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  1. GoodBytes

    Just bought a Nintendo Switch! [Help / Tips]

    Get a glass screen protector. I think think that it is most likely that Nintendo will do a refresh of the system like its portable systems, and a nice screen will help resale value, if you are interested in buying the newer model. Consider getting a carrying case if you plan to take with you to friends and stuff. But if you plan to just play at home, no need. Unless you plan to have other players actively playing with the system, or you really can't stand the controller, not worth getting the Pro Controller (which is 80$ at Costco in Canada... you won't find cheaper, at least not new). I am fine with the 2x joy cons separated, one in each hands when I play on TV. But I got used to this layout fro the Wii days. Anyway, try and see. My recommendation for games (in no particular order, excludes indie games which are plenty on the system) are (beside Mario Odyssey, as you said you have it): Zelda: Breath of the Wild. What I like with this game, if you are low in time and want to finish it, the game can be done in several hours. But if you want to do all the shrines, and nearly all side quests, you can easily get over well over 200h out of it. Mario + Rabbits Kingdom Battle. Surprisingly fun. But, do get it on special... probably this holiday it will be. The game lack polish sadly, that would be my biggest complaints, than the lack of proper camera controls (but that was done on purpose, just annoying at times), lacks mini maps, music gets repetitive towards the end of the game). But, it is a Ubisoft game not a Nintendo game. Still fun. I finished it. Has a nice amount of content. L.A Noire, if you never played it Octopath Traveler if you like RPG games (Demo is available) Snipper Clip if you have a second player next to you (great party game) Overcook 1 and/or 2 (do I need to say more, just watch the first 3-4 levels. The more you are, the funner it is. Overcook 2 has online play with friends) If you never played the WiiU Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze I am probably forgetting some
  2. GoodBytes

    Windows 10 Insider Topic

    New build! Ah yes, finally a new build! I guess things got delayed due to the October release issues, anyway, now comes: Build 18262 What's new You can now uninstall the following apps if you choose to: 3D Viewer (previously called Mixed Reality Viewer) Calculator Calendar Groove Music Mail Movies & TV Paint 3D Snip & Sketch Sticky Notes Voice Recorder And now the Task Manager can now show which apps support which DPI Awareness level, let alone if any: And lastly, Microsoft created a new Troubelshooting system which detects what is the problem overall and take the appropriate action. No need to figure out what needs troubleshooting to fix... Microsoft explains: What's fixed: Known issues: Read more: https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2018/10/17/announcing-windows-10-insider-preview-build-18262/
  3. GoodBytes

    Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen dead at 65

    This entry to the Tech News section does not comply with the posting guideline of that section: You are missing a quotation to the article to support or complete what you are saying. As a result, until it is fixed, it has been moved out
  4. Most people switch to streaming, or other more capable offline music playing programs. I don't see how a music player, which used to be known back in the 90's for, what is now considered, basic feature set, in managing music files, and being able play MP3 files properly (among other audio formats) which has not been an issue for ages, is something that anyone really cares now. It used to be innovative with great features, but it's been gone for so long that we had far better replacements. And that is assuming you are sticking to offline music. Winamp, from what I can see from its announcement, doesn't even have a store to buy music. People will get it for nostalgia, but that is all. Unless it can do something more, like have 1 program for local music and streaming music merged together... or something more than say, Foobar, or MusicBee, etc. Basically, what I am trying to say is that Winamp, today, has nothing special over current software currently available, why go through the complicate to switch, beside nostalgia, which you'll probably end up switching back to what you were using before. Nothing that was mentioned is anything unique to a basic music player... oh sorry, I missed something.. Winamp visualization... I guess now we will have the computer power to run all of them properly at 60fps. yay?!
  5. GoodBytes

    Win 10 Reformat OEM key same hardware

    In the setup you'll have the option "I don't have one" as a blue link, when it will ask for the key. Windows will still activate fine once you are online, and by the time you check for Windows Updates. Key is stored on Microsoft servers. if it is a custom built system or old system with a BIOS. Key is stored in the UEFI chip if it is a modern pre-built system. Windows will take care of everything.
  6. GoodBytes

