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    i9 10850k 5GHz
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    Asrock Z490 Taichi
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    32GB 3733 CL16
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    EVGA Hybrid 2080
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    Lian Li O11 Air
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    250GB Samsung NVMe, 3.2TB Samsung Enterprise NVMe, 3TB Toshiba
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    LG 27UD68, Acer Predator 4K 144Hz (Non FALD)
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    Corsair K70 Quickfire Red
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    Logitech G603
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    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 with Polk Atrium Speakers
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    Windows 10 Professional 64bit

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  1. I wouldn't bother with a K80. SLI is dead so no point in two GPU's for this use case. A K40 would be more in line with use. As for gaming on it, you should be able to select it as the high power GPU in windows and have it work for the most part.
  2. Should have just said buy 10th gen while you can lmao. 10850k's can be had UNDER $300.
  3. I doubt it. It's a 4 phase vcore if I'm looking at this right. Why even bother putting such a chip with a low end board?
  4. Why did you guys not think to use your graphite pads to enhance the overall effectiveness of the back panel? I did this with thermal pads on my Pro 16 is nearly completely eliminate GPU throttling in windows. It gets hot but isn't too bad. Something like the air wouldn't be able to heat it up nearly as much. (Pictures are missing 3 other pad spots but oh well)
  5. I recently built a loop for my 2080ti XC Ultra with plenty of thermal headroom (50C under load) but have been unable to find a bios that is able to flash on it. Currently I max out at ~330w. This card does have the older eeprom. Is there anyone with a newer XUSB firmware and higher wattage for reference PCBs?
  6. Please stop doing single channel every single time you do low price builds..... Please......
  7. It's that stupid unlocked 28 core from a year or so ago that you can't get anymore. IIRC just the CPU and motherboard alone are over 4k. Add in ram and dual radeon 7's you are probably nearing 6-7k. Another 1k from the water cooling parts, 500 on a PSU, say 1k for custom parts and we are at least 10k.
  8. A modular PSU at this price point is such a waste of $30-40 as well as getting a more expensive case if you are really trying to save every dime like you are acting. Also why even bother getting a cooler when both come with it? All that money saved can go into much better motherboards for both parties who could actually use the higher end CPU's properly as well as fully unlock the Intel memory controller which is likely what made it perform so poorly in that one benchmark.
  9. This might be the worst title + thumbnail I have ever seen
  10. You can even get enterprise level SSD's in the 3+TB range for around this price. I'd rather have the storage than the very little speed improvement.
  11. With all of Intel's price slashing, I'm a little surprised you would be a 3700x over the 10700k or even the 10850k. Many Z490 boards are also PCIe 4 compatible so Rocket Lake should be a slot in competitive upgrade. Also don't really think PCIe 4 SSD's are even remotely worth the insane premium for the 2k build.
  12. Really? No Anker Liberty Air 2? They are fantastic sounding and can do custom EQ to better match your listening. Constantly at $80 or cheaper. They are literally on the desk so I'm confused why they weren't talked about. Like you chucked the one plus garbage but not probably the best price to performance set out there atm?
  13. That only kinda makes sense if it was on something with a shared bus like PCI but PCIE not at all.
  14. Ignoring the bombastic title.... The chip is interesting. It clearly needs next generation Atom to step it's game up and adding hyperthreading and maybe a second core would do wonders to turn it into a little powerhouse when needed.
  15. Unless you bought a pile of garbage no they really don't. Any reputable one should drain within seconds.