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    Intel Core i7 6700K
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    MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon
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    8GBx2 Corsar Vengeance LPX
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    NZXT Source 530
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  1. Watched and looks like AMD is going tier-to-tier, no longer $-to-$. RX 6900 series - 3090 RX 6800 series - 3080 RX 6700/5700 series - 3070
  2. Did you even read? I couldn't populate 1 and 4, else, RAM won't be detected (it will either boot with ONE 8GB stick, or refused to boot). I tested the RAM on my failed MSI board, and confirmed that the RAM is failing. Of course I could RMA those RAM back to Corsair, but I have two packs, and one stick from each pack failed. I don't know if I could send one stick, from different serial number. The original kit starts with 16, and I bought another identically spec kit (because after 1-2 years, I decided that 16 gigs wasn't enough for what I'm doing), but the serial starts
  3. The i5-10400 is nearly an i7-8700. If only AMD had an ALL APU on their mainstream, the pick would be AMD. But, the current Ryzen (6 cores and up) system offers no iGPU, unless you go R3 line-up. The Intel UHD 630 is capable for 720p-900p gaming, in fact, I had to use it because my motherboard was failing, that it couldn't detect any PCIE Graphics. I managed to play Overwatch, CSGO, TF2, and really, not so demanding games. If you are recording, use the Intel QuickSync.
  4. Take a look below: I cannot use slot 1 and 4, and seems that my Corsair RAM decided to start failing, I had 2 RAMs (both are completely identical), decided to kaput. I decided not to use XMP because it can cause RAM not to be detected, and a huge hassle to troubleshoot. I'm also assuming the motherboard is failing. This is quite interesting, as by right, this shouldn't be in dual channel, even the motherboard manual shows that Slot 1 and 3 should be used to trigger dual channel (or Slot 2 and 4). So what's the condition? As long as each channels are ac
  5. That's if AMD HAD went and follow their previous release price trend for the original Ryzen 7 as PX4 9600, P2X6 1090T and FX-8150 were all within the US$250-300 price range, and get a bump in core count.
  6. Watched the entire Premiere, yeah, no, AMD just went full Intel being greedy and stagnating. Looks like I'll be holding on to my 6700K until either I saved up for 10/11th gen Intel, or AMD surprised me with a 12-core APU for US$350.
  7. Like the title stated, is it possible for Windows 7 or 10 drivers to work on Windows 8.1? I've looked up on both Nvidia and GeForce driver websites, they only support Windows 7 and 10 (Nvidia webpage only has Windows 10). I was thinking the old fashion method of installing drivers, via Add Legacy Hardware, or some tweak in the nvidia package. I'm not upgrading my main rig, which has a 1070 FE, it's my second rig (used by my sibling), here's the spec: i7-6700K (not OCed) Asrock Z270M ITX AC G.Skill RipJaws 2x8GB RAM (3.2GHz, but not XMPed) GTX 750 (it
  8. Maybe Nvidia has improved its memory compression--though not by much? Last seen on Kepler and Pascal. Thus, lower memory bus and less memory chips, Nvidia can keep the card price down. Perhaps the improvement wasn't that much to warrant on the livestream.
  9. Guess AMD gets decimated again. Meanwhile, the price seems reasonable, and seems to aim to users on 10 series or older.
  10. A little bit late. Your Intel platform requires only 4-pin CPU, where as the new AMD board requires 8-pin CPU. Not familiar with the CX450M, but check if the CPU is getting sufficient power.
  11. USB 3.0 hub card? I own Source 530, and decided to add internal card reader and 5.25" to 3.5" adapter with USB ports. Not sure about your chassis, since modern chassis lacks of 5.25" bays.
  12. AMD's VCE is atrocious when compared to NVENC and QuickSync (even older version of HD graphics), since you're using Intel CPU + AMD GPU, I suggests that you turn on Intel HD 4600, and use that to record and stream. Go to your UEFI, and enable the Intel HD graphics (Internal Graphics in certain UEFI), and once you're on Windows, you'll have to install the Intel HD graphics drivers. Once drivers are set, the tool for your record and/or stream (e.g. OBS), just follow this guide: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/how-to-use-quicksync.82/
  13. I do have an MSI board (Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon), and if it's flashing CPU and DRAM, instead of going to the GPU, that means, there's a problem with the RAM.
  14. Sorry for the late reply, it's likely a dead board since you've already swapped PSU for a spare one.
  15. No fan spin = board is not getting any power. Wait, before you buy another RAM, if you have a spare PSU, try use that spare on the board.