    Laptop not starting up correctly

    Windows needs 20GB. "Drive 0 Partition 4: Blade Stealth" should be the one by deduction of being the largest partition. You only have 11.8GB free space. So you can either format it and clean install Windows, you will all data from the drive, no recovery. Or, you can use the same data recovery method listed previously but this time to make space by deleting files/folders to make space, so that Windows setup moves everything from where they are, to a folder called "Windows.old" (which will be found in the root of C:\), and clean install Windows.
  7. GoodBytes

    Laptop not starting up correctly

    Reset what? You mean reboot? Just press and hold the power button for 4 sec, or click on the "X" or pick "Turn off" and turn it back on (all depending on the version of Windows, and where you are).
  8. GoodBytes

    Windows 8 Update problem

    You need Windows 10 for official Ryzen support.
  9. GoodBytes

    Microsoft Co-founder Paul Allen Dies at 65

    If you are going to put the time, don't post.
  10. GoodBytes

    Laptop not starting up correctly

    So that means it doesn't have the ability to fix the type of issue you are having, sadly. If you are good with MSDOS, you can (at the same location as repair screen), plug an external drive that has the capacity you need, start Command Prompt, and from there you'll start at the drive letter X:\ X:\ is files of the setup process in memory. As you are not in actual Windows, and that "drive letters" concept is a Windows things to simplify how computer works with drives, the drive letter will be different. That is ok. Just try: C:\, do dir, and based on the content identify if it is really your C:\ or perhaps recovery partition or something else. Do the same for the USB drive. Once you know both drive letter, start copying your stuff from the system drive to your external drive. If you don't know MSDOS, then turn off the system, get a screw driver, pull the HDD/SSD out of the system, plug it to another system, access the file copy your stuff over. If you are knowledgeable about Linux, you can, alternatively, boot from a Linux Live Disk, as it is called, so you are running Linux based OS from system memory, and you can use that to transfer your stuff.
  11. GoodBytes

    Laptop not starting up correctly

    It is because you have disable System restore feature or use a third party defragmentation software which corrupted the restore points data on the drive. You next option, is to try (same location as above) Startup Repair option. If that doesn't help, then your next bet is to do an in place upgrade of Windows to the same version of Windows (so Windows 7 Home to Windows 7 Home, for example). This should install the version of Windows you have, and transfer your account, files and programs, and give you a relatively clean slate. If that still doesn't work (as it transfer the corruption issue over), then you are looking at doing a clean install of Windows. Backup your data first.
  12. GoodBytes

    Laptop not starting up correctly

    In the registry, the SYSTEM hive (folder) under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE is corrupt, or missing important items. Windows Boot loader which checks and load that hive can't resume. The easiest way to resolve this issue, is to do a System Restore (boot from the same version of Windows disk/USB Flash drive > pick language > Pick the repair option instead of "Install", and you'll find "System Restore" inside the menu that will show). This will allow you to bring your system back in time without affecting your personal files.
  13. GoodBytes

    Microsoft Co-founder Paul Allen Dies at 65

    So...bcredeur97 had failed, failed of Not following the Tech News Guideline disease kinda depressing as he was the one who convinced himself to quit what he was doing and start this entry to the Tech News section originally. Had he not... there maybe wouldn’t have this not complying post, especially that he has over 3k posts? Crazy to think about... -- Moved out until fixed.. open for someone else to do a better job in the mean time --
  14. GoodBytes

    Windows 10 No Logo at Boot?

    Ok so here is the confusing part. You probably installed Windows with the UEFI mode set to BIOS emulation mode (CSM enabled, or UEFI set to Legacy mode, or whatever name the motherboard wants to call it), then you switch it to UEFI at some point in time. But the motherboard is a bit idiot proof. Normally, if you do this, it would just go "No OS found" type of error display on your screen (because UEFI works with GPT but not MBR). But here he goes "Oh.. you must be using MBR.. go, let act as if you set the board to BIOS emulation mode", and now it does that and now it boots. UEFI is so fast at starting the system, that you most likely didn't notice any delays from the switch over. So when you cleaned install Windows 10 again, Windows setup goes "Oh you have UEFI mode enabled! And you are on MBR.. no problem, let me convert everything, fix everything as it should", all on the back., and now you truly are on UEFI mode
  15. GoodBytes

    Windows 10 No Logo at Boot?

    Well that's it. UEFI you'll get the motherboard logo. BIOS you won't, as there is no support for it. Again, you can't change it, unless the motherboard manufacture gives you a software to allow you to change it or disable it.