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  1. Windows 10 Text Formatting Issue

    Looks like you put a's instead of comas:
  2. Well that is not to too bad. His main complains is that he feel performance with Chrome is an issue, but not in Edge. How about Firefox or Opera (Chromium based with lots of optimizations)? You can't play modern games and has trouble running Premier and Photoshop... (obviously. although Lissa from MobileTechReview say it is acceptable if you don't use complex filters and big brushes). And he compares is with a Chromebook which doesn't have/can't have pen support or even touch, large plastic laptops (potentially loud too, and potentially lower battery life), and iPad Pro without pen and keyboard just by price (so it gets similarly priced with a keyboard without mouse/trackpad). I don't know, I never seen many students using an iPad in class, and at a library I see it used as more as a PDF reader more than anything, next to their laptop. And considering that many if not most students gets MacBook Pro... not sure they are interested in value over the perceived reliability and build quality of the device. Meh, again, as we have the same conversation for every Surface product release: and as I always say it here: If you don't care about the pen or form factor, Surface has never been great deal for your money. Just get a normal laptop, the device is not for you. It is marketed as a premium device and isn't interested in touching OEMs territories. If you want a normal laptop, get a laptop, if you want a tablet, get a tablet. If you are interested or excited in this 2-in-1, then maybe it is for you.

    You are outside of Windows, or in Windows boot loader stage The broken characters means that your GPU memory is faulty. Try a different GPU, or use your Intel integrated graphics solution if you have one
  4. Custom Phone

    You can always go to Shenzhen and get the same place he goes to. Else than that, you can try your luck with AliExpress and eBay, and hope for the best.
  5. HP and their consumer rights

    To answer your question that you where trying to ask. Most likely you'll get as a response that the laptop only supports SSD brand and size model that the laptop came with, and what HP sales on their website. Because this is only what they can, for sure, certify, that will work, as the laptop was deeply tested. While I can't say for sure either if any other SSD will work, as I don't know if HP did some funky stuff, any NVMe SSD should theoretically work.
  6. Vivo's Nex phone AI is making the screen look WORSE

    Entry misses article quote. - Moved until fixed - To make it better, your entry assumes we know what you are thinking and talking about, making it a poor quality article.
  7. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, or 7?

    No, the Core 2 Duo he has does support 64-bit instruction set. https://ark.intel.com/products/30785/Intel-Core2-Duo-Processor-E6850-4M-Cache-3_00-GHz-1333-MHz-FSB
  8. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, or 7?

    Atom 330 is a 64-bit dual core CPU Runs Windows 10 Pro 64-bit just fine, very slow... but fine, especially if you stick to anything that uses the GPU and you have a decent GPU in the system. In my case, it is an old Nvidia ION platform, so beside that Atom chip, it has a GeForce 9400M with a co-processor to help with the CPU offloading to the GPU. So, its a fine system, albeit, slow to load things due to the CPU being the bottleneck, but not terrible, but video decoding, using UWP apps like Edge, Netflix, Plex, etc. runs really smoothly (as the GPU handles the interface). Making it a great media PC. I call i my Netflix Box, as I run mostly Netflix on it for my non-smartTV. I got an IR receiver and and air mouse remote with keyboard, and voila, all set. Paid less than a cheap Roku, and runs better than one. My mothers PC is a Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz with 4GB of RAM running Windows 10 (I could have put 8GB of RAM, but the system boots much slower the moment it passes the 4GB mark, for some reason. the BIOS can't fast boot anymore, and start doing memory check. It's an old Lenovo PC, so I am not surprised, probably was never actually tested for 8GB of RAM, as already 4GB was insane back the days). I got her GeForce GTX 730 fanless because I needed GPU drivers which didn't exists for Windows 10, and a cheap SSD at the time
  9. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, or 7?

