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    AMD Ryzen 3 2200G
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    OLOy DDR4 RAM 8GBx2 (3200MHz)
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    Vega 8
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    Montech Flyer Black Micro ATX
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    Kingston 240GB SATA SSD
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    ARESGAME AGV500 (500 WATT)
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    DELL ST2010, acer AL1916AB
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    DIERYA DK61E 60% Keyboard
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    UHURU WM-07
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    Windows 10 (64 BIT)

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  1. How?? Some people dont want to send their devices into a shop for 3 days to fix a problem they could fix in a half an hour... What if you wanna be able to switch from an HDMI port to a few USB ports? Like, maybe if you're taking it somewhere you want the couple of USB ports, but if you're at home you want a second display, so you hook up a second monitor with the HDMI port? Because it doesn't appeal to you doesn't mean its objectively bad.
  2. 75 from the motherboard. You will want a 3x8 pin if you want to overclock, but other than that the 2x8 will suffice.
  3. Its weird to me why that B450 doesn't give you the potential BIOS update warning on PPP.
  4. Tell him to get a B550, better value, for damn near the same product.
  5. When I'm joking around I'll refer to PC's as sickass gaming rigs and yes I know this is old
  6. I'm kind of an idiot for how I parted out my PC.

    For some reason I chose an A320 board to save 10 bucks, but now if I wanna upgrade to anything non 2nd gen IΒ need a whole new board.

    Also on the 21st I'll have had my PC for 6 months, time kinda flew by :old-sad:

  7. You cant really vacuum seal a PC due to the I/O ports not being sealed, (for example gas could escape through the USB ports.)
  8. Get a B550 board, as with a B450 you will NEED to do a BIOS update. Get faster RAM if it fits the budget. (3600 would be best, but 3200 is fine) Other than that looks good
  9. That cooler probably wont cool the 5900X, unless you undervolt it. Change the RAM to 3600 MHz, 5th gen Ryzen works better with faster memory. I'd change the board to a B550, there are almost no advantages to X570, and B550 is cheaper.
  10. HyperX Cloud 2. My friend uses it and the mic is great.
  11. Renting a server online is the best method. Its 5-20 dollars a month usually, and will give good enough results, for not too much money. (if you host it at your house, your electric and internet bill will probably be through the roof.)
  12. How is that relevant though? OP also screenshotted their specs and sent above.
  13. Have you tried reinstalling windows?