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  1. Hi! I am looking into buy a new laptop for my artist. There are a few priorities: must have thunderbolt 3 (or 4), must have pen support, must have built in GPU. Other things like storage or CPU aren't as important, a powerful CPU is nice but most likely anything with a GPU will already have a decent CPU, it doesn't have to be the best possible CPU. My artist will be docking the laptop as a desktop and using it on the go. Battery life is not a major concern, it will be used at a university most of the time when not docked. Price is not a big deal, if you know of a good d
  2. Haven't been contacted yet... others with my laptop have also used heavily for months at a time and never been shut down.
  3. I don't know if they use some technical aspect to track how you use data, or if they call you and ask questions, or what. I've never had the issue myself. But every person I talk to on Reddit, Discord, here, who has done a hack or mod to hide the true nature of their data usage eventually gets shut down.
  4. Oh yes they will. 100% yes. You can get away with it when you aren't a power user, or if you're willing to hop around plans after each one gets terminated. But for me, using a few TB of mobile data per month, they will quickly shut you down. SIM Hacks, APN or VPN or other network settings to hide real usage, jailbreaks or rooting, these things only work until you get caught. And you will get caught if you use a lot of data. I am within TOS so even if I use 30 TB in a month, I am ok.
  5. Yes I can do that as well, but there is no unlimited hotspot plans. The plan I have would give up to 10 GB at high speeds to the connected device before it slows down. And thank you! I'm trying to make the new version a little less messy.
  6. Almost. they are mostly monitors that I have gotten at Goodwill for $5 to $10 each. I have one HDMI monitor I purchased new, it's the one I use to watch Netflix in YouTube at my desk. And my primary screen is a pretty nice one I got for like $35 at a mom and pop thrift shop. I like to have as many things that I am working on open as possible. I don't have to have 12 screens, I started out with three and have added more slowly over time. Going from three screens to four was a big difference, going from 11 to 12 barely made a difference, but when I am really hard at work on my comput
  7. 12 + the laptop's own display. I bought 2 6 output cards on Amazon for $200 each in November, but every configuration I have tried, even in my old custom built desktop, I can't exceed 7 GPU monitors. So if I can't use them as intended I might as well get my $400 back... that's my "upgrade", I took the more powerful 1070 out of my desktop to replace one of these, and the wimpy 710 out of my closet for the other one. The 1070 is orders of magnitude more powerful than these $200 cards. Not that I need it. And the 710 is much less powerful, but for extra screens it's sufficient, and fo
  8. I have several hubs. I'm using a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 8, with a thunderbolt 3 Lenovo dock, and two eGPUs daisy chained to the dock. I have a 16 port USB 3.0 hub and a 7 port USB 3.0 hub each plugged directly into the dock, I believe these would count as being two levels deep of USB hubs, since the dock is likely also considered a USB hub. The limit is 5 hubs deep. I have two USB 2.0 hubs connected to the 16 port 3.0 HUB. All of these are powered. I also have a 2.0 unpowered hub on a long extension cord running to the 16 port hub which is used for my UPS and Pri
  9. Hi! I've been getting an error about usb controller resources exceeded, it appears to be a USB 3.0 issue with outs/ins or something, according to some website I read. I have an unused USB 3.0 card... would adding that and dumping some of my USB stuff on to it's ports fix the issue? Thanks!
  10. Hi. I have a Pixel 2016 which I leave connected to my PC all the time for file transfers and upload over cellular. It works fine, but uploading large files can drain the battery for a time; the Pixel must not be receiving the amount of power it really needs from the PC, even though when idle it will reach 100% again after a little while. (I believe it requires 18W for this to never happen) Is there some kind of USB hub or USB dock, 2.0 or 3.0, which presents a desktop PC with a normal USB A port, but offers connected devices like phones or tablets USB C PD through its own hub/dock
  11. Oh, ok. Joke aside the entire setup pulls about 450-500 watts according to my UPS.
  12. Going from 1 to 2 is life changing. It's like going from a Toyota Corolla to a BMW 3 series. Not even the same level! You can do so much more with 2 screens. Adding a 3rd screen is great! You'll probably find a use for it, although I think 2 is sufficient for most people. Once you start adding more, you get diminishing returns. Yeah, even now with 13 screens I run out of desktop space and put stuff behind other stuff, but really I only need 6 or 7. That gets me all my things I want open all the time, ready for me to glance at any time without a single click, and work sp
  13. Hi! I have a strange situation which has led to me replacing my desktop with a docked laptop. It's not ideal, but it works well for me, and I wanted to share this setup in case someone else out there is in a weird situation too! First off, here's a photo of my desk setup: 12 monitors on one laptop! Plus the laptop's own screen, and a Samsung DeX screen off to the right. My laptop is a ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 8, with LTE support. With Thunderbolt 3 I have a dock, with many USB hubs connected, as well as 2 eGPUs, both are VisionTek Radeon 7750 2GB cards, and all
  14. 5.8 TB. I want a cloud backup, the slowness is on my side. If I throw this on a cellular option then it can hog up all that bandwidth without slowing the rest of the house down, and if I can set that one program to that one connection and keep the rest of my apps running off the WiFi then my computer will also run normally, as though this backup isn't even happening. But I don't know how, or even if, that works. I know when I switch from LTE (built in to the laptop, not my separate ethernet cellular modem) to WiFi (DSL) the computer uses both for a bit, anything that was already ha