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    C# is bae. TS13
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    Software Engineer


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    i9 10850k 5GHz
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    Asrock Z490 Taichi
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    32GB 3733 CL16
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    EVGA Hybrid 2080
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    Lian Li O11 Air
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    250GB Samsung NVMe, 3.2TB Samsung Enterprise NVMe, 3TB Toshiba
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    Corsair HX 850i
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    LG 27UD68, Acer Predator 4K 144Hz (Non FALD)
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    Corsair K70 Quickfire Red
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    Logitech G603
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    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 with Polk Atrium Speakers
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    Windows 10 Professional 64bit

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  1. Yeah it runs perfectly fine and hasn't been buggy at all since the second dev channel release. Stop drinking the koolaid.
  2. Not an excuse for these absurd levels of price increases for what are essentially vram doubling and custom I/O. Don't even see ECC support on the VRAM.
  3. Use something like ExFAT. Maximum file sizes are not an issue on that. You may need to jump through some hoops to do so.
  4. @Rem0o On my Asrock Z490 Taichi, the fan controls all randomly change everytime the program is started making it impossible to really use the app. Not really sure what's going on when it scans devices but it doesn't seem to remember them properly.
  5. I own one of these chips. Besides damage I already knew was there, mine has HORRENDOUS core to core deltas of as high as 35c. And this is also direct die. Thank god I don't do full 18 core loads very often.
  6. Even though this thing is no where near good enough for the price, any Mac is not a comparison. Last I checked if I tried to 2-in-1 my pro it would break in half.
  7. I wish we got more reasoning on that expensive AF receiver lol. We have a ~$800 Denon that seems to work really well from what we can tell on a 7.1 setup.
  8. Lol Gigabyte fixing things. They couldn't be assed to put proper ACPI and UEFI on a server board I was using. And that was just one board. Never liked any board from them.
  9. They just keep getting worse. I'm honestly getting close to unsubing they are so horrible. And I've been around since the garage.
  10. GPU Partitioning (SR-IOV sorta kinda) exists in Hyper-V as of a few Windows releases. Unsure if it's on Win server or base windows pro but it's SUPER interesting as a workaround.
  11. This title is so absolutely horrible it makes me want to unsubscribe. Seriously. Stop.
  12. I wouldn't bother with a K80. SLI is dead so no point in two GPU's for this use case. A K40 would be more in line with use. As for gaming on it, you should be able to select it as the high power GPU in windows and have it work for the most part.
  13. Should have just said buy 10th gen while you can lmao. 10850k's can be had UNDER $300.
  14. I doubt it. It's a 4 phase vcore if I'm looking at this right. Why even bother putting such a chip with a low end board?
  15. Why did you guys not think to use your graphite pads to enhance the overall effectiveness of the back panel? I did this with thermal pads on my Pro 16 is nearly completely eliminate GPU throttling in windows. It gets hot but isn't too bad. Something like the air wouldn't be able to heat it up nearly as much. (Pictures are missing 3 other pad spots but oh well)