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  1. USB Keyboard not working..

    Anything is fixable, the question is if its worth it. I am sure you can open the keyboard, see if there was any liquid damage anywhere, and take care of that, if you can. If not, then replace the USB cable and see if that was the problem, else get a multi-meter and start analysis the board and replace whatever parts are broken with a soldering iron and parts replacement. But if it is under warranty, I would just call the manufacture and have it replaced. If it is a Logitech keyboard, I know that Logitech will just ask you the bill of purchase to know if you are covered or not, and send you a replacement one, you don't have send anything back to them. At worst, they might ask you to but the USB cable connector and send that in a envelope the cheapest shipping option possible, or something like that. I don't know about other manufacture, but you cant' know if you don't call And CALL, don't e-mail or chat... you are just wasting your time with a third party support company and not directly the manufacture.
  2. OneNote Desktop Win32 App gets EOL date

    Well Office 64-bit has no benefits over 32-bit beside being better for Excel (can handle mass formulas betters and give high precision numbers) and maybe Access. But the problem is a lot of extensions and VB scripts made for Office needs to be converted from 32 to 64-bit. So for compatibility, it picks 32-bit as default as "best choice" for most, at least for now. They have the telemetry data and know when it would be best to stick to 64-bit by default, and the eventual discontinuation of the 32-bit version (which can only happen AFTER Windows 32-bit is gone).
  3. OneNote Desktop Win32 App gets EOL date

    If you want to put it on the Store. I am sure 99% of the users of Windows 10 OS are deeply affected by this change. And I am sure the developers are going "Darn! Now, no one is breaking our license agreement!" Devs can push their mod support as much as they want. They are the ones that choose how far or little they want to invest in implementing it. If they don't want people to touch their game, or app, then so be it. No one can. Remove a or all points in your review of the game or app for lacking such functionality.
  4. OneNote Desktop Win32 App gets EOL date

    While UWP does introduce limitations for Win32 program mostly due to the sandbox environment it is in (ie: you can't make a system tweak utility, or a AutoHotKey replacement, etc.), you can make anything you want. Google and Mozilla can make Chrome/Firefox in UWP if they wanted (I mean their own web browser, not using Edge), to my knowledge there is no restrictions. Most points you mentioned are Store restrictions. So this is where Google and Mozilla would be blocked. You don't have to distribute your app on the Store. Like Win32 programs (which can now also be distributed in the Store, see: Notepad++, Paint.net, Spotify as examples), they can also be downloaded and installed from the web instead, bypassing the store. So, if the developer wants to sell their UWP app from their website to get 100% profit, they can. You just download the app, and run it, which will pass through an installer, and voila, the app will be on your system.
  5. OneNote Desktop Win32 App gets EOL date

    I also prefer the UWP app. While it does lack options that the Win32 app has (which I never or rarely used), the UWP one does have features that the that Win32 doesn't have in exchange, which I use more. In addition I find that the pen tracking and smoothing is better than the Win32 app. As a result, I switched to the UWP app long time ago. And if we are honest here, I don't recall a single new feature on the Win32 app since 2010., which was the introduction of the ribbon bar. Ok well technically 2013, which had the updated ribbon bar and display scaling support, which is cooler now... but I mean no actual feature that improves your note taking.
  6. Windows 10 Insider Topic