    That is much faster than my Atom. Windows 10 should run fine on it. Let's start with the basics: You should have 1 Task Scheduler set: OneDrive, if you use it. Else it should be empty. If it's not, post what you see. (screenshot is fine). If you see "Updaters", you can already just remove those. You don't have the luxury for those. Update manually. Open Task Manager, and look at the Startup tab. You should have 1 to 3 items in there: Windows Defender, OneDrive (if you use it), and maybe your mouse or keyboard control panel or something. That is all. The rest: Disable! Defrag your HDD. It's probably super fragmented. Mind you defragmentation will remove files being separated and scattered all the drive, but won't fix having all the files of a program or OS next to each other. You'l need to do a full drive format and re-install the OS and all your stuff to fix that, or get an SSD. You use a shitty Anti-Virus and/or Security Software. Remove them, use Windows Defender. If that doesn't help: Check for missing drivers Make sure your SATA Controller is set to AHCI in the BIOS (if it is not, don't expect Windows to boot, it will BSOD when you do the switch, leave it to whatever settings it was set (probably: IDE/Legacy), go in Windows 10 and let us know, as you have to do registry stuff to make it work when you switch. Your HDD might be dying or extremely sucky, and should be changed. If you have another system with an HDD or SSD that runs fine, running Windows 10, and that system uses BIOS also, and not UEFI, then that drive out, and plug it on your system. Windows 10 will detect the hardware changes, and start disabling all its current drivers and install the correct drivers. That first startup will be slow as a result, let it do its thing. Once in, check for Windows Update to get any remaining missing drivers, if any. Once done, restart, and see if you have performance improvement. If you do, buy a new HDD/SSD. I would get an SSD if space is not an issue.
  10. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, or 7?

    Please share your system specs? I got Windows 10 running on a Atom 330 fine.... For reference, it struggles running Windows XP. So I think you have a hardware issue, like a your HDD is about to fail, or you are missing your SATA controller drivers / motherboard chipset drivers.
  11. If you are just going to use it for that odd time you'll install Windows, just get anything 8GB of more. If you want speed, and use it for other things, and use it many times, then get yourself a nice and fast USB Flash Drive. If you are going that route, check reviews, and don't assume that a USB 3.0 flash drive will get you any speed that comes close to USB 2.0 max speed. Check reviews to know.
  12. Windows... Apps keep showing up after Unpining..

    The apps are being fetched. Wait for Windows to finish what it is doing. You'll know when it is done when you'll see actual icons and not down arrows. Keep in mind that Windows is still preparing your account on the back.
  13. My reply that I did is already more effort than what you are putting in your post entry. When I see near 0 effort, I don't bother. I mean at that point I am going to re-type everything of a pinned thread in the Tech News section, that says: "READ BEFORE POSTING" And contains what is required in order to have an entry be accepted in the Tech News section The Tech News Guidelines where put in place at the request of this forum community to ensure great content, great, fun, and may times interesting conversations. It is followed, and it works. Yours: Has little to no actual constructive replies by people because you are not doing a conversation No one cares about having YouTube on this forum. It is a place of discussion and helping people, not a site that contains videos, that I am sure many people see's on their YouTube home page in any case, if it was of any relevance to what they care. The video is of such poor quality which no one cares about. No one cares about a vertical blurry mess that supposed to show something, beside: "Oh wow, Google Pixel 3, runs...Google's Android's... wow... who would have known?" [sarcasm to the nth degree] Unknown YouTuber, with little to views and subscribers, with lots of downvotes for the little amount of views, makes me question if it isn't your own video, desperate to get known. If that is the case, make good quality video with EFFORT, then you'll get people attention without having to post it on forums. I see a match in quality between that video and your post here, hence the link I am doing that I am assuming it is your video. And, finally, your does not comply to the posting guidelines. And to me, your post is an insult to this community, especially, as mentioned, these guidelines were asked by the community, and your refusal to even read what was posed, and make a scene, is even worse. Oh, and if you would read the Guidelines before posting, let alone read the link I posted, you would have known that thread that don't comply to the Tech News section is supposed to be locked or even removed. If you want to continue this conversation, you can PM me.
  14. windows 10 host can't have any vm working

    Not really sure, sounds like options in VirtualBox, you can try VMWare. But I just wanted to say that you an get Kali Linux from the Store app, and run Kali Linux natively in Windows (same for OpenSUSE, SUSE Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, and soon Fedora). https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9PKR34TNCV07 Just enable this box, before:
  15. I don't see what is the panic. Right now, you have many of malware and spyware on Google Play store. Only when it reaches the media, Google takes them off. In the mean time, not only such apps/games are downloaded several hundred of thousands of time (maybe even million), but Google does a terrible job in ensure that people phone are secure.You even have A/V software for Android. Turning this option off, and getting an app or game from the legit site of the publisher/developer (like you do on Windows) I don't see how it increases the chances in getting infected.. well maybe if you like visiting BestAndroidMalware.com, and hit all the download buttons and install/run these files, than I guess you have a problem here. Look, I am not saying that you'll have people who genuinely don't know, and fall victim to fishing scam of sorts. But I don't think it will change, as people get duped from such malware from apps from Google Play Store.