.onmsft.com/news/expect-windows-timeline-but-not-sets-in-windows-10-rs4 This indicated that lots of work still needs to be done before it is ready.
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  3. I hope so too. I have the Switch, but they are things that needs to be improved such as: Plastic, while nice and grippy to some level, it wear out after many hours of use as your finger/thumbs rubs on the plastic, even if you take good care by cleaning after each use. Kick-stand should have a larger base to hold better on not perfectly flat surfaces, and support more angles. The current angle is too sharp, and could really not use it in the plane like the advertisements, unless I was a small kid. But I don't think they will release a new version of the Switch until Nvidia releases a new Tegra chip that is more powerful, same power consumption/heat (or less), and cost the same or less. All I know, is that the Tegra Pascal cost way too much, as they when designed it, they never expected it be sold in console, or even devices. It was aimed specifically for premium cars manufactures. I don't know what happens behind door at Nvidia, but I won't be surprised that the next Tegra chip has Nintendo in mind for a cheaper version being designed/tested for that purpose.
  4. I hope that Wolfenstein 2 is a proper port, unlike Doom. With Doom, it was some other company that handle the port, so all they could do is (beside cutting content and shrink levels, which they didn't do and deliver a playable experience, showing the power of the system), is playing with graphical settings and shaders. You don't have the original artists that can re-work the levels, objects, and enemies to cut their polygons in a smart way that doesn't look like it to help get that solid 30fps at all times (or near that), and rework the game interface to be more small screen friendly when in portable mode, and possibly run the game at a higher resolution or graphics when docked.
  5. This entry does not meet the posting guidelines, and contains plagiarism as a result, the thread has been moved out, until is either fixed, or someone else does a proper job. -- Moved to Console gaming --
  6. windows service pack 1

    LOL! And then people wonder why Windows 10 has forced updates... yes I am pointing at people like you enosum. Thanks to you mentality, that is why we have zombie computers executing various attacks such a DDOS or trying to penetrate other networks, compromising systems, or hosting virus attacks, and more. And the beautify about such computers... you never know about it, and if the system has a rootkit, you can run whatever A/V anti-malware you want, that rootkit with play with the program memory, and ensure to always report you that you have nothing, Now, I am not saying that your system is compromised, but you have the door wide open. And yes, you can compromised, automatically, without downloading a thing. Also, if you have Windows XP anywhere in your network, keep in mind that a simple virus on one, can start infecting your entire network, even if the virus executes in a highly restricted environment, the OS has such a garbage security (hence the reason why MS started to work timidity after XP released on the Longhorn project (Windows Vista), to rework everything from scratch (well, not entirely, but all core components, for security purposes. and computers/technology "of tomorrow"). It is very easy to convert such highly restricted environment into full admin rights. Call me crazy, but I used to work in College, I used to push Windows 7 upgrade... and told, "It works now, no reason to upgrade", and then surprise, a student brought an infected USB flash drive, and the whole school was compromised, including Server, nearly everyone (beside administration) ended up having admin accounts privileges, and the servers where compromised. Lucky for the school, no personal information was compromised as the administration and staff side of school runs on a different network, and the school does daily backups (and also have backups on good old tapes), so it did nothing, but highlighted the dangers. Security experts were called to do investigation and provide recommendations, and they confirmed that nothing of any value was compromised, not even student names (as student have a generated student ID as a user name to login), and their #1 recommendation was: ensure all systems run the latest and greatest version of Windows. Upgrading to Windows 7 all systems, getting better A/V enterprise solution, has also resulted in having no more system requiring to be re-installed during the year due to localized infection, which was another problem. And yes, we have firewalls, and site blocking. They only help, that is all.
  7. Not Tech News. Moved out to Phone and Tablets
  8. Windows 10 Mobile Insider Topic

    I am only hearing great things, and saw videos where it was running smoothly on phones. As for SwiftKey, I don't think anything has changed since MS acquired them. MS seems to treat SwiftKey as an independent company, and not integrated in MS. I forgot which site, but they also said the same, and the comment section said that they don't have any issues, and the reviews confirm this for both. So I am thinking that there seems to be a compatibility issue with you guys phones more than anything, unless the issues came in the recent versions.
  9. NCIX declares "Supreme Bankruptcy"

    If Linus buys them, they'll need to pay the ~36 million in debt to start with. On top of that, he will have a huge challenge in convincing manufactures that their store are now trustworthy is managing itself and paying to get good rates on products. And this is more than just talk, this is actually delivering.. so at first they won't get good pricing.. and they need to magically sell those...would you buy a heat-sink that is 50$ on Newegg, but 70$ on NCIX? I don't think so. Sure, you might go "I support you!", but that is just you and a few others, which isn't enough. Then you need to money to update the website, then you need money for lawyers to deals with the store closures as those makes no sense, and then update their warehouse system (more millions), and that is just what we know... it is a private company.. so we don't need the many other surprises that the company hides.
  10. Just keep in mind that value for your money for the Surface line is best on the mid range models, And that the Eve V has an Intel Y series CPU, while the mid range Surface line system has a more powerful U series CPU and has a better heatsink (although only the i7 has a fan now, which sucks, but the i5 can still deliver way more performance under Turbo Boost than the the Eve due to the better heatsink, as mentions). Also, expect that the Surface Pro will be updated with Kaby Lake by the end of the year, which means that that U CPU, will be quad core... we will see on cooling for the i5, if MS will return to fan for it, or keep it fanless.
  11. HP laptop keyboard driver contains keylogger

    Thread Moved back to Tech News Section
  12. 1500-1575 pc build

    Please look at the different forum section before posting. We have a nice section called: New Builds and Planning Posting at the correct forum section ensures that you have the best help, as people who are knowledgeable on things tend to stick on specif forum sections, and not browse to the entire forum section. So, posting to the correct forum section, makes everyone win. Thank you. - Thread moved -
  13. NCIX declares "Supreme Bankruptcy"

    Maybe they had to sell their Post button, to help pay their debts.
  14. Cant update to Falls Creator Update?

    Make sure ALL your drivers are fully updated If you have Anti-Virus or other security software beside Windows Defender built0in Windows, make sure they are running on their latest and greatest version available, or uninstall them (you can install them back after you upgraded to the Fall Creators Update) If you have had in the past a virus or malware, keep in mind that your Anti-Virus/Malware software only removes the infection, it doesn't fix modified system files, and that can result in the failure of upgrading Windows. I would suggest a clean install using the Media Creation Tool (you'll get the latest version of Windows 10 right away) If you used registry cleaner, than that might explain your problem. Registry cleaner tend to expose problems when Windows has large updates.