    Oh nvm it works!
  7. What I mean, is that, when you'll get your degree, you'll realize that the tech world moves really fast, and if you want a job contentiously, you need to be always at the forefront of technology. Technology can be new programming languages, new type of devices, new things... for example: Back in 2007-08-09'ish years to recently.. maybe 2015-16, even some say currently, lots of changes happened in the web space. Before we were talking about PHP, HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript to do small things on a page, now we talking about with powerful Java-Script frameworks like Node.JS, PHP is almost off the map, and now its Ruby on Rails. Another example: A few years back all the rage was VR (and still is some extend, but has diminished), to now AI, every company is jumping on AI. So you need to find a field to focus on, because you can't do it, so that you can focus on what is changing in the field, so that you learn and always be on top of things, so that you are a generalist in your field so that you can adapt to any market shifts that the company wants to go with, and you don't lose your job. In order words, being a specialist in something, is difficult to keep your job, as very few spaces are needed and are available. Companies likes specialist as it brings expertise on the table, but they prefer a team that can move, be agile, and adapt to changes. And also for your own sake, if the company fails to adapt to doesn't change, and you lose your job, staying up to date and have experience to some level, even personal, will make you find another job quickly. Hypothetical example: Say, you are mobile app developer for Android. You know Java a lot and C++. Great! Now Microsoft releases its "Surface Phone", one day, running Windows 10, with some adaptive interface, and it out of nowhere it becomes instance success. Now the focus is changed to making Windows 10 UWP apps. That means you need to know C#. If you don't know, the company is shrinking its Android team to get a Windows 10 UWP team up and running. So you may be part of the cuts. If you are top of things, you would have an eye on it, and start learning or refreshing your memory on C#, so that you can raise attention to your managers saying "Hey! I know C#, I know UWP! I can get started as soon as a team is setup!' Although, a more probably situation is PWA taking over. PWA or Progressive Web Apps, is a new model introduced by Google, and pushed by Google now, and also Microsoft, which allows to make apps, which are web wrappers on steroids. In other words, an app that loads a webpage using the phone include web browser embedded in the app like what any web wrapper app is. The probably for apps that does this, is that it is exactly like opening a website on your phone. But where PWA comes in, and why I said it was on steroid is that now: These apps can now send notifications to the device without having the app open. It can register itself as a push notification service to the phone, and the phone can fetch notifications as a traditional app does. These apps can now run offline, or requires little internet (say for example, you have a messaging PWA app. The messaging "app" is all web based, but on your device, it can have the program interface already downloaded, as well as emojis and other images, and so only text needs to be transferred, unless an image is sent, diminishing data usage, as would a normal app) These apps can access sensor information from your device: GPS, accelerate, compass, and more These apps fall into the same privacy options/restrictions as a normal dedicated app. These apps can use additional OS specific features, for example, in the case of Windows 10 with PWA which the coming up update of the OS will support, the PWA app can now provide Live Tile data if the app is pinned on the Start Menu. So you can see, that this would make app developer no longer need to make an app specific for Android, another one specific for Microsoft, and one specific for iOS. They can have 1 app that they support, and that one runs on all devices with only some API calls changes example (pseudo code, not actual APIs, just giving the idea for clarification of explanation): if (OS == "Android O") { pos = getLastKnownLocation() } else if (OS == "Windows 10 1803") { getCurrentGPSLocation(pos); } else if (OS == "iOS 13") { pos.x = GetCurrentGPSLocation(X); pos.y = GetCurrentGPSLocation(Y); pos.z = GetCurrentGPSLocation(Z); } You want to go in gaming or say plane simulator and you want to code shaders for awesome visuals and performance, then you need to be on top on things with as strong math background (mostly linear algebra), know and understand the GPU architectures as they come out, know the latest version of OpenGL/Vulkan and DirectX. I know what I just said, might sound scary... like "OMG I don't know where to start...so many things!!!! How does one expect to know all this!!! GoodBytes, how you know all this!!! This is madness!!!!" Calm down. I know this because on contacts from friends who are in different fields. I have my own which I focus on. You cannot know everything, and you are not expected to. Not a Junior Dev, which will be your roles when you enter the field. The rest will just come with time. If it is your passion, you'll have the energy and time to read up on all this. You need you pick a field of focus. I don't know what you like. So I can't tell you what to do. I can only be very broad, which is, all by itself scary, when you read all this, but it isn't. The moment you have a focus, then you can declutter everything, trash everything you don't care about, and now you have a few things to stay on top, which is FAR more manageable, and actually easy... you'll go "Hey, let me learn C# by myself when I get home after work or weekend.. I know its close to C++ and Java, so already a good head start... ", and there you go. You just started to focus on something, then you might want to jump on something else after, and read on a new language version from work... say you use C++ at work, well then you'll start reading about C++11, C++14, C++17, C++20, etc that might be coming forward. So yea, you need to find a focus.
  8. 4K 24” monitor

