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    Volvo Enthusiast
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    volvo#11608 (msg where you came from)

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    Northern California
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    Ryzen 5 1600 OC
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    MSI B350 Bazooka
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    16GB Crucial 2400MHz DDR4 (Bought during RAM crisis)
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    GTX 1070 FE
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    Phanteks P400S
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    Samsung M.2 NVMe 256GB. 1TB WD HDD
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    Corsair RM650
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    Dell P2416D @ 75Hz. Acer ED27 @ 144Hz
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    Noctua NH-U12S
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    Logitech G-Pro
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    Logitech G-Pro
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    Sony MDR-1A/S
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    Windows 10

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  1. saab.thumb.png.1c4e9c4e4be762e2a4734ba6c >   5793025a37fb6_Volvologo2015.jpg.03476c2f



    yes I know Saab doesn't make cars anymore. But they're still better.

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    2. pinksnowbirdie


      This is my car at work lol

      19 and still rocking a permit lmao oh well soon enough I’ll be taking a skills test to get the full thing, helps that my mom and I work at the same place so we can car pool. I drove that day. 


    3. connorpiper


      I would compare the 9-7X to the Aztek. Horrible, but good. And GM "quality".



    4. pinksnowbirdie


      nah the 9-7X is godly.

      Best Trailblazer relative ever made

  2. Try to change Power Management in Nvidia control panel to high performance. Right click desktop > Nvidia Control Panel Manage 3D settings > Power Management Mode > Prefer maximum performance.
  3. Both are not very powerful, you should not have issues with CPU bottlenecking.
  4. Use HW monitor to measure maximum temp. Sounds like thermal throttling. https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html
  5. Well when reviewing phones that could have water resistance, mostly they will be in the flagship range. ($600>) If all the other phones that compete with this certain phone are waterproof and they are the same price, then that is a reason to complain about water resistance, it is less about what the feature does, and more about the value of the phone. Is there a specific reason why they could not waterproof the phone, or is the manufacturer just trying to save money? Hopefully reviewers will use common sense to determine one or the other. In the case of the Razer phone, the large speakers limit the water proofing, while most phones have water resistance not all companies want to put IP ratings on their phones. In HTC's case, the 10 was fairly waterproof, but they did not rate it because they probably did not want customers going out of their way to get the phone wet. All these reasons have to be considered when you are reviewing a phone, so I would generalize for the informed reviewer that they are making a connection here and when they are asking for waterproofing they might just be asking for the rating, or wanting the company to try harder to make their phone be good value compared to others in that price range. In my case, I almost never notice my phone in my pocket, and have swam with my waterproof phones about 3 times accidentally (+ 2 times on purpose). It is also nice to be more aggressive with water and cleaner when wiping down your phone, so you don't have to worry about getting water in ports/buttons.
  6. To be fair, using Google Launchers (And Nova Launcher) you can activate Google Assistant with the hotword anywhere. No button needed. I would add the HTC U11 to that list, though it is also missing the headphone jack. I would have gone for the new Pixel when it was released if the XL was cheaper and had a headphone jack, the normal Pixel 2 is just too bricky, and my 5.2" screen is the smallest I am willing to go. So the U11 is very similar to the Pixel 2 XL on the inside with a smaller package. From that list I would be choosing the 5T. Thought it feels as more of a compromise because others are using shit software or removing headphone jack.
  7. It really is not the same, I can actually stay below maximum volume and be as loud as I need on my headphones. (Unlike other phones I have owned and used) Cameras are not cheap, so a very good camera is going to increase the price a lot. That is something that is worth it to me because I enjoy taking pictures and I don't always have my camera with me. It may not be something you want, but it is expensive no matter what. And price on phones is usually the same with computers, the higher you go the less value. On flagships you are paying for better cameras, exclusive features, and the best build quality. A $400 is going to give you much more for your money, but you won't get the things flagships provide. And now the HTC is $300 off. Which is pretty good considering it actually competed with the other $700 flagships of 2016.
  8. I mean, the HTC 10 is the only phone with a dedicated headphone amp/DAC. It also definitely has better cameras than your phone. Though the common theme with flagships are the cameras. Also: This
  9. My friends and I all have this phone and we have one of each color. The red one is not that ugly at all, and it looks just fine in a clear case. Though the shade reminds me of 2000s slide phones. I have the standard one, because it was the only color I could get at launch. Have had the phone since then, and I still love it.
  10. HTC 10 normally $700, discounted to $600 when U11 came out. Then $500 soon after. Now only the red version (The worst selling) is available for $400 ($300 off) CPU: Qualcomm 820 (14nm, 2.15GHz & 1.6GHz) RAM: 4GB Storage: 32GB (With SD Flex storage) Camera: Front: Single 12MP, 1/2.3 sensor, f/1.8, OIS, w/HDR (DXOMark ranks at 3rd best) Back: Single 5MP, f/1.8, OIS, w/HDR Display: 5.2in. 2560x1440 IPS Gorilla Glass 3 Software: Up to Android 7.0 Battery: 3000MAh non-removable 3.5mm headphone jack + USB C (USB 3.1 compatible) Dust and water resistant (Not water proof) Quickcharge 3.0 Fingerprint sensor Link: http://www.htc.com/us/go/buy-htc-10/#!carrier=unlocked&color=red
  11. Ocean pH. (Caused by absorption of CO2) 1700-1990. Acidic water is toxic to large portions of marine life Source: GLODAP & WOA CO2 density in earths atmosphere. Based on carbon content in prehistoric organic matter, and ice deposits in the arctic circle. While from ~1880s to 2013 based on actual atmospheric data. Source: NASA Average Ocean Temperature, 1880-2012. Estimates based on formula to 2020. Source: NOAA (See picture) Also, see EPA. The atmosphere and oceans are being affected by CO2 absorption, which is why our global temperature increase has been linear. When oceans cease to absorb our heat and CO2 as fast as they do now, we will have an exponential increase in average global temperature. Source above, or any research on global average temperature. I wish I could link to more EPA documentation that is really quite informative, but the Trump Administration has ordered the EPA to delete their section on 'Climate change indicators in the US', which is what contains the documented sea level, heat and pH data. Otherwise, you will have to go through the numbers yourself: Here Source This is only how Carbon Dioxide affects Earth, and is one of many reasons why the climate on earth is changing. One indicator of real change in the ocean is the massive loss of coral reefs, which cannot survive in acidic water. Source
  12. The 15" model is out right now, the 14" will be out soon. You could also get the older Inspiron 7000 series for much cheaper which does have an IPS panel. Both have more features than the HP.
  13. My 3570K handles GTA the same no matter the resolution. I also have no stuttering. ShadowPlay recording has also not had a problem.
  14. Make sure you are looking at the new Inspiron 7000 gaming. 7567 and 7467. It was updated very recently. The 14" model will be in the US soon. It will have the same base GPU, CPU and RAM as the 15" model but it should have a 128GB SSD and a 500GB HDD with the $800 price. That HP has the 960M, which is much less powerful, and it does not have a backlit keyboard. Plus the 960M has 2GB vRAM rather than 4GB.
  15. More than 10% is a significant upgrade. I know overwatch can change in FPS by 15 from a 200MHz overclock on the same CPU, and modern Core i5's have a much higher IPC than the 8350. You could see an increase of 20-30FPS by going to a K series Intel CPU with a decent clock speed. Such as the new 7350K.