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  1. Hi all, I have a 2017 model 4k Samsung tv. It has a little "OneConnect" receiver. Documentation I've read in places says that you need to plug a premium HDMI cable directly from the PS4 to the TV. However, there aren't any ports on the tv itself. Just a OneConnect hub. Any thoughts?
  2. Hi all, I have an HP Elitebook 840 G3. Mousepad doesn't work. Double click the top left light on the mousepad and still won't turn on. Occasionally the keyboard doesn't work as well and have to hook up external keyboard and mouse. I believe it's related to a freezing problem I get when projecting the device to the big screen in the conference room. I thought maybe a firmware or driver problem. The mouse/keyboard problem seems related to the freezing, which causes a blue screen. I reimaged the machine and that didn't fix it. Any thoughts?
  3. Thanks! Unfortunately, I can't touch any of the Exchange server stuff. I have to forward this problem to another department to confirm whether that is the issue or not.
  4. Automatic Replies is only available for Inside My Organization. Outside my Organization tab completely gone.
  5. Hi all, Would anyone know why the Outside of Organization tab in Automatic Replies would be missing in Outlook 2016? Windows 10 machine in a enterprise environment.
  6. Hi all, I made a bootable USB of command line WinPE, but I am actually looking for the graphical version of WinPE. It shows the file structure and has some decryption/encryption options. Does anybody know where to find this?
  7. Hi everyone, I have a Winterm 3150SE time clock not picking up the badge reader. Replaced time clock. Replaced badge reader. Still not picking up badge. We use PS/2 badge readers. Any thoughts?
  8. What if the two employees shared a single AD account called "Accountant" but signed into Outlook with two different Microsoft accounts? I'd experiment with this myself but I only have one Microsoft account
  9. Hi everyone, When mulitple users utilize Outlook 2016 on the same computer and sign in with their respective accounts, how does that affect the profiles that appear under Mail in Control panel? For instance, Suzy and John use the same computer because they have different shifts. Suzy signs into Outlook in the morning with her account. John signs in with his account in the afternoon. Can each user have multiple profiles? How are they associated with their respective accounts? What does Mail under Control panel look like if Suzy has 2 profiles under her accoun
  10. Hi everyone, I initially created my business email through Outlook and my Microsoft Office free trial. Then, since Zoho.com provides free business email hosting, I pointed my domain to the new Zoho business email instead. Now, how do I switch the same email used in Outlook to point to the Zoho mail server instead of the Microsoft exchange server? For example, my Zoho business email is xxx@xxx.com. The email is listed in Outlook as xxx@xxx.com, but it's still pointed to Microsoft Exchange server instead of the Zoho mail server. Thanks
  11. and just the own machines ip address
  12. This is really just a silly/fun/hypothetical question, but what is the exact technical reason you can't Remote Desktop a machine to itself? I type in my own IP Address into Windows Remote Desktop and also try the loopback address, but neither work.
  13. Hi everyone, I love Linus and LinusTechTips, but I was wondering if anyone recommended other good forums and YouTube personalities. I always like having a plethora of resources at hand for technology education. Again, I love Linus and LinusTechTIps, I just want to expand my resource base. I'm familiar with Tom's Hardware, StackOverflow, Microsoft Community, and a couple others. I also really like Eli the Computer Guy on Youtube. Do you recommend any other forums or YouTube personalities? Looking strictly for technology education. Thanks!
  14. They're like $45 dollars It would be nice to take it apart and clean it if that's an option