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  1. In the registry, go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors, and change the value of Hilight The color value are 3 groups separated by space, each group stands for a color in the order of: Red Green Blue. Each value goes from 0 to 255 (where 0 is black and 255 is full color of that color). You need to restart your system to see it affect.
  2. Nothing per se, you are ready to go. Windows has a pretty good anti-virus built-in. With some safe web surfing practices, it is unlikely you will successfully infected, let alone infected (virus detected, but not executed to be "installed"). Of course, if you want better protection, then use an third party one, which may affect system functionality and/or performance, based on what you pick. If this is a new build, once you check your temps to be fine under idle and load and is to you liking, you don't need to monitor temps and such, everything works fine. It is not really needed. What you can do, to not have Windows start updating and doing its maintenance while you work/play, I suggest to setup the time schedule for those. - Under the Settings panels: Start > Setting (gear icon) > Update & Security > Windows Update, you can set what is called "Active Hours", you define a zone where you don't want Windows Update kick-in the installation of updates. - Under Security and Maintenance panel, you can set the schedule time for Windows maintenance process. Just search for Maintenance in the search box, and pick "Security and Maintenance", a panel will open. In it, expand "Maintenance", and you'll notice a blue link inside called "Change maintenance settings". From there, you can pick a time where you want it to install. If you want, you can start it now as well, if you don't plan on doing anything intensive. The process is time consuming, especially for the first time. Takes many minutes. If you want a Apple time machine like backup, you have File History you can setup. You can find its option to enable and setup under Start > Settings > Windows & Security > Backup. Something to expect, slowly but surely, Microsoft is migrating all the multiple panels part of Control Panel, under the Setting panel. Just something to expect. Already more panel were moved to the Settings panel with the coming up Creators Update, and more will follow with the update codename Redstone 3.
  3. That is right, it is just a matter of getting drivers as they are not natively supported by Windows. The same applies to any other issue you might encounter, related to hardware or hardware features that don't work.
  4. All Store purchases needs to be tied to your account. It isn't tied to your computer. This allows you to not have to re-purchase your game every time you re-install Windows, upgrade it, or transfer systems. Also, you can install and play your game on up to 10PCs at the same time. So you can have it at multiple computers at home, your laptop, and assuming it can play, your Windows powered tablet (if any), and more. It won't mess up anything, the only change you'll notice is that your password when you login will no longer be the one for your local account, it will be your newly created and linked Microsoft account one. They are more benefits in having a Microsoft linked account, such as: - OneDrive integration - Your settings, your personalization set on the system, is sync between your devices. - Your Windows key is linked to your account, making re-installs of Windows 10 easier. - Edge bookmarks and stuff sync between your system - Access to subscription services like Office 365, Groove Music, and other services like Movie rentals (via the Store) - You can send and receive SMS on your PC, and get critical phone notifications like: low battery. (This is for Android with Cortana installed, or Windows 10 Mobile device. No iPhone support sue to the locked down OS)
  5. Hope so too. But there was no Windows 10 Mobile bug bash from what i saw (unless I am an idiot and complete missed it).. I mean for Windows 10 Mobile specific bugs. Hope they get fixed in any case. I just reported like crazy on the feedback hub, I hope others do to.
  6. Well both OS shares many of the same bugs... Many of the issue I see on Windows 10 latest build, I have it on my phone with the latest build. And they are annoying. The Action Center button are totally broken (although they work somewhat on my phone), and Bluetooth panel is not accessible (crashes Settings panel), same for connecting to Miracast. And I have many more issues in Windows 10 Mobile. I just hope that they are working hard to fix those issues.
  7. Microsoft shows Windows 10 Mobile Continuum running with Mercedes E-Class at European Police Congress.
  8. Oh, I believe they are busy with the bug bash of Windows 10
  9. Get an SSD. This will help you HUGELY in having a system that startup quick and have all your program, including Chrome (and any future web browser you might switch to), open really quickly. And I am saying: visibly faster.
