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    cows go moo

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    Lacrosse and politics


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    Asus z97m Pro
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    16gb ddr3
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    ASUS 1070
  • Case
    Silverstone FT-05
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    Too many SSDs
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    EVGA G2 750w
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    Acer 1440p
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    Nh-D15s - 2x NF-A15 - 2x NF-F12
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    Cherry blue
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    Logitec 602

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  1. Heesleemer

    Navi/Ryzen 3000 launch Megathread

    Well time to upgrade from my x99
  2. Heesleemer

    [ended] Apple WWDC 2019 Livethread?

    Ipad is seems amazing now... I going to finally get it now
  3. Heesleemer

    The Snapdragon 8cx Benchmarked: A Worthy Challenger?

    hopefully the implementation is better. I have been tempted to buy the HP ARM windows tablet. (although an Ipad Pro might actually be a better value for my use case)
  4. Heesleemer

    The Snapdragon 8cx Benchmarked: A Worthy Challenger?

    I think most people here are missing the point. It's not necessarily being a powerhouse. Battery life and being functional (and probably cheaper later on) for every day users... which is an internet browser, microsoft office suite/google suite.
  5. Heesleemer

    Upgrading a karaoke laptop

    If it has an HDD why not just a sata ssd?
  6. Heesleemer


    nice , looking forward to seeing this come together. Curious on the GPU cooling!
  7. no - I meant account - as in client account. Shouldn't have used jargon. my bad
  8. It's probably someone at an ad/pr agency... Someone who may lose their Samsung account
  9. Heesleemer

    iPad Pro 2018, No Headphone Jack

    you can have cellular - I do on mine. Actually helpful for travel
  10. So much for my work laptop upgrade. Still stuck with my broadwell 15 inch i7
  11. 2018 i7 15 inch has 6 cores unlike last years 4 (unless I am mistaken)
  12. you're not getting my point Compare this years i7 v i9......