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  • Birthday Aug 24, 2007

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    My computer lol
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    Being very smart.
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    Wow, you're looking at my profile!? That's creepy.


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    AMD Ryzen 3 2200G
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    OLOy DDR4 RAM 8GBx2 (3200MHz)
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    Vega 8
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    Montech Flyer Black Micro ATX
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    Kingston 240GB SATA SSD
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    ARESGAME AGV500 (500 WATT)
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    DELL ST2010, acer AL1916AB
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    DIERYA DK61E 60% Keyboard
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    UHURU WM-07
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    Windows 10 (64 BIT)

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  1. Well, yeah, if you have a ton of time and patience...
  2. It is no different than a power button, either way you are just finishing the circuit. If this does work your power button is dead.
  3. Yes, it is absolutely safe, otherwise experts wouldn't do it. Get a paperclip or screwdriver, and touch both the pins with it.
  4. just impractical... the die is meant to be CLOSE to the cooler, not 3 inches away on the tip if the pyramid. Also harder to manufacture, it would need more material.
  5. Ah, that makes sense. Actually a really good deal.
  6. Thst doesn't make sense, unless that is old. The 3400G goes for 250 dollars right now, while the 3600 goes for 210.
  7. Is it not? I thought the power delivery was better.
  8. See if your PC meets the minimum requirements.
  9. For the cooler I would recommend a Hyper 212, as long as your not overclocking. X570 is a bit better, but generally more expensive, and only necessary if you want really big overclocks.
  10. No reason to, it will wear out the fans faster if they are spinning more, and it will be louder. As @LIGISTXsaid.