    It is a great monitor. At the time I was very interested in it. We need more 23/24inch displays with high-DPI like 4K on the PC space. Scaling probably is getting better with Microsoft efforts at every new release of Windows 10 so far, and more and more software being updated to be high-DPI aware, and support display scaling. They are still many software that aren't, like Steam (but my opinion is that Valve doesn't care due to lack of competition, so why spend a dime updating the app that never truly got an update in ages), but Firefox, Chrome, (and of course Microsoft softwares), Paint.net, Photoshop, Filezilla, CCleaner, many newer driver control panels, Spotify, everything UWP, and more, are all Display Scaling friendly. The issue might be games, where they might consider the more popular 27inch 4K monitor, but not the 24inch 4K Dell monitor which is pretty much the only one on the market due to people refusing to do any display scaling. But with the growing popularity of ultrabooks and laptops with high resolution displays for a small screen. But I don't know for sure I'll let your experience speak, I don't have such a display.. my high resolution display for the size is my Surface Pro 3, which isn't gaming capable obviously. but I LOVE this display. text is so easy to read on it, but my desktop display has better colors reproductions.... I wish I can merge both)
  9. A time when nVIDIA truly messed up (NOT Fermi)

    Honestly, the guy on the video is dramatizing and exaggerating a bit. I recall those years, and it wasn't THAT bad (beside the FX 5800). And to be honest, all models sold of the GeForce FX and 600 series had better coolers. The massive and crappy one is the Nvidia reference design, which at the time, like ATIs was very basic as well. I think it was actually hard to get the reference designed, every manufacture was putting their far superior cooler, which was both, well, cooler, and quieter. But all in all, ATI went trusted and true old tech for its GPU, while Nvidia was going experimental by going new stuff, Nvidia hit its face, and as mentioned in the video, sold poorly. But you can't succeed without failure, as the saying goes. If anyone wonders, as it was mentioned in the video. Cg died also. On paper, it was interesting. You coded you shaders in Cg, and then you could export for OpenGL or DirectX, and potentially other shader languages. Meaning a dev could code their games once, and deploy it with much ease on consoles and PC. But, sadly while nice on paper, it didn't really work.. well, it did, and it was fine for simple stuff, but you could not really optimize things for your game for a specific platform. It was indeed very shitty what Nvidia did with the drivers at the time. I recall this. To put it in-context, at the time, people, in general, well, gamer in general, values benchmark a lot, over gaming performance results. It was the deciding factor at the time for people. I mean NOW it is obvious after everyone drilling in people head that benchmarks are meaningless, especially today where driver optimization on benchmark is common. Anyway, Nvidia employees themselves made a video mocking their failure of the FX 5800. The video is VERY old, early 2000 old, so the quality is very shitty, so don't maximize it. Enjoy! So now, you get the reference of the massive air blowing on your face with everything on the table flying away while gaming. comes from where.
  10. ASUS R420SA-BV038T with W10s

