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  1. sfx l silverstone 1000 platinum, display port and computer was on all working. Issue is fixed and monitor is displaying again, edited topic should I warranty the monitor or do you think this is a one off issue? (monitor xb271hu)
  2. computer was running fine and monitor was working, as in getting power but no output although wasnt displaying no signal on screen. Is now working but should I warranty my monitor?
  3. Build is x570 darkhero motherboard, 5900x, 32 gb trident z ram, 6800 power color red dragon, 1tb 970 plus samsung nvme and 2tb crucial mx or bx ssd. Was working last night now only shows black screen, no acces to bios. Clicked clear cmos button didnt do anything Edit:Unplugged my monitor xb271hu and left my TV plugged in which fixed the problem then put power back to my monitor which somehow put a display on my monitor, how could that of work and should I warranty my monitor?
  4. How much diffrent is the x570 asus crosshair hero and asus crosshair dark hero?
  5. 660p are abit slow have seen a couple others drives close to that price that are faster. Didn't realize I was gonna need to factor hit in thought all 2.5 hdd where same size
  6. I plan on buying ASUS TUF AMD Ryzen 7 GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 15.6in 144Hz Laptop I need help selecting 2 m.2 drives preferably with 2tb or above and A 2.5 hdd with 5tb or more. Want the m.2 to be quick but not to pricey and hdd more tb is preferred. I own a good computer already this is more for lan party. From Australia dont mind if I have to wait for parts.
  7. Yea I knew there are different speeds and such didn't realise about case specifically though thank you.
  8. I am looking for a motherboard with usb c on the back and usb c connection for my case. Case in question is Lian li pc-011 dynamic mini. Am considering the cross hair dark hero as it is probably the best motherboard but its 800 in Australia so need help. Edited as new information came to light.
  9. why would i of plugged it into the motherboard theres no onboard graphics
  10. have tried hdmi to my tv and display port to my monitor
  11. Will try tomorrow thanks for the help so far
  12. it hasnt got an updated bios and didnt think it needed one since its 3000 series
  13. Dynamic 11 mini lian li case, 6 unifans on controller, sfx-l 1000 watt silverstone power supply, 3500 amd cpu (6 core 6 thread, 6800 icolour gpu, x570 msi gaming pro carbon, 32bg trident z ram 3600mhz fans are spinning, light a rainbow puke but have no display. Any ideas?