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  1. I am starting college next September, and I need to get my hands on a rtx 3070 before that. With the current market, I worry that the prices still won't return to normal even then. Should I do something right away? Is it worth learning to create an auto-buy bot?
  2. Isn't it just designing the CAD and sending the file to a CNC service? How much would an itx steel case roughly cost me?
  3. And I even found a tutorial on making icicles out of hot glue lol
  4. Thanks for locating that! He probably used acrylic ice cubes, styrofoam for the snow, hot glue for the frosting, and some vinyl stickers.
  5. I am doing an ice/snow themed build. I came across I am intrigued by the ice decals---the shards, powder snow, cubes, and even 100% white fans. Anyone has any idea where he is getting these?
  6. I just got a new band-saw. Out of curiosity, I adjusted the blade tension and tracking, not thinking that my actions would change anything, but now my blade is running off of the wheels...How do I re-adjust my blade trackings and tension to default values...?
  7. I need a 12v power supply connected to my breadboard. How do I convert the 120vac wall current to power my breadboard?
  8. Do you think putting it indoor (where the only ventilation is through the windows) will cause some health hazards? I know band-saws have dust ports and things, but are they enough?
  9. Seriously? Even the humidity will damage it? My indoor space is limited, but I have a backyard... its not that bad right?
  10. Yea... what should I do though... Should I buy a shroud that covers it when not used?
  11. I am going to buy a band saw soon. My house doesn't have a garage...can I leave my band saw out in the open? Will rain damage it?
  12. The MDI/MDIX ports get to decide whether it is cross-over or not. MDI, for instance, decides that pin 1 and 2 will be transmitters. The cables just carry electrons. I am still not sure I understand why the different 568s are created...
  13. What exactly is the difference between the orange pair cable and the green pair in a RJ45 connector? Why are there T568A and T568B protocols just to decide which pair to put first? Electricity is just electricity...it doesn't care if it is running through a green pair or a orange pair...