    Windows 10 S can be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. If you want to avoid Windows 10, than you can buy and install any edition of Windows you want. Of course, you'll face with the driver issues, or inability to enjoy all the features of the hardware you have, and software compatbility from devs that moved on. For example: Chrome and Firefox doesn't work with Windows XP. If the OS you want is not part of the supported OS from OEM, than NO ONE on this forum can assure you 100% compatibility, especially on a laptop, that tend to use special software for many things. For example: software to get your hotkeys working (or F# keys depending on how they designed the hardware). You may get someone with the same system that tried, and were successful though, but that will still not be 100% compatible, as that cannot be assured.
  11. It really depends on which field you want to go as a developer.
  12. Well it depends on what you want to do in the field. For example, if you want to go in the financial sector, health, or be researcher of some kind (although you will prob need a PhD degree at this point) as a software developers, you want high grades, very high grades will benefit you most in getting a job. If you want gaming, than you want to focus on making a game by yourself over fancy grades (not a university project, companies don't really care about school projects, they want PERSONAL projects). They are many other fields than what I just mentioned, such as: Simulation (simulating models, to working on a graphical engine in a simulator of some kind), you have application developer, mobile app developer, web dev, communication, networking, security, hardware drivers and more, all have their preferences on if they prefer personal projects or grades, and this can vary between companies in the same field. And then you need to decide if you want to be software developer itself, or a program manager or a project manager. If you want to be a software developer, do you want to be a back-end dev (doing the core stuff that no one really sees), front dev (mostly GUI work (code wise not designing or drawing), and implement feature that affects the user directly), or full stack dev (both). And if you wonder, there is no distinction between computer science and software engineers (assuming both taking at College/University), not even salary wise in most companies. What will hurt you (depending on the field you go), is your Master degree. Companies will see that you have a Master degree, and that is fine (some companies marks it as a requirement, but end up hiring Bachelor mostly, as the requirement is more a preference than anything) except that they will see that you would want/expect a higher wage, and if your resume doesn't backup something to say that you have the experience justifying the increased expected salary, then you won't get the job, or even an interview. I am not sure how to pass this block, to be honest, beside going into a field that might not interest you but favor grades/degree over experience. And to make you face reality sooner, most (not all) courses in your computer science/software engineer degree will be useless is most fields as a software dev. It must be noted, that in many fields, you need to show on your resume a lot of initiatives. For example, going "I did a C++ class at University" is not good on a resume. But going and say "Well I did that Java and C++ class at University, but I went beyond to highlight my understanding and my passion by making this project in C++/Java, and I also setup a website using Rubby on Rails as a backend for it, and made this mobile app on Android in Java that connects to the site and desktop software, and all I learned this myself" which is super hyper impressive. In an interview, beside the junior position typical programming question and whiteboard coding questions to see if you know your stuff, and how you think, popular questions on on talking about your personal project or previous work experience challenges you faced, and how did you figure it out. Once you have have decided on what you do, then you can focus on a strategy on how to get there.
  13. Windows 10 Insider Topic

    I don't know if this should go here or in Tech News, so please let me know: Lucas on Twitter (no info on him), has discovered something pretty interesting on the installation of Redstone 5. Windows 10 Lean, or as it is called once you install it: Windows CloudE (I guess they tried to avoid "Windows CE"). Whatever the official name of the OS edition will be (prob engineers picked the name, or having fun), this install of Windows 10 is 2GB less than Windows 10 Pro. It includes Windows 10 + desktop shell experience, Edge, Store app, File Explorer, and maybe a few other things, but that is it. Not even the registry editor (Regedit.exe) is there, and there is no background (no idea if there is no wallpaper included, or that you cannot set one...), But Lucas says that the OS is NOT locked. He was able to copy regedit.exe from another Windows 10 machine, paste it in this Windows 10 Lean edition, and it runs perfectly fine, like if it was included with the OS. This could be 2 things: Windows 10 Lean, and that is it. No Windows Defender, no nothing, targeted for low powered devices (who knows, maybe Windows 10 for ARM to try and get every last drop of performance with 'S mode' acting as a level of security of sorts, enabled by default), or try and fit in system with low storage options like 16GB for allowing the OS to be installed on ultra low end system (probably OEMs will put a 1 wallpaper instead of black). Windows Andromeda project, which one commenters in the news article suggested. As we know, Microsoft is hard at works at making Windows 10 into components, and this is a "in-the works" build getting there, where behind things, they are components, which we can't customize as of yet, and they included Shell32 as CShell (what it will be replaced with eventually) is not ready, just to give something for internal testing. Tomato Sauce: https://mspoweruser.com/windows-10-lean-microsoft-working-on-a-cut-down-version-of-windows-10-for-redstone-5/ What do you think? And should I bring this post in the Tech News section?
  14. Windows 10 Insider Topic

    Cool, but sadly the link doesn't work.
  15. Well, what did you try? We can't read your mind... or can we?.... mwahahahahhahah! - Did you try saying you don't like the picture? - Did you try disabling Spotlight by setting your Lock screen to an image or color, restart the system, and enable Spotlight again?