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  2. Forward this thread to all our parents. watch them loose their minds.
  3. ch3w2oy

    Need as many first build tips as I can get

    If a mod realizes it they will warn you and then delete duplicate threads.. You shouldn't need that many.. Did you not find the information you were looking for? I always see good advice in threads like these.. Most members have good judgment so if you see someone with a decent post count and reputation, I would follow their advice..
  4. Hi i am using Asus GL503ge(i7-8750h), I tried undervolting my cpu but after resetting back to default there is unusual high usage of power by uncore when in idle state.

    I have even applied default settings in the bios.

    Is this usage by uncore normal or is there some problem with my laptop.

    Sometimes this affects my cinebench  as the uncore power is more so the ia cores do not reach a high power usage resulting in lower clock. This scenario is happens rare but i have faced this problem too.

    If anyone can explain what uncore power is exactly, that would be helpful and is this kind of uncore power usage normal at idle state.





  5. SupaKomputa

    Best GPU for Q9300

    Q9300 vs 9550 at best only 5% difference. Really not worth it. I've upgraded a q6600 to q9650, not much difference tbh. All the talk about bigger cache really can't feel it in real world.
  6. Wannabelinus101

    Need as many first build tips as I can get

    Sorry I have lied it is 4. If I keep doing more people see it. yes?
  7. Derkoli

    Google blocks Huawei

    I rarely watch youtube on my phone as i have a 11 inch kindle fire so that wont really affect me. and yet again the US being a hypocrite..
  8. ch3w2oy

    AMD Wattman Reset After Failure - That Never Happened

    The new AMD drivers (19.5.1) offers the option to do a clean install instead of just installing.. I'm using that version and it works great.. Also saw a slight performance bump as well.. I recommend anyone using a previous version to give this one a try as they may have fixed quite a few ongoing issues.. Even though I never have a problem (Vega 56, 64 and Radeon VII all run like a dream)..
  9. SupaKomputa

    Best GPU for Q9300

    The thing is you will use 768p, with the RX460 in that resolution will perform more than 60fps. Now the bottleneck is you CPU, to lower the bottleneck you can limit the framerate to the point that the cpu can handle. I assume you have a 60hz monitor, so limiting the FPS to 60 is a good way, with a vsync for example. There will always be a bottleneck either from the cpu or the gpu.
  10. Google is screwed once the EU gets hold of them. You are not allowed to do this when you have a 75% market share. Even larger when you count what percentage the iOS users use their apps like Maps, Gmail... Anyway. I was on the fence what to buy but this definitely made me to choose the P30 Pro.
  11. mr moose

    Paint is getting an update!

    What? you seriously want me to believe that only metro apps that are laggy on slow hardware? Sure. Having worked on slow hardware I can guarantee you a lot of apps run slow and laggy on low end hardware, if they didn't no one would buy better hardware. So you can't actually say either of those if you haven't used it because you have no idea. You speculating at best and projecting at worst. So clearly you just want to make shit posts about MS. If you don't like it don't use it, you aren't the only user in the world.
  12. PacketMan

    Google blocks Huawei

    I'm not going to get anything from Google if they just shut down Google services on Huawei phones, I just won't Lets see what happens in the next months, if they end up banning Gapps on the Huawei devices I'll have to use my Mate 10 without Gapps (the real spyware, oh hi NSA)
  13. wasab

    Mac for programming?

    Get Dell xps developer edition.
  14. tikker

    Fixing No Sound With Netflix Dolby via PCM

    Is your TV set to output PCM and set to the correct output device? Amazon's description for the FiiO D3 mentions Maybe this applies to the topping as well.
  15. Junaid Ahmad

    Need help!

    Guys will an asus q67 mobo support ecc memory i have xeon e3 1240 v2 and want to upgrade ram but ecc ram is very cheap so i was wondering to use ecc instead what do u guys think?as people say memory controller is on the cpu so in theory it should support the ecc memory right?
  16. Acedia

    [HELP] Dunno what to name this.

    Do you, perchance, have set up some records in your %windir%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file for testing?
  17. HEY LOOK, another CLICKBAIT title from Lying Tech Tips about apple. Let's see... how can we spin this in a negative light for apple.... hmmm.... well they own the brand.... they're both wireless headphones..... they're clearly aimed at different audiences, but it IS a really good product.... hmmmm, fuck it HEY EVERYONE!!! LOOK OVER HERE!!! APPLE FUCKED THEMSELVES UP!!! COME WATCH OUR VIDEO!!! No where else on the internet would I see a fucking ATHLETIC wireless earphone compared to a casual earphone in such a manner, then to go so far as to look at the parent company and say that it screwed itself because it put out a really nice product that was seemingly nicer than one of its other products. What in the hell kind of straws are you guys grasping at? Hm, a company that owns a "luxury" brand put out a product under such brand that was nicer than a product it put out under its normal brand? NO FUCKING WAY??!?!?! Amazing reporting skills. You guys are pitiful. Buzzfeed level reporting here folks. *Slow clap*
  18. Image result for skrunky meme

  19. You mean the fee for google suite? Not sure how that would pan out here, if Huawei paid for that for some phones.
  20. So bloody stressed, I only have myself to blame but I can't really stop either.

    • I go to work as per usual
    • Get home from job to work on my personal project / work on personal project at weekends
    • Simultaneously try to keep learning new code things while working on personal project
    • Trying to improve public speaking skills by
      • Telling a short story at an open mic night
      • Assisting in organising a local coding meetup in which I can practice giving talks

    I couldn't bring myself to work on my personal project today, I tried to for several hours but I just couldn't.

    Despite that I felt stressed the whole day, despite not doing anything stressful I just couldn't stop stressing.

    Tried gaming, watching videos, getting outside but I've just had this feeling all day like there's just too much 'going on' around me.

    Shut myself in the bedroom for a while with a pillow over my head to try and get that feeling of shutting everything out which kinda helped but not much

  21. ch3w2oy

    Need as many first build tips as I can get

    Isn't this like the third thread asking the same question?
  22. mr moose

    Bethesda removes DRM from Rage 2 after just two days

    As I said, unless you can compare a fair number of DRM AAA to non DRM AAA in terms of sales and account for piracy related content traits, then you can't just look at one game and claim piracy has no effect. You may as well try and claim the world is flat because if you hold a level up tot he horizon it is flat. How did you conclude that? not sure what you are trying to illustrate by saying that though.
  23. I'm not liking the bling there tbh . if it was a sort of print, i might've liked it.



    1. Schnoz


      That is the kind of hat that blinds anyone who looks at it.


      hide the children


  24. Disregarding the whole "he spies, they spy, no they spy" part, for the android market this is huge, considering Huawei brought competition to the big players, just to become the 2nd biggest player themselves. Most notably competition to Samsung.
  25. AOSP is always open source. So they could theoretically carry on using AOSP. The wording of this seems to me to indicate that Google was giving Huawei non AOSP android and is now revoking that privilege or something. I'm honestly quite confused by their statement as well since you can't effectively stop someone from getting AOSP android. Sure but they'd be opening themselves up to copyright infringement lawsuits.
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