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    games,and computers.Live audio/video/lighting technician and FOH engineer.
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    Part time Redneck, doesn't care for political or religious debates. Drives a 2004 Chevy Tahoe 4x4.
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    Roland Rubix 24, Pair of Eris E5 XT's, steelseries siberia v3 prism
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    Windows 10
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    2015 Macbook Pro 15 inch i7 16gb ram

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  1. assuming its a normal headphone jack and not USB you could get a small amp for your PC, be careful though as you don't want to over power them. as for the PS4 controller, unless you can find an amp that plugs in via headphone jack and runs off a battery (all of which are usually terrible and bulky) you dont have any good way to amplify ps4 controller volume.
  2. OOOOHHHHH your saying you want to connect the yamaha to your computer using a SPIDIF connection, in that case sure, It might provide slightly better audio depending on how good your computers onboard DAC is. if it wont cost you anything I would do it. sorry for the confusion
  3. if you are connecting to an amp with spidif you are not connecting to the amp, but only the A to D converter, the amp AND the DAC is already in the subwoofer housing of the corasir system. so unless you are plugging an analogue signal into the yamaha, say like a tapedeck or a record player there is no real point in it as you will not get any benifit other than it being an a to d converter and maybe the ability to eq or anything else that is included in the Yamaha, but probably no signifigant advantage to quality EDIT: this is assuming you want to connect something like your pc to t
  4. Im too lazy to google the card rn tbh but its probably slightly underclocked to save on thermals if its the cheapest option, but is it clock speed that directly effects your performance, or would two slower cards be more effective than one fast one? zotac is reputable enough, I wouldent worry about quality
  5. Its your average HDD, on par with a WD blue from my understanding, I wouldent worry about it unless you were going to run in it a server or use it for surveillance recording or something
  6. IIRC you only can use the memory of one card when in SLI, but i dont know if machine learning actually uses sli tech. if it dosent I would probably suggest the two cards rather than one IMO.
  7. I cannot be sure but your "DJ Soundcard" looks like an audio interface with a digital usb in and 2 channel/stereo TRS outs, probably meant for a dj mixer, but unless it is tied to a single software, traktor for example, it will work fine as a normal "soundcard" or as usually referd to, interface. Dont use internal sound cards if you have this as it will likely be the same quality unless you are trying to set up a surround sound setup or play back ultra high quality files(192 and up)
  8. I will tell you right now that that mixer will not make your audio better in any way shape or form, so if it is a usb mic I encourage you just to plug it in through usb, besides using adapters and making connections like that is a temporary fix not a permanent solution.
  9. if you care about convenience style and comfort for day to day use use airpods, if you care about sound quality and just a better audio experience in general get the sonys.
  10. hmmmm, do you have a home stereo or anything in the house with the same problem? if not its a grounding issue either in your psu or motherboard. does the case give you a shock when you touch it?
  11. 6.2 mhz lol, its often the cheap sound cards and a to d converters that boast numbers like that. to answer your question you probably cant
  12. its not, just connects through usb and you turn a couple knobs I think he wants the eq seprate from his main mix coming from his mobo? cant quite tell though.
  13. alright I did a bit of reasearch and your best option from what i can see will be the yamaha ag03 https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00TY8JE60?tag=podcastinsigh-20 it features 2 in 2 out computer interface, very nice software with a 5 band parametric eq and compressor, and a single preamp if you decide to get yourself a mic for gaming. at this price level I dont think there are better options for you
  14. Dont use your headphone jack and dont use rca unless its litterally a 5.1 rca setup. if the coax is Digital coax that would be your best choice for a 5.1 connection from your computer, and you must find a usb adapter for it to get that digital 5.1 as the headphone jack only outputs stereo
  15. In my opinion its not, but its usually more flexible and of course dosent take up any space