  10. Depends... Intel needs to official release the chip in the same time frame as Microsoft or before, and be able to produce the chip in consideration in mass quantity so that it can meet demand. And of course, it isn't a a weeks of work to implement and test a new CPU and its chipset, especially that I am sure Microsoft wants to avoid the mess it had with the SP4 at release, not to mention buggy Intel drivers (although it is just a die shrink and not a new architecture), and it is usually said that it takes 2-3 month for mass producing a product and having it on store shelves.
  11. I have a SP3 but mine is a warranty replacement from a SP2 rev 2 (that is the one with the same updated CPU as the SP3). This was due to accidental damage protection.. I didn't have any issues. per se, in terms of bugs. So, I think that they managed to fix all the issues. The pen tracking needs work still, but this is where the SP4 improve further, as the SP3 is an improvement over the SP2 that I had (which was better than any other convertible on screen device that cost ~3000$ from OEM at the time). Anyway, I did notice a performance drop from my SP2 to SP3. You can see the impact from the dual heatsink, larger (in depth), dual fan design of the SP1 and SP2 and the single heatsink design, which is also thinner (device is thinner). Also, the SSD is not as fast. It passes from a async MLC SSD (from Marvel?.. I don't recall), down to a Samsung TLC drive. Hopefully, the SP5 continues to improve the pen further (it can always be improved), uses a more power efficient chip (Coffee Lake?), OLED screen, USB Type A and USB Type-C (thunderbolt support would be nice), and PCI-E NVM SSD. It would also be nice if it had Intel wireless card for WiDi support.
  12. If the touch screen is not listed, do View > Show Hidden Devices. Try and find anything USB related or touch screen related, select it, and hit delete. Restart your system, and let Windows Update do its thing. If nothing happens, and still not working, then go back to Device Manager, and see if there is a missing item driver, and now we can look into it some more (probably will need to go to Lenovo website and get the drivers there).
  13. Hmmm :/, you can import it, maybe? I mean it is region lock free. But, I don't know how all that works. I mean, if something ever happen here in Canada, I can my car, go to the US, buy it there, return to Canada, pay the sales tax at the boarder, and file tax return for the US tax I paid. Or stay in the US for a few days, like weekend, and now I don't need to pay the Canadian sales tax, returning back home. (this is deal with the US to promote tourism on either sides.. the more days you stay, the more you can spend buying goods without paying sales tax of your country of origin when returning back... up to a limit of course)
  14. It's old, powered by a discontinued Atom CPU, and as the Core M is in the entry level Surface Pro, and Intel stop working on Atom. MS can't have it. Maybe with the 5tg gen system they'll have a Surface 5 with a Core M, and Surface Pro 5 with U series, but we have to see. The price difference needs to be large, and it it needs to be lower end, while not being crap.
  15. We know nothing about nothing. But with the wording of "NEW hard mode", we can see that this is an even more harder mode, which we know nothing about the changes. In a personal analysis: This DLC season pass, is just there mostly to showcase that Nintendo support season passes now, a big issue with third party game developers back with the WiiU, where Nintendo was against it. And DLC was not allowed back on the Wii. What you really pay is the 20$ for that new story mode, which probably it was planed to be DLC when it will be available. But to showcase that Nintendo now allows and support (with infrastructure) season pass, they kinda tried to do one. The result is that everything in the pack is a bit silly, except for that new story mode. This allows third party developer see how it works, show that they have it, allow it, and support it, and see answer the big question: "Does it work well, or will people have issues left and right?". We have seen this with the WiiU. You had all sorts of DLCs. You had a game extension pack with Luigi U, we had a set of packs DLC with MK8 (new tracks and characters), and we had individual purchases with Smash Brother. And I think that is also why, Nintendo revealed this season pass before the game is released, again, to show to third party Nintendo give them full freedom, and announce that they have support, and serious about it, as soon as possible, to encourage more AAA publishers to make games on it, hopefully good ports of new games in the future. Now, the only thing I see missing, and I expect that to happen with another game, is digital purchase pre-order, with pre-download but no play until the official release day.