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  2. I had to fix some pins and broke out the china usb microscope lga 1151 socket MSI motherboard z170 sli 

    Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 8.13.24 PM.png

  3. Be Healed in Jesus Name!

    Easy Way to Chill your pc

    this is idle with my A/C in fan mode
  4. KingCry

    Low R15 2700X scores

    No as the Chipset is the PCH on the board (the spot on the board that has the fancy heatsink near the SATA ports.
  5. Herman Mcpootis

    Which GPU for my PSU?

    i'd grab a 550w masterwatt and sell off your current PSU if possible.
  6. LienusLateTips

    Rate my build and recommend stuff

    No, it's not announced yet. But is has been teased and AMD has booked a huge theatre at Computex 2019. At CES 2019, they showed a Zen 2 processor beating the 9900K in gaming benchmarks. Zen 1 didn't do that.
  7. @Cyberspirit I'd suggest you go for a quad-core APU from AMD. You don't have to mess with any adapters and you'll have assured stability thanks to not using a setup less stable than running Arch with all of the testing repositories enabled (it was technically Antergos for me, but it still applies, not to mention running Gentoo with the same level of beta-ness; I'm impatient, all right!?).
  8. KingCry

    Easy Way to Chill your pc

    Like I said you need to worry about condensation so you don't kill your hardware. while the temps your system is reporting is nice a low if your loop temp is dropping below ambient you will run into possible issues with condensation.
  9. mynameisjuan

    Unable to connect two ethernet into network

    What goes to the other end of the ethernet cutting it off? -Its ether a device with POE -Power pins are shorted -STP is kicking in
  10. Started my first build in over a decade, have a Cougar panzer max full atx case with MSI gaming pro carbon motherboard, Ryzen 7 2700x, Corsair 750x psu, and I'm going with a RTX 2070 gpu. The mobo states it can handle up to 3466mhz ram. So do I buy 3466 with the lowest cl score I can find? Or do I go 3600mhz and set it to 3466 in xmp? Thanks in advance for any imput!
  11. Boarder

    what to do w/ my life

    That's how friendships started. You get to talking and soon y'all warm up to subjects y'all have in common and probably become friends.
  12. GamerDude

    1070 Ti crash

    Can you borrow a GPU from your friend? This is to eliminate the mobo as a possible cause of the crash. Sometimes, cause of a crash can be so hard to eliminate, recently, my 3960X + 2x RX VEGA64 setup would crash after a driver install. I'd swapped to earlier drivers and it'd still crashed after driver install. At this point, I was almost certain the issue was with my card(s), so I went into single card config and it'd still crash after driver install (fine without driver in Safe mode). I ruminated over the issue and used my other rigs. Finally rolled up my sleeves and really looked into the issue after a month or so, tried my GTX1080 and it still crashed, so that eliminated GPU as the issue, tried 1x, 2x, 4x RAM and it still crashed, so RAM was ruled out. It then occurred to me that my Corsair 128GB ForceGT SSD was pretty old (about 7 years now), bought a cheap 240GB SSD and installed OS, went thru this without issue. Then, when I installed the driver (hoping for the best, expecting the worst), it went off smoothly and I rebooted without issue. So, my SSD was the not so obvious cause. Could you list your system specs for the guys here to see if any component could be an issue?
  13. Thanatopsis

    Blackmagic Studio Camera

    If you get the Black Magic studio cam route get an ATEM tv switcher so that you can color corect and remotly control the exposure of the camera.
  14. I'm not entirely sure what I am looking for. Here is the UEFI I see; *However I did notice some other strange behaviour, after changing the boot animation to enable and clicking save changes and reset, it did boot into windows by its self, so for a sanity check i shutdown through windows then turned on my computer again and once again "No boot drive detected" so I had to manually boot from the drive again.
  15. SMBGUY

    Low R15 2700X scores

    Silly question but the only change I made was buying this new kit of memory and a that Evo M.2 drive since that is using 4x PCI-E lanes could that make the CPU work harder or hotter due to the chipset being inside the CPU.
  16. awsomea3

    Rate my build and recommend stuff

    Have they published any test results?
  17. Be Healed in Jesus Name!

    Easy Way to Chill your pc

    yes ... these temps are what i get when i leave it alone, it stays in the 20's ... my A/C has a fan setting, which i switch it to if i am not using it or not gaming
  18. Boarder

    I'm going to start a project

    Interesting. So you have a power booster built in. You think this unit has it? I'm thinking it'll only put out a few volts.
  19. straight_stewie

    Need a YouTube Channel that Teaches C#

    Google DevU and Bob Tabor
  20. I am looking for a YouTube channel or video that does a great job of teaching C#. I know of Traversy Media but he has done only one video on it. Let me know of a good one. Thanks
  21. Lady Fitzgerald

    What shift button do you use when typing?

    And we have another bad, biased survey. At least "other" was an option, which I used because I use both shift keys (whichever one is most convenient at the time) and, occasionally, the caps lock key (and no, I'm not a deviant; just practical).
  22. KingCry

    Easy Way to Chill your pc

    Be mindful of Condensation and humidity as that can/will be a hardware killer with temps lower than ambient.
  23. I really hope Nintendo ignores this and laughs at them internally
  24. KingCry

    1070 Ti crash

    The motherboard has a 2-3 year warranty with MSI so you could RMA it. You could bring the GPU to a shop to test to see if that's the issue. Also remember to quote someone when your replying to them
  25. Derkoli

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Hell yeah reel to reel, dont go to deep down the rabbit hole of reel to reel you WILL have no money lol..
  26. KingCry

    Low R15 2700X scores

    Get the cpu voltage down to 1.2v or as close as you can, then using Ryzen Master use PBO and increase PPT, TDC, EDC. Ryzen is very sensitive to temps at -5C it will boost to 4.35GHz as temps increase it will boost less up until 85C were it will do base clock and start dropping the multi till it can get the temps below 85C
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